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turkcetoturkce anlamı Türkçe anlamı:
meet; 1. anlamı i. karşılaşma, atletizm yanşması. ,buluşma,uygun,meet tanış/buluş/karşıla.
2. anlamı uygun. münasip. karşılaşma. yarışma. görüşme yapmak. karşılaşmak. rastlamak. toplanmak. bulmak. tanışmak. görüşmek. buluşmak. karşılamak. kavuşmak. başına gelmek. uğramak. yerine getirmek. rast gelmek. karşı karşıya gelmek. değmek. dokunmak. tatmin etmek.
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ingilizcetoturkce anlamı Türkçe anlamı:
meet; f. görüşme yapmak, karşılaşmak, rastlamak, toplanmak, bulmak, tanışmak, görüşmek, buluşmak, karşılamak, kavuşmak, başına gelmek, uğramak, yerine getirmek
i. karşılaşma, yarışma
s. uygun, münasip
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meet İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

meet anlamları

  1. (v. t.) to join, or come in contact with; esp., to come in contact with by approach from an opposite direction; to come upon or against, front to front, as distinguished from contact by following and overtaking.
  2. (v. t.) to perceive; to come to a knowledge of; to have personal acquaintance with; to experience; to suffer; as, the eye met a horrid sight; he met his fate.
  3. (v. t.) to come in collision with; to confront in conflict; to encounter hostilely; as, they met the enemy and defeated them; the ship met opposing winds and currents.
  4. (v. t.) to come together by mutual concessions; hence, to agree; to harmonize; to unite.
  5. (adv.) meetly.
  6. (a.) suitable; fit; proper; appropriate; qualified; convenient.
  7. (v. t.) to come together by mutual approach; esp., to come in contact, or into proximity, by approach from opposite directions; to join; to come face to face; to come in close relationship; as, we met in the street; two lines meet so as to form an angle.
  8. (v. t.) to come into the presence of without contact; to come close to; to intercept; to come within the perception, influence, or recognition of; as, to meet a train at a junction; to meet carriages or persons in the street; to meet friends at a party; sweet sounds met the ear.
  9. (v. t.) to come together with hostile purpose; to have an encounter or conflict.
  10. (noun) an assembling together; esp., the assembling of huntsmen for the hunt; also, the persons who so assemble, and the place of meeting.
  11. (v. t.) to assemble together; to congregate; as, congress meets on the first monday of december.
  12. (v. t.) to come up to; to be even with; to equal; to match; to satisfy; to ansver; as, to meet one's expectations; the supply meets the demand.

meet tanım:

kelime: meet
söyleniş: 'met
İşlev: verb
türleri: met /'met/; meet·ing
kökeni: middle english meten, from old english metan; akin to old english gemot assembly -- more at moot
transitive senses
1 a : to come into the presence of : find b : to come together with especially at a particular time or place <i'll meet you at the station> c : to come into contact or conjunction with : join d : to appear to the perception of
2 : to encounter as antagonist or foe : oppose
3 : to enter into conference, argument, or personal dealings with
4 : to conform to especially with exactitude and precision <a concept to meet all requirements>
5 : to pay fully : settle
6 : to cope with <was able to meet every social situation>
7 : to provide for <enough money to meet our needs>
8 : to become acquainted with
9 : encounter, experience
10 : to receive or greet in an official capacity
intransitive senses
1 a : to come face-to-face b : to come together for a common purpose : assemble c : to come together as contestants, opponents, or enemies
2 : to form a junction or confluence <the lines meet in a point>
3 : to occur together
- meet·er noun
- meet halfway : to compromise with
- meet with : to be subjected to : encounter <the proposal met with opposition>

meet ile eşanlamlı (synonym) kelimeler

adjoin, assemble, contact, converge, encounter, fill, fit, fitting, foregather, forgather, fulfill, gather, match, play, receive, satisfy, see, suffer, touch,

meet ile zıt (antonym) anlamlı kelimeler

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ingilizcetoingilizce anlamı İngilizce anlamı:
meet; n. encounter, place of meeting for a competition
v. encounter; come in contact with; assemble; come before; make acquaintance; satisfy; be on schedule; face or deal with someone or something
adj. gainly, suitable, proper (old english)
İngilizce - Fransızca sözlük Meet anlamı
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ingilizcetofransizca anlamı Fransızcası:
meet; n. rencontre, rassemblement; point de rencontre pour une compétition
v. rencontrer; se rencontrer; se réunir; accueillir, connaître; répondre à, satisfaire à
adj. avantageux; convenable; à propos; digne
İngilizce - Almanca sözlük Meet anlamı
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ingilizcetoalmanca anlamı Almancası:
meet; n. (zusammen-) treffen; zusammenkunft von jägern etc.
v. treffen; verabreden; begegnen; abholen; entgegenkommen; jemanden kennenlernen; jemanden vorstellen; entsprechen (kriterien); pünktlich sein
adj. etwas zu tun
İngilizce - İspanyolca sözlük Meet anlamı
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ingilizcetoispanyolca anlamı İspanyolcası:
meet; s. concurso, competencia
v. encontrar; responsabilizarse por; encontrarse, reunirse, tener tertulia; tener una reunión
adj. conveniente, apropiado
İngilizce - İtalyanca sözlük Meet anlamı
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ingilizcetoitalyanca anlamı İtalyancası:
meet; s. incontro di atletica
v. incontrare, imbattersi in; andare incontro a, andare a incontrare, aspettare l'arrivo di; conoscere, fare la conoscenza di; essere presentato a; avere un incontro con; affrontare, misurarsi con
agg. (non com) adatto, appropriato
İngilizce - Portekizce sözlük Meet anlamı
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ingilizcetoportekizce anlamı Portekizcesi:
meet; s. encontro; local de uma reunião (de caçadores, etc)
v. encontrar; encontrar-se; reunir-se; receber; conhecer; abastecer
adj. adequado, apropriado, digno, merecedor
İngilizce - Flemenkçe sözlük Meet anlamı
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ingilizcetoflemenkce anlamı Flemenkçe anlamı:
meet; zn. samenkomst, plaats van samenkomst, jachtgezelschap
ww. tegenkomen, ontmoeten, samentreffen, aantreffen, kennis maken, tegemoet gaan, tegemoet komen, voldoen aan
Flemenkçe - İngilizce sözlük Meet anlamı
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flemenkcetoingilizce anlamı İngilizcesi:
meet; n. scratch

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