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SIDE (inglizce) türkçe anlamı

1. f. taraf tutmak
2. aynı tarafta olmak
3. i. yan
10. takım [brit.]
13. s. yan
17. ikinci derecede

SIDE (türkçe) anlamı

18. bilardoda bilyeye vurmak suretiyle hasıl olan dönerek gitme kuvveti
20. yüksekten atıp tutma
25. yanda veya yandan olan
32. yan taraf
34. etek taraftarlar
36. yan taraf
40. 2. anlamı yan. yan taraf. kenar. yüz. taraf. bölüm. kısım. yön. (with/against ile) tarafını tutmak.
1. n. surface
2. space immediately next to someone or something
4. front or back of a two-dimensional object
5. right or left half of an object
6. right or left half of a body
7. one of two opposing views
8. v. join
9. ally with
10. support a particular party or viewpoint in a dispute
11. equip with sides or siding
12. adj. sideways
17. additional,

Side İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

Side anlamları
    (v. t.) To furnish with a siding
19. to side a house.(noun) Long
21. extensive.(noun) The position of a person or party regarded as opposed to another person or party
22. whether as a rival or a foe
23. a body of advocates or partisans
24. a party
26. the interest or cause which one maintains against another
27. a doctrine or view opposed to another.(noun) The margin
30. or border of a surface
31. especially (when the thing spoken of is somewhat oblong in shape)
32. one of the longer edges as distinguished from the shorter edges
33. called ends
34. a bounding line of a geometrical figure
36. the side of a field
37. of a square or triangle
38. of a river
39. of a road
40. etc.(noun) One of the halves of the body
41. of an animals or man
42. on either side of the mesial plane
43. or that which pertains to such a half
45. a side of beef
46. a side of sole leather.(noun) A slope or declivity
47. as of a hill
48. considered as opposed to another slope over the ridge.(noun) Fig.: Aspect or part regarded as contrasted with some other
50. the bright side of poverty.(a.) Of or pertaining to a side
51. or the sides
52. being on the side
53. or toward the side
54. lateral.(a.) Hence
60. a side issue
61. a side view or remark.(noun) A line of descent traced through one parent as distinguished from that traced through another.(v. t.) To suit
62. to pair
63. to match.(v. i.) To lean on one side.(v. i.) To embrace the opinions of one party
64. or engage in its interest
65. in opposition to another party
66. to take sides
68. to side with the ministerial party.(v. t.) To be or stand at the side of
69. to be on the side toward.(v. t.) To work (a timber or rib) to a certain thickness by trimming the sides.(noun) Any outer portion of a thing considered apart from
70. and yet in relation to
71. the rest
73. the upper side of a sphere
75. any part or position viewed as opposite to or contrasted with another
77. this or that side.(noun) The right or left part of the wall or trunk of the body
79. a pain in the side.
Side tanım:
Kelime: side
80. Söyleniş: 'sId
81. İşlev: noun
82. Kökeni: Middle English
83. from Old English sIde
84. akin to Old High German sIta side
85. Old English sId ample
87. 1 a : the right or left part of the wall or trunk of the body side> b (1) : one of the halves of the animal body on either side of the mesial plane (2) : a cut of meat including that about the ribs of one half of the body -- used chiefly of smoked pork products c : one longitudinal half of a hide
88. 2 : a place
90. or direction with respect to a center or to a line of division (as of an aisle
92. or street)
93. 3 a : one of the longer bounding surfaces or lines of an object especially contrasted with the ends side of a barn> b : a line or surface forming a border or face of an object sides> side of the moon> c : either surface of a thin object side of a record> side of the cloth> d : a bounding line of a geometric figure <side of a triangle>
94. 4 a : the space beside one side> b : an area next to something -- usually used in combination side interview>
95. 5 : a slope (as of a hill) considered as opposed to another slope side of the hill>
96. 6 a : the attitude or activity of one person or group with respect to another : PART side> b : a position that is opposite to or contrasted with another sides to every question> side of law and order> c : a body of partisans or contestants side> d : TEAM <11 players on each side>
97. 7 : a line of descent traced through one's parent side>
98. 8 : an aspect or part of something contrasted with some other real or implied aspect or part side of his nature> side of the business> side>
99. 9 British : sideways spin imparted to a billiard or snooker ball
100. 10 : a sheet containing the lines and cues for a single theatrical role
101. 11 : a recording of music
102. 12 : a side order or dish side of fries>
103. - on the side 1 : in addition to the main portion 2 : in addition to a principal occupation
104. - this side of : short of : ALMOST this side of scandalous>
Side ile eşanlamlı (synonym) kelimeler
106. Bye
107. English
108. Face
109. Incline
110. Position
111. Pull
112. Root
113. Slope
Side ile zıt (antonym) anlamlı kelimeler
115. Straddle
116. Top

Side (ingilizce) fransızcası

1. n. côté
2. flanc
3. parti
4. regard
5. point de vue
6. côte
7. membre (d'une équation)
8. v. se ranger du côté de
9. faire cause commune avec
10. prendre parti
11. adj. côté
12. latéral
13. adjoint

Side (ingilizce) almancası

1. n. Seite
2. Rand
3. Reling (Nautik)
4. Hälfte (bei Fleisch)
5. v. zur Seite stehen
6. unterstützen
7. die Seite stützen
8. adj. seitlich
9. seitens
10. nebensächlich
11. begleitend

Side (ingilizce) italyancası

1. s. lato
2. fianco
3. facciata
4. parte
5. zona
6. settore
7. orlo
8. bordo
9. margine
10. riva
11. sponda
12. versante
13. aspetto
14. apparenza
15. gruppo
16. partito
17. fazione
18. (Sport) parte in gara
19. squadra
20. pagina
21. ramo
22. (fam) boria
23. v. parteggiare
24. essere dalla parte
25. prendere le parti
26. schierarsi
27. agg. laterale
28. di lato
29. di traverso
30. di sbieco
31. (fig) secondario
32. accessorio
33. incidentale
34. a parte
35. concluso separatamente
36. del fianco
37. dei fianchi

Side (ingilizce) ispanyolcası

1. s. lado
2. ala
3. cara
4. costado
5. costera
6. flanco
7. aspecto
8. partido
9. bando
10. equipo
11. facción
12. parte
13. ladera
14. falda de la montaña
15. v. tomar partido
16. poner lados a
17. adj. lateral

Side (ingilizce) portekizcesi

1. s. lado
2. lateral
3. borda
4. margem
5. face
6. laço de parentesco
7. declive
8. v. apoiar
9. ladear
10. adj. lateral
11. secundário
12. colateral

Side (ingilizce) flemenkcesi

1. zn. zijde
2. kant
3. partij
4. zijde (i. wiskunde)
5. ww. een kant kiezen
6. stenen
7. ondersteunen
8. kiezen voor-
9. bn. zijdelings
10. op zij
11. tweederangs
12. bijkomstig
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