LUTE (türkçe) anlamı

1. i.
2. f
3. müz. ut
4. lavta cinsinden telli saz
5. kopuz
6. f. ut çalmak. lutist
7. lutanist i. udi
8. kopuzcu.
9. sıva/ut,xyz sıva.
10. 2. anlamı ut. kopuz.

Lute İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

Lute anlamları
    (v. t.) To close or seal with lute
2. as
3. to lute on the cover of a crucible
4. to lute a joint.(v. i.) To sound
5. as a lute. Piers Plowman. Keats.(noun) A stringed instrument formerly much in use. It consists of four parts
6. namely
7. the table or front
8. the body
9. having nine or ten ribs or sides
10. arranged like the divisions of a melon
11. the neck
12. which has nine or ten frets or divisions
13. and the head
14. or cross
15. in which the screws for tuning are inserted. The strings are struck with the right hand
16. and with the left the stops are pressed.(noun) A cement of clay or other tenacious infusible substance for sealing joints in apparatus
17. or the mouths of vessels or tubes
18. or for coating the bodies of retorts
19. etc
20. when exposed to heat
21. -- called also luting.(v. t.) To play on a lute
22. or as on a lute.(noun) A straight-edged piece of wood for striking off superfluous clay from mold.(noun) A packing ring
23. as of rubber
24. for fruit jars
25. etc.
Lute tanım:
Kelime: lute
26. Söyleniş: 'lü
27. t
28. İşlev: noun
29. Kökeni: Middle English
30. from Middle French lut
31. from Old Provenç
32. al laut
33. from Arabic al-'ud
34. literally
35. the wood
36. : a stringed instrument having a large pear-shaped body
37. a vaulted back
38. a fretted fingerboard
39. and a head with tuning pegs which is often angled backward from the neck
40. [lute illustration]
Lute ile eşanlamlı (synonym) kelimeler
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