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common; 1. anlamı (s).genel, yaygın, umumi, umuma ait; ortak, müşterek; evrensel; adi, bayağı, kaba; alışılmış, mutat. common carrier para ile yolcu veya yük taşıyan firma. common consent umumun rızası. common divisor (mat). ortak tam bölen. common fraction (mat). bay.
2. anlamı ortak. genel. sıradan. toplumsal. kamusal. topluma ait. çok rastlanan. yaygın. bilinen. çok kullanılan. bayağı. adi. kaba. halka açık yeşil alan. park. müşterek.
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common; i. halka açık yer, park, meydan s. ortak, müşterek, genel, yaygın; kaba saba, kaba, adi; sıradan, bilinen; bayağı, olağan, alışılagelmiş, alelâde
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common anlamları

  1. (v. i.) to have a joint right with others in common ground.
  2. (v.) belonging or relating equally, or similarly, to more than one; as, you and i have a common interest in the property.
  3. (noun) the right of taking a profit in the land of another, in common either with the owner or with other persons; -- so called from the community of interest which arises between the claimant of the right and the owner of the soil, or between the claimants and other commoners entitled to the same right.
  4. (v.) given to habits of lewdness; prostitute.
  5. (v.) belonging to or shared by, affecting or serving, all the members of a class, considered together; general; public; as, properties common to all plants; the common schools; the book of common prayer.
  6. (noun) the people; the community.
  7. (v.) not distinguished or exceptional; inconspicuous; ordinary; plebeian; -- often in a depreciatory sense.
  8. (v. i.) to converse together; to discourse; to confer.
  9. (v.) often met with; usual; frequent; customary.
  10. (v.) profane; polluted.
  11. (v. i.) to board together; to eat at a table in common.
  12. (v. i.) to participate.
  13. (noun) an inclosed or uninclosed tract of ground for pleasure, for pasturage, etc., the use of which belongs to the public; or to a number of persons.

common tanım:

kelime: com·mon
söyleniş: 'kä-m&n
İşlev: adjective
kökeni: middle english commun, from old french, from latin communis -- more at mean
1 a : of or relating to a community at large : public <work for the common good> b : known to the community <common nuisances>
2 a : belonging to or shared by two or more individuals or things or by all members of a group <a common friend> <buried in a common grave> b : belonging equally to two or more mathematical entities <triangles with a common base> c : having two or more branches <common carotid artery>
3 a : occurring or appearing frequently : familiar <a common sight> b : of the best known kind c : vernacular 2 <common names>
4 a : widespread, general <common knowledge> b : characterized by a lack of privilege or special status <common people> c : just satisfying accustomed criteria : elementary <common decency>
5 a : falling below ordinary standards : second-rate b : lacking refinement : coarse
6 : denoting nominal relations by a single linguistic form that in a more highly inflected language might be denoted by two or more different forms <common gender> <common case>
7 : of, relating to, or being common stock
- com·mon·ly adverb
- com·mon·ness /-m&n-n&s/ noun
synonyms common, ordinary, plain, familiar, popular, vulgar mean generally met with and not in any way special, strange, or unusual. common implies usual everyday quality or frequency of occurrence <a common error> <lacked common honesty> and may additionally suggest inferiority or coarseness <common manners>. ordinary stresses conformance in quality or kind with the regular order of things <an ordinary pleasant summer day> <a very ordinary sort of man>. plain is likely to suggest homely simplicity <plain hard-working people>. familiar stresses the fact of being generally known and easily recognized <a familiar melody>. popular applies to what is accepted by or prevalent among people in general sometimes in contrast to upper classes or special groups <a writer of popular romances>. vulgar, otherwise similar to popular, is likely to carry derogatory connotations (as of inferiority or coarseness) <souvenirs designed to appeal to the vulgar taste>.

common ile eşanlamlı (synonym) kelimeler

coarse, commons, green, mutual, park, plebeian, uncouth, unwashed, usual, vernacular, vulgar,

common ile zıt (antonym) anlamlı kelimeler

individual, uncommon,
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ingilizcetoingilizce anlamı İngilizce anlamı:
common; n. open public area in a city or town, park, square (also commons) adj. shared, belonging to more than one; ordinary; usual, frequent; public; mediocre, of the masses
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ingilizcetofransizca anlamı Fransızcası:
common; n. terrain communal adj. commun; habituel, ordinaire; public: vulgaire
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ingilizcetoalmanca anlamı Almancası:
common; n. gemeindeland adj. allgemein, gemeinsam; üblich, alltäglich
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ingilizcetoispanyolca anlamı İspanyolcası:
common; s. (ingl.) área pública adj. común, adocenado, andado, común y corriente, cualquiera, ordinario, pedestre, populachero, popular, regular, vulgar; consuetudinario, frecuente, habitual, comunal, comunitario, general
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ingilizcetoitalyanca anlamı İtalyancası:
common; s. terre in godimento collettivo, comunanze; pascolo comune; parco cittadino; (dir) servitù agg. comune; condiviso, proprio; medio, normale; ovvio, trito, banale; ordinario, scadente, dozzinale; volgare, grossolano
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ingilizcetoportekizce anlamı Portekizcesi:
common; s. bens comuns; área pública adj. comum; casual; simples; público; banal; vulgar
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ingilizcetoflemenkce anlamı Flemenkçe anlamı:
common; zn. openbaar gebied bn. gemeen, gemeenschappelijk; gewoon; algemeen

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