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may; 1. anlamı f. (3. tek. sahıs may; geçmiş zaman might) bilmek, -meli, -malı (izin, imkan, ihtimal gibi durumlan ifade eden yardımcıı fiil).
2. anlamı (olasılık belirtir) -ebilmek. (izin belirtir) -ebilmek. (dilek belirtir) --ir inşallah. akdiken çiçekleri. mayıs.
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ingilizcetoturkce anlamı Türkçe anlamı:
may; f. olası olmak, mümkün olmak, ebilmek, abilmek
i. bahar, gençlik, mayıs çiçeği, mayıs, akdiken
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may İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

may anlamları

  1. (noun) the merrymaking of may day.
  2. (noun) the fifth month of the year, containing thirty-one days.
  3. (v.) an auxiliary verb qualifyng the meaning of another verb, by expressing: (a) ability, competency, or possibility; -- now oftener expressed by can.
  4. (noun) the early part or springtime of life.
  5. (noun) the flowers of the hawthorn; -- so called from their time of blossoming; also, the hawthorn.
  6. (noun) a maiden.

may tanım:

kelime: may
söyleniş: 'ma
İşlev: verbal auxiliary
türleri: past might /'mit/; present singular & plural may
kökeni: middle english (1st & 3d sing. present indic.), from old english mæg; akin to old high german mag (1st & 3d singular present indicative) have power, am able (infinitive magan), and perhaps to greek mechos means, expedient
1 a archaic : have the ability to b : have permission to <you may go now> : be free to <a rug on which children may sprawl -- c. e. silberman> -- used nearly interchangeably with can c -- used to indicate possibility or probability <you may be right> <things you may need> -- sometimes used interchangeably with can <one of those slipups that may happen from time to time -- jessica mitford> <copula may optionally be deleted -- j. d. mccawley> -- sometimes used where might would be expected <you may think from a little distance that the country was solid woods -- robert frost>
2 -- used in auxiliary function to express a wish or desire especially in prayer, imprecation, or benediction <long may he reign>
3 -- used in auxiliary function expressing purpose or expectation <i laugh that i may not weep> or contingency <she'll do her duty come what may> or concession <he may be slow but he is thorough> or choice <the angler may catch them with a dip net, or he may cast a large, bare treble hook -- nelson bryant>
4 : shall, must -- used in law where the sense, purpose, or policy requires this interpretation
usage see can

may ile eşanlamlı (synonym) kelimeler

can, get, might, whitethorn,
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ingilizcetoingilizce anlamı İngilizce anlamı:
may; n. fifth month of the gregorian calendar; female first name
n. hawthorne tree or bush; flowers of the hawthorne bush; young woman (archaic); springtime
v. can; allow; be possible; wish, would that
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ingilizcetofransizca anlamı Fransızcası:
may; n. mai, cinquième mois du calendrier grégorien; prénom féminin
n. espèce d'une plante; jeune fille; période de fleuraison
v. pouvoir; il lui est permis; il est possible; peut-être; plût au ciel, plût à dieu que
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ingilizcetoalmanca anlamı Almancası:
may; n. mai, fünfter monat des gregorianischen kalenders; may, weiblicher vorname
n. mai (5. monat im jahr); weißdornblüte (botan.); junges mädchen
v. können; möglich; eventuell; vielleicht; dürfen, gestatten
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ingilizcetoispanyolca anlamı İspanyolcası:
may; s. mayo; espino
s. espino blanco (planta); doncella; primavera de la vida, período de florecimiento
v. poder
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ingilizcetoitalyanca anlamı İtalyancası:
may; s. maggio, quinto mese del calendario gregoriano; may, nome proprio femminile
s. biancospino; fiore del biancospino (botan.); giovinetta (arcaico); primavera
v. potere; è possibile, può darsi che; è permesso, è consentito; possa, possano
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ingilizcetoportekizce anlamı Portekizcesi:
may; s. maio, quinto mês no calendário gregoriano; nome próprio feminino
s. tipo de planta; época de florescência
v. talvez; possível; pode ser; provável; tomara
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ingilizcetoflemenkce anlamı Flemenkçe anlamı:
may; zn. mei, bloeimaand

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