Always Looking Down (Hammers Of Misfortune) sözleri

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Walking 'round
Eyes upon the ground
For something might be found
Always looking down
Look around
It's one big lost and found
So I'm always looking down
Eyes upon the ground

Fearlessness is careless unless
You've got nothing left to lose
Or leave behind
Your noblesse oblige
Is neither wise nor kind
Casual indifference is
My rational self interest
I'm your shadow now
And what is yours is mine

Worms we live like
In the dirt
For worms we have become
Thin and on the run
We the parasites
Will always follow you
We'll never be untrue
For what else can we do?

Rats we live like
In the wells
Or hiding underground
Fearful of the sound
Those who fly
Own the sky
But they're always looking down
Eyes upon the ground