POLITICS (inglizce) türkçe anlamı

1. i. politika
2. siyaset
3. politik görüş
4. siyasi görüş
5. politikacılık
6. çıkar politikası
7. politik oyunlar
8. entrikalar

POLITICS (türkçe) anlamı

9. i. politika
10. siyaset
11. parti entrikaları
12. siyasi desiseler
13. siyasi partilerin idaresi
14. politikacılık.,politika.
15. 2. anlamı siyaset. politika. politik görüşler.
1. n. art or science of government
2. governmental principles
3. political actions or policies,

Politics İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

Politics anlamları
    (noun) The management of a political party
4. the conduct and contests of parties with reference to political measures or the administration of public affairs
5. the advancement of candidates to office
6. in a bad sense
7. artful or dishonest management to secure the success of political candidates or parties
8. political trickery.(noun) The science of government
9. that part of ethics which has to do with the regulation and government of a nation or state
10. the preservation of its safety
11. peace
12. and prosperity
13. the defense of its existence and rights against foreign control or conquest
14. the augmentation of its strength and resources
15. and the protection of its citizens in their rights
16. with the preservation and improvement of their morals.
Politics tanım:
Kelime: pol·i·tics
17. Söyleniş: 'pä
18. -l&
19. -tiks
20. İşlev: noun plural but singular or plural in construction
21. Kökeni: Greek politika
22. from neuter plural of politikos political
23. 1 a : the art or science of government b : the art or science concerned with guiding or influencing governmental policy c : the art or science concerned with winning and holding control over a government
24. 2 : political actions
25. practices
26. or policies
27. 3 a : political affairs or business
28. especially : competition between competing interest groups or individuals for power and leadership (as in a government) b : political life especially as a principal activity or profession c : political activities characterized by artful and often dishonest practices
29. 4 : the political opinions or sympathies of a person
30. 5 a : the total complex of relations between people living in society b : relations or conduct in a particular area of experience especially as seen or dealt with from a political point of view politics>
Politics ile eşanlamlı (synonym) kelimeler

Politics (ingilizce) fransızcası

1. n. la politique

Politics (ingilizce) almancası

1. n. Politik
2. Politologie
3. Politik

Politics (ingilizce) italyancası

1. s. politica
2. arte di governare
3. politica di partito
4. metodi politici
5. opinioni politiche
6. vita politica
7. questioni politiche

Politics (ingilizce) ispanyolcası

1. s. política

Politics (ingilizce) portekizcesi

1. s. política
2. ações políticas

Politics (ingilizce) flemenkcesi

1. zn. politici
2. politiek
3. staatkunde
4. beleid
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