CHARGE (almanca) türkçe anlamı
1. i. derece (f)
CHARGE (fransızca) türkçe anlamı
2. [la] yük
3. yüküm
4. yükümlülük
5. mükellefiyet
6. görev
7. memuriyet
8. itham
9. suçlama
10. (silah) doldurma
11. saldırma
12. hücum borusu
CHARGE (inglizce) türkçe anlamı
13. f. yüklemek
14. doldurmak
15. itham etmek
16. şarj etmek
17. ödetmek
18. kredi kartından almak
19. sorumlu tutmak
20. uyarmak
21. tembihlemek
22. bilgi vermek
23. aydınlatmak
24. suçlamak
25. üzerine atmak
26. saldırmak
27. hücum etmek
28. i. yükleme
29. şarj etme
30. yük
31. doluluk miktarı
32. doz
33. ipotek
34. talep
35. masraf
36. ücret
37. görev
38. yükümlülük
39. sorumluluk
40. nezaret
41. hapis
42. gözaltı
43. emir
44. talimat
45. suçlama
46. iddia
47. hücum
48. saldırı
1. n. price
2. responsibility
3. cargo
4. explosive charge
5. v. entrust
6. order
7. command
8. accuse (i.e. of committing a crime)
9. fill with energy
10. supply with power
11. fill
12. attack
13. rush forward
14. pay with credit
15. request payment
16. n. rank
17. position
18. standing
Charge (almanca) ingilizcesi
19. v. entrust
20. order
21. command
22. accuse (i.e. of committing a crime)
23. fill with energy
24. supply with power
25. fill
26. attack
27. rush forward
28. pay with credit
request payment,
Charge (fransızca) ingilizcesi
29. (f) n. charge
30. burden
31. load
32. responsibility,
Charge (almanca) fransızcası
1. n. grade (m)
Charge (fransızca) almancası
1. n. last
2. beladung
3. ladung
4. belastung
5. bürde
6. handhabe
7. hypothek
8. ballast
9. anklagepunkt
10. amt
11. ladegut
Charge (fransızca) italyancası
1. 1. (poids) carico (m)
2. 2. (transport) carico (m)
3. 3. (responsabilité) peso (m)
4. fardello (m)
5. onere (m)
6. responsabilità (f)
7. controllo (m)
8. cura (f)
9. custodia (f)4. (politique) incarico (m)
10. missione (f)
Charge (fransızca) ispanyolcası
1. 1. (poids) carga (f)
2. 2. (transport) carga (f)
3. 3. (responsabilité) carga (f)
4. peso (m)
5. cargo (m)
6. responsabilidad (f)
7. obligación (f)4. (politique) misión (f)
8. encargo (m)
Charge (fransızca) portekizcesi
1. 1. (poids) carga (f)
2. 2. (transport) carga (f)
3. carregamento (m)
4. bagagem (f)
5. 3. (responsabilité) carga (f)
6. fardo (m)
7. cargo (m)
8. controle (m)
9. ônus (m)
10. responsabilidade (f)
11. cuidados (mp)
12. encargo (m)4. (politique) missão (f)
13. encargo (m)
Charge (fransızca) flemenkcesi
1. 1. (poids) belasting (f)
2. 2. (transport) vracht (m/f)
3. lading (f)
4. last (m)
5. 3. (responsabilité) last (m)
6. druk (m)
7. zorg (m/f)
8. hoede (m/f)
9. leiding (f)
10. plicht (m/f)4. (politique) opdracht (m/f)

Şarkı Sözleri

Asian Dub Foundation tarafından Rafis Revenge albümünde söylenen Charge adlı şarkının sözleri.

written by: das, pandit, savale, tailor, zaman

demolition dub
sort it out sonic
now watch this
now hear this
this is a warning to the slack society
release the pressure
now watch this
attack attack attack
it’s all over.

Obtained Enslavement tarafından söylenen Charge adlı şarkının sözleri.

am i here to stay forever... or not at all?
my flesh is yearning for the spirit world.
a last battle must be fought, for those of flesh.
total destruction - lay the soulblight in ash.
return to soil from which i came.
defend the last of my tribe.
will this battle be fought alone... how many will die?
these were questions i dared not ask as i
gathered those with hearts still true.
the horns sounded as we charged the field.
axes of war were held high as banners.
in tongues of spirits long forgotten
our tribes screamed their cries of war.
many fell, but strong were those still able to stand.
with pride wrapped in rage and hate...
we charged again.
this time to conquer all that was,
and was to be.
what has been had always been ours.
those infected by the soulblight lay crushed and broken.
return to soil from which i came.
defend the last of my tribe.
this was has been won.
we stand united in pride.
i am here to stay... forever...

Super Furry Animals tarafından söylenen Charge adlı şarkının sözleri.

hello and greetings my friend. we are all interested in the future for that is
where you and i are going to spend the rest of our lives, whether we want to or
not. and remember my friend, these future events will affect you. the future is
in your hands.



i predict, that fashion for both men and women will be exactly alike, in the new
unisex trend.


i predict, that the end of severity and threat will soon be at hand. almost
puritanical in style, with no beads, no jangles, no bracelets, men and women
will wear exactly the same make up.


i predict, that the entertainment personalities of the future, will be
entertainment personalities and nothing else. when someone pays admission to
hear a singer or a comedian, they will not tolerate protest messages. they will
demand and receive one hundred per cent entertainment, as this is the only thing

Crumbsuckers tarafından söylenen Charge adlı şarkının sözleri.

eighteen and eight was the date
that the match was to begin
the king had said, "the princess will wed
the worthy knight that wins"
yes, a princess, a virgin maid,
one day she will be queen
and now two men chance to join her
as others only dream
both know the risk at hand;
both men feel it's worth the prize
to join the creed which rules the land
and claim the beauty as their bride

horns shall sound, hooves will pound
fear fills each man's head
"triumph mine or i may wind
yes, i may wind up dead!"

i'm the master of a fine brigade
hoping to join the noble line
one day spread joy through this land
and detach what is malign
and the other man thinks to himself
"it is i who shall reign today,
smite the king, take his seat
and forever have my way"

horns shall sound, hooves will pound
fear fills each man's head
"triumph mine or i may wind
yes, i may wind up dead!"

charge - the time's at hand
i've the chance to rule the land
charge - reward of power
outcome known within the hour
charge - the crowd shall see
i will gain nobility
charge - the lance shall tell
potentate or bid farewell

a thrust in fury
determination mixed with fear
a lunge too far to the left
the lance slices the air

relief dwells upon each man
sweat drips 'neath steel armature
there is no doubt the match goes on
hooves shall fly once more

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