COULD (inglizce) türkçe anlamı

1. [can] f. ebilmek
2. yapabilmek
3. edebilmek
4. olabilmek
5. konservesini yapmak
6. konservelemek
7. kasede kaydetmek
8. kayıt yapmak (ses ya da görüntü)
9. uzaklaştırmak (okul)
10. kovmak

COULD (türkçe) anlamı

11. (bak). can.,e.
12. 2. anlamı (`can` eyleminin geçmiş biçimi olarak) -ebil.... -abilirdi. (dolaylı anlatımda `can`in yerine) -ebilir. -ebileceği. (olasılık belirtir) -ebilir. -abilir. (rica belirtir) -ebilir.
13. 3. anlamı -ebilirdi. -abilirdi. -ebilir. -abilir.
1. [can] v. be able
2. be capable
3. be entitled,
Could tanım:
Kelime: can
4. Söyleniş: k&
5. n
6. 'kan
7. İşlev: verb
8. Türleri: past could /k&
9. d
10. 'kud/
11. present singular & plural can
12. Kökeni: Middle English (1st & 3d sing. present indic.)
13. from Old English
14. akin to Old High German kan (1st & 3d singular present indicative) know
15. am able
16. Old English cnAwan to know -- more at KNOW
17. transitive senses
18. 1 obsolete : KNOW
20. 2 archaic : to be able to do
21. make
22. or accomplish
23. intransitive senses
24. archaic : to have knowledge or skill
25. verbal auxiliary
26. 1 a : know how to can read> b : be physically or mentally able to can lift 200 pounds> c -- used to indicate possibility can still be alive> can happen> -- sometimes used interchangeably with may d : be permitted by conscience or feeling to <can hardly blame her> e : be made possible or probable by circumstances to can hardly have meant that> f : be inherently able or designed to can buy> g : be logically or axiologically able to <2 2 can also be written 3 1> h : be enabled by law
27. agreement
28. or custom to
29. 2 : have permission to -- used interchangeably with may can go now if you like>
30. usage Can and may are most frequently interchangeable in senses denoting possibility
31. because the possibility of one's doing something may depend on another's acquiescence
32. they have also become interchangeable in the sense denoting permission. The use of can to ask or grant permission has been common since the 19th century and is well established
33. although some commentators feel may is more appropriate in formal contexts. May is relatively rare in negative constructions (mayn't is not common)
34. cannot and can't are usual in such contexts.

Could (ingilizce) fransızcası

1. [can] v. pouvoir
2. être capable de
3. être habilité à

Could (ingilizce) almancası

1. [can] v. können
2. dürfen
3. fähig sein

Could (ingilizce) italyancası

1. [can] v. potere
2. avere la possibilità di
3. sapere
4. essere in grado di
5. essere capace di
6. può darsi che
7. è possibile che

Could (ingilizce) ispanyolcası

1. [can] v. poder
2. poderse
3. enlatar
4. conservar
5. conservar en lata
6. conservar en tarros
7. poner en conserva

Could (ingilizce) portekizcesi

1. [can] v. poder
2. saber
3. conseguir

Could (ingilizce) flemenkcesi

1. [can] ww. kunnen
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