Black Manifest (The Sermon To The Masses)

1.Black Manifest (The Sermon To The Masses) (Crionics) sözleri

Crionics tarafından albümünde söylenen Black Manifest (The Sermon To The Masses) adlı şarkının sözleri.

[taken from A.O.Spare's "Sermon of the hypocrite"]

O self my god
Foreign is thy name exept
In blasphemy
For I am thy iconoclast
I cast thy bread upon the waters
For I myself am meat enough

Hidden in the labyrinth
Of the alphabet
In my sacred name
The sigil of all things unknown
On earth my kingdom is
Eternity of desire

My wish incarnates in the belief
And becomes flesh
For, I am the living truth

Heaven is ecstasy
My consciousness changing
And acquiring association

May I have courage to take
From my own superabundance
Let me forget righteousness
Free me of morals
Lead me into temptation of myself

For I am a tottering kingdom
Of good and evil

My worth be acquired
Through those things
I have pleasured

Intoxicate me with self-love
Tech me to sustain it's freedom
For I am sufficiently hell
Let me sin against the small beliefs

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