Age Of Wizard (Secret Sphere) sözleri

Secret Sphere tarafından albümünde söylenen Age Of Wizard adlı şarkının sözleri.

So far away from the eyes of reality
rise the doorways of fantasy
Ride, man, in the valley of eternity
Where the lands are free from falsity

Now the time has come to hear the bards
for a new horizon beyond sea of dreams
You'll see the dragons fly
and the dance of elves
in the lands of fairy lakes and falls


Runnin' dreams on the circle of the time,
under the sky of eternal life,
Among the mountains, dressed of light,
over the scythe of pain
Let your mind fly away in freedom
where mankind's thought will never die

Time, Lord of Life,
in this place my soul is mine
Death, Bride of Time,
the ideas will never fade


...where mankind's thoughts, lives again

...where mankind's thought will never die