1.Oh! (Breeders) sözleri

Breeders tarafından Pod albümünde söylenen Oh! adlı şarkının sözleri.

Last flight
Get lost in the moss
And oh, oh
Fall in the neon mine
Push me down *3

Still rolling in the stones
Run to the log that's rotten
And oh, oh
Your soft belly bossing
Push me down *3

Run to the log that's rotten
Your soft belly bossing lows
Push me down

2.Oh! (Obie Trice) sözleri

Obie Trice tarafından _ albümünde söylenen Oh! adlı şarkının sözleri.

(feat. Busta Rhymes)

[Verse 1 - Obie Trice]
Yeah, Obie Trice, real name no gimmicks
I came in the game, profane no image
I came in the game, with a name
I was given from a mayn who ain't give a f... about his child-ren
I proclaim the name though, never in vain no
Watch the change grow, a young n.... who didn't gain from fame
Copped the Range Ro', now they want my brains on the main road
They don't understand what I came for
How I came fo', with a million sold
Who say you can't grow from mildew and mold
Gettin money like Ross Perot
I'm often told, a coffin's the routes I go
Oh that's the road you on, oh no
I'm down for the rifle, tone the fo fo
Don't ever try to send a n.... home, no no
I know you wanna catch me at Sunoco
Show me that your loco put holes in my photo
NOPE!, HOPE!, hold toast, no jokes, send slugs through your Polo
Just cause our thug roll solo
And po' zone grown folk, be a cold negro
Be-low, your grieved up people
Be-lieve that the boy see no evil

[Chorus - Busta Rhymes]
OHH! I had you yellin out when I backed a 30/30 Rifle
OHH! Too late for n... to get religious and start readin they Bible
OHH! See you can yell like other n....., your pickin a dirty psycho
OHH! See you should make peace instead of makin me become a psycho

[Verse 2 - Obie Trice]
I visualized it, O. Trice at 25 survived it
Bright but violent, invite the violence
Fist fight a fireman, be a tyrant
'Til these n... nights is silent
O. Trice from a trife environment
He 'Rock's the Mic' no sight of retirin
Maybe when the bank accounts light like a fire thin
I'm in the position to hire other clients then
Meanwhile I'm a virus like Iverson
A n.... crossover, Europeans admirin
And the soldier's retirin, I ain't buyin
Motherf...ers actin like you denyin them
Who tryin a nigga, who use buyers
I figure your crew tired, my trigger introduces VIOLENCE
Loose the sirus, you in hospital, orange juice and vitamins
No coke


[Verse 3 - Obie Trice]
A derelict who inherited hustle
My heritage married the street struggle
Like a couple of a great unk's ago (yeah)
So this blood streams through my nuts
Seems like I wasn't in touch
When the teacher's .... spoke
Nope, naw I was just a preacher in oath
Sit on the bleachers and flip coke
The only reach you got through my dome
Niggaz yaffle so the gat'll be chrome
Pull the window raffle, so I scramble with a track and the phones (woo)
F... a act and a clone, this is actual happening's that's factual back in my home
This is rap, but I ain't rappin so you clappin the zone
Think we trapped in the act, for the sake of performin (nigga)
This is your warnin, run up on the wrong
And your tissue is burning a hundred degrees warm [Blaap]
O. Treezy's gone, my n.... Buzz bring the track back here for 'em


3.Oh! (Maanam) sözleri

Maanam tarafından albümünde söylenen Oh! adlı şarkının sözleri.

I feel a touch I see an eye
Whisper shisper - - my oh my!
I hear a sound I won't turn round
Stop pushing-pulling me around

Oh! Oh! whatcha taking up my time for?
Oh! Oh! whatcha kicking up a fuss for?

I see your hand I feel your touch
You say you love me very much
Your song keeps ringing in my ears
Your breaking heart your falling tears

Oh! Oh! what's all the commotion?
Oh! Oh! I've had enough of this emotion!

Oh! Oh! whatcha taking up my time for?
Oh! Oh! whatcha kicking up a fuss for?

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