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I brought a guitar
I brought a handful of credit cards
I filled a van and a trailer up to the top with shit that I'll probably never use

I took 95 and then I transferred to the I-85
Took it to 441 South to North Ave. to Ruth
and I drove through my backyard

I could never understand why people can't begin again

It wouldn't stop raining (we didn't have our key)
'til we met Helen and JJ at about 1 AM.
They said, "From LA to London there is no other place I would rather live than here."

We had to unpack things just to get to the mattress and boxspring
Flopped it down in the center of our shiny new home
a blue house with no cable and with no telephone
just a bottle of champagne and we popped the cork

I could never understand how people hate the Minutemen
how people can appreciate it takes time to make something great
Yeah, I know. I'm repeating myself here
Yeah, yeah, I know, I know. I'm repeating myself again

Shake the shakes away
If you're going uphill at a very rapid speed
Soon there's nowhere to go but down
So take the time to rise back up

I could never understand why people can't begin again
Why people can't apprecaite it's okay to do something great
Yeah, I know
I'm repeating myself again and again and again