CLIPPING (inglizce) türkçe anlamı
1. i. kupür (gazete)
2. kırpma
3. kırpıntı
4. kırpılan şeyler
CLIPPING (türkçe) anlamı
5. kupür/kesilen şey,xyz tuttur/vur/kes.
6. 2. anlamı kesilen şey. kesik. kupür.
7. 3. anlamı kesinti. kırpıntı. bir şeyden kırpılan parça.
1. n. article cut from a newspaper
2. piece which has been cut off or clipped out,Kelime: 1clip
3. Söyleniş: 'klip
4. İşlev: transitive verb
5. Türleri: clipped
6. clip·ping
7. Kökeni: Middle English clippen
8. from Old English clyppan
9. akin to Old High German klAftra fathom
10. Lithuanian globti to embrace
11. Tarih: before 12th century
12. 1 : ENCOMPASS2 a : to hold in a tight grip : CLUTCH b : to clasp or fasten with a clip
13. 1. The act of embracing.2. The act of cutting off
14. curtailing
15. or diminishing
16. the practice of clipping the edges of coins.3. That which is clipped off or out of something
17. a piece separated by clipping
18. as
19. newspaper clippings. an excerpt cut from a newspaper or magazine
20. he searched through piles of letters and clippings.4. an excerpt cut from a newspaper or magazine
21. he searched through piles of letters and clippings. . cutting down to the desired size or shape. . the act of clipping or snipping.5. In audio equipment
22. severe distortion caused by a signal whose peak level exceeds the capabilities of the device processing the signal Results in the flattening of the signal peaks as if they had been clipped off .6. A form of distortion in which an amplifier limits or clips signal peaks Commonly occurs when an amplifier is overdriven beyond its rated output level
23. resulting in output swing up to limit imposed by the power supply voltage Results is severe audible distortion .7. Refers to a type of distortion that occurs when an amplifier is driven into an overload condition Usually the clipped waveform contains an excess of high-frequency energy The sound becomes hard and edgy Hard clipping is the most frequent cause of burned out tweeters Even a low-powered amplifier or receiver driven into clipping can damage tweeters which would otherwise last virtually forever .8. An amplitude distortion that occurs when signal levels try to exceed the available amplitude range The tops and bottoms of clipped waveforms are typically squared off
24. generating frequencies that weren't in the original signal .9. A distortion of the audio signal that occurs when an amplifier reaches the limit of its power output and attempts to increase the output level further by roughly clipping off the tops and bottoms of waveforms   The sound of clipped waveforms is hard and edgy
25. and have a much higher percentage of high frequency energy than unclipped signals This energy
26. being significantly high frequency
27. gets routed straight to the tweeters
28. which have very small voice coils that canÕt handle as much power as a larger woofer voice coil
29. and can thus be easily burned out by clipped signals   Since lack of sufficient amplifier power to drive signals causes clipping
30. you are more likely to damage a tweeter with a lower power amplifier than a higher power amplifier  .10. Color shift caused by the inability of one color space to reproduce all the colors of another color space For example
31. using a colorimetric rendering intent
32. any values in the source color space that are outside the gamut of the destination color space are forced into its gamut
33. or clipped Colors that are within the gamut of both color spaces are left alone The result is that two colors that used to be different may now share the same values
34. which results in visual color shifts See also non-reproducible colors . . A 2-D or 3-D operation that reduces the number of drawing calculations the CPU makes by eliminating any objects
35. or portions of objects
36. outside the viewing area The process of setting graphics display boundaries Primitives that lie outside the boundary and are not required for display are clipped . . – Distortion that occurs when an amplifier is driven to play louder than its power supply can handle The top and bottom of the wave form are “clipped” off .11. The term applied to the phenomenon which occurs when an output signal is limited in some way by the full range of an amplifier
37. ADC or other device When this occurs
38. the signal is flattened at the peak values
39. the signal approaches the shape of a square wave
40. and high frequency components are introduced Clipping may be hard
41. as is the case when the signal is strictly limited at some level
42. or it may be soft
43. in which case the clipping signal continues to follow the input at some reduced gain . . a distortion caused by cutting off the peaks of audio signals Clipping usually occurs in the amplifier when it's input signal is too high or when the volume control is turned to high and the amplifier tries to put out too much current and it sends out direct current to the speakers when playing at loud volumes
44. and the cone of the driver bottoms out - it cannot move as far as the signal requires it to
45. it can produce a noise If an amplifier or speaker is left operating in this condition
46. serious damage may occur .12. Deliberate shearing or shaving from the edge of gold and silver coins Was quite common from the Byzantine to the Colonial eras
47. so much so that many authorities employed edge devices in order to discourage this practice .13. Clipping or clamping is the medical term used to describe one of the methods of doing sympahtectomy Here titanium clips are applied on the nerve to block the transmission of nerve impulses Unlike the cutting method in which the sympathetic chain is destroyed with electrocautery or with the harmonic scalpal the clamping/clipping method gives a possibility of reversal by removing those clips Compensatory Sweating : A medical term used to describe sweating on parts of the body that otherwise would not sweat so much Compensatory sweating is one of the side affects of sympathectomy and affects most or all patients Most of the patients will describe it as mild to moderate and in about 5% it will be described as severe Cutting: A term used in sympathectomy surgery where the nerve is destroyed by electrocautery
48. harmonic scalpal
49. or excising a segment of the nerve D.14. Deliberate shearing or shaving from the edge of gold and silver coins
50. patterns and mottos are included on edges to discourage the practice.15. The unpleasant thumping or clicking noise made when a digital signal exceeds the capacity of an audio device .16. This happens when a waveform is over amplified When this happens
51. the vertical tips of the waveforms are cut off and distortion occurs Clipping is usually not desirable .17. An undesirable over-drive condition that occurs when an amplifier runs out of power and creates a potentially dangerous wave-form distortion that can destroy loudspeaker voice coils
52. especially in tweeters Clipping is a very audible and unpleasant distortion and always the result of output levels that are in excess of what the particular amplifier/speaker combination is capable of Quickly turning down the volume remedies this condition Incidentally
53. clipping occurs not because an amplifier is too powerful but because it is underpowered Loudspeaker units damaged by clipping are usually not covered under manufacturer’
54. s warranties and are considered abusive failures .18. The conversion of all tones lighter than a specified grey level to white
55. or darker than a specified grey level to black
56. causing loss of detail This also applies to individual channels in a color image .19. In audio equipment
57. severe distortion caused by a signal whose peak level exceeds the capabilities of the device processing the signal Results in the flattening of the signal peaks as if they had been "
58. clipped"
59. off .20. If a signal level is too high when it arrives at an amplification or monitoring stage it will suffer clipping due to non-linearities in response of the device The sound will be amplified but will be distorted Back.21. The selective removal of an object disjoint with the display area or the non-visible parts of an object that does intersect the display area Parts of an object intersecting the display area may lie outside of the display area or be partially or fully obscured by another intersecting object .22. Audible distortion that occurs when a signal's level exceeds the limits of a particular circuit When an amp is "
60. turned up too loud,"
61. and begins to distort
62. it is said to be clipping On an oscilloscope clipping appears to flatten the tops and/or bottoms of the wave forms as if someone took a scissors and "
63. clipped or cut"
64. the top and bottom of the wave .23. When an offensive player blocks an opponent from behind
65. htting him in the back of the legs or in the back The infraction costs the offense 15 yards However
66. clipping is legal within three yards of the line of scrimmage . . blocking an opponent below the waist from behind
67. this illegal block is a personal foul
68. punishable by a 15-yard penalty .24. The triangle setup engine is a floating-point math processor that receives vertex data and calculates all of the parameters that the rendering engine will require This unit ‘
69. sets up’
70. and ‘
71. clips’
72. the triangle for the rendering engine Clipping uses a guard band efficiently and also includes a clip against Z 0 0 and Z 1 0 If you supply Z values outside that range then they will not be rendered Because polygons which are wholly clipped out still need to be transformed it will be to your advantage to remove many polygons before submitting them to the API .25. Distortion that occurs when a power amplifier is overdriven This can be seen visually on an oscilloscope
73. when the peaks of a waveform are flattened
74. or clipped off
75. at the signal's ceiling .,
Clipping (ingilizce) fransızcası
1. n. extrait de presse
2. coupure de presse
Clipping (ingilizce) almancası
1. [clip] v. anbringen
2. befestigen
3. abschneiden
4. durchstechen
5. n. Zeitungsausschnitt
Clipping (ingilizce) italyancası
1. s. taglio
2. tosatura
3. ritaglio
4. (Met) sbavatura
Clipping (ingilizce) ispanyolcası
1. s. recorte
2. cortadura
3. esquileo
Clipping (ingilizce) portekizcesi
1. s. recorte de jornal
Clipping (ingilizce) flemenkcesi
1. zn. (uit)knipsel
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