Dead Of Winter

1.Dead Of Winter (Eels) sözleri

Eels tarafından albümünde söylenen Dead Of Winter adlı şarkının sözleri.

standing in the dark outside the house
breathing in the cold and sterile air
well I was thinking how it must feel
to see that little light
and watch it as it disappears
and fades into
and fades into the night

so I know you're going pretty soon
radiation sore throat got your tongue
magic markers tattoo you
and show it whare to aim
and strangers break their promises
you won't feel any
you won't feel any pain

and the streets are jammed with cars
rockin' their horns
to race to the wire
of the unfinished line

thought that I'd forget all about the past
but it doesn't let me run too fast
and I just wanna stand outside
and know that this is right
and this is true
and I will not
fade into
fade into the night

standing here in the dark

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