M.Ö. 1.







1. roma rakamlarında üç. Üç.


3 being one more than two [syn: three, iii] the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one and one [syn: three, iii, trio, threesome, tierce, leash, troika, triad, trine, trinity, ternary, ternion, triplet, tercet, terzetto, trey, deuce-ace].

3 (Lemonheads) sözleri

Lemonheads tarafından albümünde söylenen 3 adlı şarkının sözleri.

1st verse:

Circle of street lightrain on the windshield
Seeing youfor the last time
Eyes on the bus stopnot in the window
Seeing youfor the last time

My life had stooda loaded gun
Corneredtil the day
The order passedidentified
And carried me away
Do you understand how it ends
Do you understand how it ends?
Do you understand... how it endsnow!

2nd verse:

Circle of darkness...
The rain that won’tstop!

Eyes on the bustop...
Do you understand how it ends now?
Do you understand how it ends now?
Do you understandhow it ends... now!

3 (Fireball Ministry) sözleri

Fireball Ministry tarafından albümünde söylenen 3 adlı şarkının sözleri.

Far beneath the hated
Strangle the ill-fated
The hunted bastards die once more
Stare beyond the outside
Dismiss the strength of the tides
Never knew what we're here for
Truth dismissed
Judgement's fist find strength in confusion
Early grave
Easily swayed 3 times the illusion
End of time
Last in line never to be free
Careless collapse
The verdict past forgotten were 3

3 (Earthsuit) sözleri

Earthsuit tarafından albümünde söylenen 3 adlı şarkının sözleri.

Stop your thought processing for a while;
That computing is out of style.
Join the new sound regime where we
set to intake from a place that our eyes haven't seen

Ya'll can get down, flip wild, supadelic child.
Ya'll I've been out for a while star wishing
Listen to the sound; in my heart is an unchained melody
Ability to purify a devil's infidelity
Time again I hear that same old same old
I rest my head to wake up; same old same old

3 (Organized Konfusion) sözleri

Organized Konfusion tarafından albümünde söylenen 3 adlı şarkının sözleri.

[prince poetry]
Yo check it outwe gonna do it like this for the ’93 flava
Know what I’m saying? letting you know this is organized
We got the crew in the house
And we definitely representin for the masses
So my man pharoahe monch gon’ step to mic
Let you know what time it is
We gon-na do it like thischeck it out

[pharoahe monch]
Help me outto my peeps in queensclap your hands
To my peeps in brooklynclab your hands
To my people in the bronxclap your hands
To my peeps uptownclap your hands
It’s three strikestwo tokesone time for the mind
Three strikestwo tokesone time for your mind
Three strikestwo tokesand one time for the mind
Three stickestwo tokesand one time...

Surprisssssse! huhopen your eyes upwhen I risehuh
Pharoahe monch I got skills for the wise!
Dumbdeafand blind you know it’s time to organize
I’m flippin and rippin a style for the boys who wanna get wild
For the old and youngthe golden child
I be the man with the gift of gab like santa
Catchin - stacks of beatsfrom here to atlanta
Ruah! what you say little weasel?
Can’t block the foul if the style’s cock diesel
I feel like busting loose
With the style that I produce to get juice from a troops
Black kojackbetter than beretta
Any veteran knows the medicine man is better
Never sweat a girl that’s inside of a jetta
I just let her pass by with a wink to the eye
It’s the m-o-n-c-hig-a-i
The greatest rapper you ever heard please won’t you relate my
Message to my criticsget it when you rewind
It’s three strikestwo tokesone time for the mind

It’s three strikestwo tokes two times for the mind (repeat 8x)

[prince poetry]
Check who gets wreckit’s meprince po
Old school flowingrolling thick with the o
R-g-a-n-i-z-e-dpeace to the pioneers that made a way for me
To mcand tear the roof off the motherbrother
So back on the underground because we love you smother
Wack mc’slike gravy on chicken
Hope some of the homeless say that our jams is kickin
Stickin flavorin your grill piece
Pickin fat loops for troops to bop towhen time is ticking
Winding uphere comes the pitch
Prince po throws strictly fast flows with no specific type of niche
But sometimes you gotta slow down the flow
Blow up the spot and let the whole world know
Here comes the prince po with another funky intro
Something to parlay with and ease the mental
Our instrumentals are too much for the average fan
So I bring the jamacian funk (uh!) that’s what it is
I am too dopetoo fatorganized konfusion is back
That’s with a k blackget the fly exact stack
The moneystart the party cause organzied don’t play that!

It’s three strikestwo tokes two times for the mind (repeat 8x)

3 (Beastie Boys) sözleri

Beastie Boys tarafından albümünde söylenen 3 adlı şarkının sözleri.

Stay up all night go to sleep watching dragnet
Never sleep alone because jimmy’s the magnet
I’m so rope they call me mr. roper
When the troubles arise I’m the cool coper
On the mic I score just like the yankees
Get over on ms. crabtree like my main man spankee
Excuse me young lady I don’t mean to trouble ya
But you’re looking mighty fine inside your b.m.w.
I got lucky I brought home a kitten
Before I got busy I slipped on the mitten
Can’t get better odds cause I’m a sure thing
Proud mary keeps on turning rolling like a ring ding
Jump the turnstile never pay the toll
Doo wa diddy bust with the pre-roll
Customs jails me over an herb seed
Don’t rat on your boy over some rat weed
I’m out of your back door and into another
Your boyfriend doesn’t know about me and your mother
Not perfect grammar always perfect timing
The mike stands for money and the d. is for diamonds

Roses are red the sky is blue
I got my barrel at your neck so what the fuck you gonna do
It’s just two wheels and me the wind in my eyes
The engine is the music and my nine’s by my side
Cause you know y. a. u. c. h.
I’m takin’ all m.c.’s out in the place
Takin’ life as it comes no fool am i
I’m goin’ off gettin’ paid and I don’t ask why
Playin’ beats on my box makin’ music for the many
Know alota def girls that would do anything
A lot of parents like to think I’m a villain
I’m just chillin’ like bob dylan
I smoke cheeba it helps me with my brain
I might be a little dusted but I’m not insane
People come up to me and they try to talk shit man
I’ve been making records since you were sucking on your mother’s dick

Girl you’re walking tall now with your fancy clothes
You got fancy things going up your nose
You get fancy gifts from expensive men
You’re a dog on a leash like a pig in a pen
Mothership connection getting girl’s affection
If your life needs correction don’t follow my direction
You got your 8 by 10 your agent your harley
You be driving around hollywood yes sorry charlie
Cause I’m running things like some mack motherfucker
Your only claim to fame is you’re a false fake sucker
You slip you slack you clock me you lack
While I’m reading on the road by my man jack kerouac
Poetry in motion coconut lotion
I had to diss the girl because she got too emotional
Are you experienced little girl
I want to know what goes on in your little girl world
Cause I’m on your mind it’s hard to forget me
I’ll take your pride for a ride if you let me
So peace out y’all I’m pcp so I’m out
Full throttle to the bottle and full full clout
And I’m out

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