INFORMATION (türkçe) anlamı

1. bilgi.

Information İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

Information anlamları
    (v. t.) A proceeding in the nature of a prosecution for some offens against the government
2. instituted and prosecuted
3. really or nominally
4. by some authorized public officer on behalt of the government. It differs from an indictment in criminal cases chiefly in not being based on the finding of a grand juri. See Indictment.(v. t.) The act of informing
5. or communicating knowledge or intelligence.(v. t.) News
6. advice
7. or knowledge
8. communicated by others or obtained by personal study and investigation
9. intelligence
10. knowledge derived from reading
11. observation
12. or instruction.
Information tanım:
Kelime: in·for·ma·tion
13. Söyleniş: in-f&
14. r-'mA-sh&
15. n
16. İşlev: noun
17. 1 : the communication or reception of knowledge or intelligence
18. 2 a (1) : knowledge obtained from investigation
19. study
20. or instruction (2) : INTELLIGENCE
21. NEWS (3) : FACTS
22. DATA b : the attribute inherent in and communicated by one of two or more alternative sequences or arrangements of something (as nucleotides in DNA or binary digits in a computer program) that produce specific effects c (1) : a signal or character (as in a communication system or computer) representing data (2) : something (as a message
23. experimental data
24. or a picture) which justifies change in a construct (as a plan or theory) that represents physical or mental experience or another construct d : a quantitative measure of the content of information
25. specifically : a numerical quantity that measures the uncertainty in the outcome of an experiment to be performed
26. 3 : the act of informing against a person
27. 4 : a formal accusation of a crime made by a prosecuting officer as distinguished from an indictment presented by a grand jury
28. - in·for·ma·tion·al /-shn&
29. l
30. -sh&
31. -n&
32. l/ adjective
33. - in·for·ma·tion·al·ly adverb
Information ile eşanlamlı (synonym) kelimeler
35. Entropy
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