East of Eden

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East Of Eden (Macdonald Michael) sözleri

Macdonald Michael tarafından albümünde söylenen East Of Eden adlı şarkının sözleri.

The world goes mad around us
While I stand by and watch you sleep
In the hope that harm won't find us
I pray the Lord our souls to keep
Does he see us here
Are we precious in his sight
Or are we merely dust on this tiny ball
He hurled out into the night
Somewhere east of Eden.
From the first time that we stumble
We learn that nothing is assured
However hoplessly we tumble
It's by the grace of God that we endure.
If there's some better place
Far from all that's wrong
But if God in his wisdom
Saw fit to put you here
Then this is where I belong
Somewhere east of Eden.
Maybe he laughs in our face
By way of the cold hard fact
That these moments framed in time and space
Are the same ones nothing can bring back.
Maybe we exist and wander through this world
Just to lead each other home
From somewhere east of Eden.

East Of Eden (Mason Jennings) sözleri

Mason Jennings tarafından albümünde söylenen East Of Eden adlı şarkının sözleri.

I'm just a student of this life, just like my father
I am a stranger to this heart, just like my mother
Oh, and brother you should know
That this heart's still filled with sadness and regret
But i'm learning as i go
To forgive the things that i just can't forget
Sometimes this heart is made of glass
And i often find myself

Living only in the past
Thinking mostly of myself
But i'll believe you when you say
That these are things that time can heal
And this beating in my heart
Says this love we have is real
All of these wishes, i once lost, are now returning
All of the demons, i have fought, are slowly turning
Oh, and brother you should know
There is no one in this world who feels no pain

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