09 - Alone

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Dark Tranquillity tarafından albümünde söylenen 09 - Alone adlı şarkının sözleri.

"Let me die", i cried as the curtain fell
And i stared in woe at the world before me
My weeping eyes could not bear to tell
Or the shattered kingdom in ruins before me
What became of the lands that were?
A pearl in the nest of memories
Forever gone...departed by the minds of man
Scavengers, feeding on your mother's blood
Parasites of life, with my heart i condemn
Your ignorant ways
Like the leaves of the high trees
I wither and fall,
Borne by autumnal winds
To my funeral hall
I'm all alone in the grip of the silent sadness
I have been told to honour life
And what therein i'll find
But if all i see is darkness,
Let me die and wake up blind
As the gleaming blade before me,
Singing lullabies of loss
Whispering "death is your redeemer
To the paradise you've lost"
Mankind, evoker of inferno
Let me burn your honoured crown of creation
And dethrone you to ashes for aeons to come
Why should i stay here where i do not belong?
Of weakness burns my within...and empty shell
I've lost the way to the sanctity i need
I'll greet the dawn that brings no life,
No frail beams of sun to cleanse the black night
My mournful roam has ended
I hide in the shadows white binding my time,
Sheltered from this world which disorderly rhyme
With the fury of damnation
Once i held in my hand the starlight of eden
And the white sky lay open in a soul that was free
(but the years flew so fast as the shadows were cast
And i woke up one morning with no reason to be)
I'm all alone in the shade of the nameless
I'm all alone within a shadowfire of fear
Take me home to whence i came
Where i'll find light to feed my flame of life
Or my heart will die without a whisper of hope...

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