Echoes İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

Echoes anlamları

  1. (3d pers. sing. pres.) of Echo
  2. (pl. ) of Echo
  3. (pl. ) of Echo

Echoes tanım:

Kelime: echo
Söyleniş: 'e-(")kO
İşlev: noun
Türleri: plural ech·oes also echos
Kökeni: Middle English ecco, from Middle French & Latin; Middle French echo, from Latin, from Greek EchO; akin to Latin vagire to wail, Greek EchE sound
1 a : the repetition of a sound caused by reflection of sound waves b : the sound due to such reflection
2 a : a repetition or imitation of another : REFLECTION b : REPERCUSSION, RESULT c : TRACE, VESTIGE d : RESPONSE
3 : one who closely imitates or repeats another's words, ideas, or acts
4 : a soft repetition of a musical phrase
5 a : the repetition of a received radio signal due especially to reflection of part of the wave from an ionized layer of the atmosphere b (1) : the reflection of transmitted radar signals by an object (2) : the visual indication of this reflection on a radarscope
- echo·ey /'e-"kO-E/ adjective

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