En İyi Film Akademi Ödülü Sinema Sanatları ve Bilimleri Akademisi tarafından verilen Akademi Ödüllerinin bir dalıdır.

En İyi Film Akademi Ödülü

En İyi Film Akademi Ödülü Sinema Sanatları ve Bilimleri Akademisi tarafından verilen Akademi Ödüllerinin bir dalıdır.



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Kategori Film Yıl Not
En çok ödül alan ``Ben-Hur`` 11 ödül kazandı 1959 12 kategoride aday gösterildi.
``Titanic`` 1997 14 kategoride aday gösterildi.
`` The Return of the King`` 2003 11 kategoride aday gösterildi.
En çok ödül aday gösterilmiş ``All About Eve`` 14 kategoride aday gösterildi. 1950 6 dalda ödül aldı.
``Titanic`` 1997 11 dalda ödül aldı.

Adaylar ve Kazananlar

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Yıl Kazanan Film Yönetmen Yapımcı Diğer Adaylar
2006 Köstebek / The Departed Martin Scorsese Graham King<br />Brad Pitt<br />Brad Grey <small>Babel - Alejandro González Ií±árritu <br /> Letters from Iwo Jima - Clint Eastwood <br />Little Miss Sunshine - David T. Friendly<br />The Queen - Andy Harries</small>
2005 Çarpışma / Crash Paul Haggis Don Cheadle<br />Paul Haggis<br />Cathy Schulman <small>Brokeback Mountain - Ang Lee<br />Capote - Bennett Miller<br />Good Night, and Good Luck - George Clooney<br />Munich - Steven Spielberg</small>
2004 Milyon Dolarlık Bebek / Million Dollar Baby Clint Eastwood Clint Eastwood<br />Albert S. Ruddy<br />Tom Rosenberg <small>The Aviator - Martin Scorsese<br />Finding Neverland - Marc Forster<br />Ray - Taylor Hackford<br />Sideways - Alexander Payne</small>
2003 Kralın Dönüşü / The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Peter Jackson Peter Jackson<BR />Barrie M. Osborne<BR />Fran Walsh <small>Lost in Translation - Sofia Coppola<br /> The Far Side of the World - Peter Weir<br />Mystic River - Clint Eastwood<br />Seabiscuit - Gary Ross</small>
2002 Chicago Rob Marshall Martin Richards <small>Gangs of New York - Martin Scorsese<br /> The Hours - Stephen Daldry<br /> The Two Towers - Peter Jackson <br /> The Pianist - Roman Polanski</small>
2001 Akıl Oyunları / A Beautiful Mind Ron Howard Brian Grazer<br />Ron Howard <small>Gosford Park - Robert Altman<br />In the Bedroom - Todd Field<br /> The Fellowship of the Ring - Peter Jackson<br />Moulin Rouge! - Baz Luhrmann</small>
2000 Gladyatör / Gladiator Ridley Scott Douglas WickDavid FranzoniBranko Lustig <small>Chocolat - Lasse Hallström<br />Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - Ang Lee<br />Erin Brockovich - Steven Soderbergh<br />Traffic - Steven Soderbergh</small>
1999 Amerikan Güzeli / American Beauty Sam Mendes Bruce Cohen<br />Dan Jinks <small>The Sixth Sense - M. Night Shyamalan<br />The Cider House Rules - Lasse Hallström<br /> The Green Mile - Frank Darabont<br />The Insider - Michael Mann </small>
1998 Aşık Shakespeare / Shakespeare in Love John Madden David Parfitt<br />Donna Gigliotti<br />Harvey Weinstein <small>Elizabeth - Shekhar Kapur<br />Life Is Beautiful - Roberto Benigni<br />Saving Private Ryan - Steven Spielberg<br />The Thin Red Line - Terrence Malick</small>
1997 Titanik / Titanic James Cameron Jon Landau <small>As Good as It Gets - James L. Brooks<br />The Full Monty - Peter Cattaneo<br />Good Will Hunting - Gus Van Sant<br />L.A. Confidential - Curtis Hanson</small>
1996 İngiliz Hasta / The English Patient Anthony Minghella Saul Zaentz <small>Fargo - Joel Coen<br />Jerry Maguire - Cameron Crowe<br />Secrets & Lies - Mike Leigh<br />Shine - Scott Hicks</small>
1995 Cesur Yürek / Braveheart Mel Gibson Mel Gibson<br />Bruce Davey <small>Apollo 13 - Ron Howard<br />Babe - Chris Noonan<br />Il Postino - Michael Radford<br />Sense and Sensibility - Ang Lee</small>
1994 Forrest Gump / Forrest Gump Robert Zemeckis Wendy Finerman<br />Charles Newirth <small>Four Weddings and a Funeral - Mike Newell<br />Pulp Fiction - Quentin Tarantino<br />Quiz Show - Robert Redford<br />The Shawshank Redemption - Frank Darabont</small>
1993 Schindler`in Listesi / Schindler`s List Steven Spielberg Steven Spielberg<br />Kathleen Kennedy<br />Branko Lustig <small>The Fugitive - Andrew Davis<br />In the Name of the Father - Jim Sheridan<br />The Piano - Jane Campion <br />The Remains of the Day - James Ivory</small>
1992 Affedilmeyen / Unforgiven Clint Eastwood Clint Eastwood <small>The Crying Game - Neil Jordan<br />A Few Good Men - Rob Reiner<br />Howards End - James Ivory<br />Scent of a Woman - Martin Brest </small>
1991 Kuzuların Sessizliği / The Silence of the Lambs Jonathan Demme Kenneth Utt<br />Edward Saxon <small>Beauty and the Beast - Gary Trousdale , Kirk Wise<br />Bugsy - Barry Levinson<br />JFK - Oliver Stone<br />The Prince of Tides - Barbra Streisand</small>
1990 Kurtlarla Dans / Dances with Wolves Kevin Costner Jim Wilson<br />Kevin Costner <small>Awakenings - Penny Marshall<br />Ghost - Jerry Zucker<br />The Godfather, Part III - Francis Ford Coppola<br />Goodfellas - Martin Scorsese</small>
1989 Bayan Daisy`nin Şoförü / Driving Miss Daisy Bruce Beresford Richard D. Zanuck <small>Born on the Fourth of July - Oliver Stone<br />Dead Poets` Society - Peter Weir<br />Field of Dreams - Phil Alden Robinson<br />My Left Foot - Jim Sheridan</small>
1988 Yağmur Adam / Rain Man Barry Levinson Mark Johnson <small>The Accidental Tourist - Lawrence Kasdan<br />Dangerous Liaisons - Stephen Frears<br />Mississippi Burning - Alan Parker<br />Working Girl - Mike Nichols</small>
1987 Son İmparator / The Last Emperor Bernardo Bertolucci Jeremy Thomas <small>Broadcast News - James L. Brooks<br />Fatal Attraction - Adrian Lyne<br />Hope and Glory - John Boorman<br />Moonstruck - Norman Jewison</small>
1986 Müfreze / Platoon Oliver Stone Arnold Kopelson <small>Children of a Lesser God - Randa Haines<br />Hannah and Her Sisters - Woody Allen<br />The Mission - Roland Joffí©<br />A Room with a View - James Ivory</small>
1985 Benim Afrikam / Out of Africa Sydney Pollack Sydney Pollack <small>The Color Purple - Steven Spielberg<br />Kiss of the Spider Woman - Hector Babenco<br />Prizzi`s Honor - John Huston<br />Witness - Peter Weir </small>
1984 Amadeus MiloÅ¡ Forman Saul Zaentz <small>The Killing Fields - Roland Joffí©<br />A Passage to India - David Lean<br />Places in the Heart - Robert Benton<br />A Soldier`s Story - Norman Jewison</small>
1983 Sevgi Sözcükleri / Terms of Endearment James L. Brooks James L. Brooks <small>The Big Chill - Lawrence Kasdan<br />The Dresser - Peter Yates<br />The Right Stuff - Philip Kaufman<br />Tender Mercies - Bruce Beresford</small>
1982 Gandhi / Gandhi Richard Attenborough Richard Attenborough <small>E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial - Steven Spielberg<br />Missing - Costa-Gavras<br />Tootsie - Sydney Pollack<br />The Verdict - <Sidney Lumet/small>
1981 Ateş Arabaları / Chariots of Fire Hugh Hudson David Puttnam <small>Atlantic City - Louis Malle<br />On Golden Pond - Mark Rydell<br />Raiders of the Lost Ark - Steven Spielberg<br />Reds - Warren Beatty </small>
1980 Sıradan İnsanlar / Ordinary People Robert Redford Ronald L. Schwary <small>Coal Miner`s Daughter - Michael Apted<br />The Elephant Man - David Lynch<br /> Raging Bull - Martin Scorsese<br /> Tess - Roman Polanski</small>
1979 Kramer Kramer`e Karşı / Kramer vs. Kramer Robert Benton Stanley R. Jaffe <small> Apocalypse Now - Francis Ford Coppola<br />All That Jazz - Bob Fosse<br />Breaking Away - Peter Yates<br />Norma Rae - Martin Ritt</small>
1978 Avcı / The Deer Hunter Michael Cimino Barry Spikings<br />Michael Deeley <small>Coming Home - Hal Ashby<br />Heaven Can Wait - Warren Beatty,Buck Henry<br />Midnight Express - Alan Parker<br />An Unmarried Woman - Paul Mazursky</small>
1977 Annie Hall Woody Allen Charles H. Joffe,<br />Jack Rollins <small>The Goodbye Girl - Herbert Ross<br />Julia - Fred Zinnemann<br />Star Wars - George Lucas<br />The Turning Point - Herbert Ross</small>
1976 Rocky John G. Avildsen Robert Chartoff<br />Irwin Winkler <small>All the President`s Men - Alan J. Pakula<br />Bound for Glory - Hal Ashby<br />Network - Sidney Lumet<br />Taxi Driver - Martin Scorsese</small>
1975 Guguk Kuşu / One Flew Over the Cuckoo`s Nest MiloÅ¡ Forman Michael Douglas<br />Saul Zaentz <small>Barry Lyndon - Stanley Kubrick<br />Dog Day Afternoon - Sidney Lumet<br />Jaws - Steven Spielberg<br />Nashville - Robert Altman</small>
1974 Baba II / The Godfather Part II Francis Ford Coppola Francis Ford Coppola<br />Gray Frederickson<br />Fred Roos <small>Chinatown - Roman Polanski<br />The Conversation - Francis Ford Coppola<br />Lenny - Bob Fosse<br />The Towering Inferno - John Guillermin</small>
1973 Belalılar / The Sting George Roy Hill Tony Bill<br />Michael Phillips<br />Julia Phillips <small>American Graffiti - George Lucas<br />The Exorcist - William Friedkin<br />A Touch of Class - Melvin Frank<br />Cries and Whispers - Ingmar Bergman</small>
1972 Baba / The Godfather Francis Ford Coppola Quenten Beehn <small>Cabaret - Bob Fosse<br />Deliverance - John Boorman<br />Sounder - Martin Ritt<br />The Emigrants - Jan Troell</small>
1971 Kanunun Kuvveti / The French Connection William Friedkin Philip D`Antoni <small>A Clockwork Orange Stanley Kubrick- <br />Fiddler on the Roof - Norman Jewison<br />The Last Picture Show - Peter Bogdanovich<br />Nicholas and Alexandra - Franklin J. Schaffner </small>
1970 General Patton / Patton Franklin J. Schaffner Frank McCarthy <small>Airport - George Seaton<br />Five Easy Pieces - Bob Rafelson<br />Love Story - Arthur Hiller<br />MASH - Robert Altman</small>
1969 Geceyarısı Kovboyu / Midnight Cowboy John Schlesinger Jerome Hellman <small>Anne of the Thousand Days - Charles Jarrott<br />Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - George Roy Hill<br />Hello, Dolly! - Gene Kelly<br />Z - Costa Gavras</small>
1968 Oliver! / Oliver! Carol Reed John Woolf <small>Funny Girl - William Wyler<br />The Lion in Winter - Anthony Harvey<br />Rachel, Rachel - Paul Newman<br />Romeo ve Juliet - Franco Zeffirelli</small>
1967 Gecenin Sıcağında / In the Heat of the Night Norman Jewison Walter Mirisch <small>Bonnie and Clyde - Arthur Penn<br />Doctor Dolittle - Richard Fleischer<br />The Graduate - Mike Nichols<br />Guess Who`s Coming to Dinner - Stanley Kramer</small>
1966 Her Devrin Adamı / A Man for All Seasons Fred Zinnemann Fred Zinnemann <small>Alfie - Lewis Gilbert<br />The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming - Norman Jewison<br />The Sand Pebbles - Robert Wise<br />Who`s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? - Mike Nichols </small>
1965 Neşeil Günler / The Sound of Music Robert Wise Robert Wise <small>Darling - John Schlesinger<br />Doctor Zhivago - David Lean<br />Ship of Fools - Stanley Kramer<br />A Thousand Clowns - Fred Coe</small>
1964 Benim Güzel Meleğim / My Fair Lady George Cukor Jack L. Warner <small>Zorba the Greek - Michael Cacoyannis<br />Becket - Peter Glenville<br /> How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb - Stanley Kubrick<br /> Mary Poppins - Robert Stevenson</small>
1963 Tom Jones Tony Richardson Tony Richardson<br />Michael Balcon <small>America, America - Elia Kazan <br />Cleopatra - Joseph L. Mankiewicz<br />How the West Was Won - John Ford<br />Lilies of the Field - Ralph Nelson </small>
1962 Arabistanlı Lawrence / Lawrence of Arabia David Lean Sam Spiegel
1961 Batı Yakasının Hikayesi / West Side Story Jerome RobbinsRobert Wise Robert Wise
1960 Garsonyer / The Apartment Billy Wilder Billy Wilder
1959 Ben-Hur William Wyler Sam Zimbalist <BR /> William Wyler
1958 Gigi Vincente Minnelli Arthur Freed
1957 Kwai Köprüsü / The Bridge on the River Kwai David Lean Sam Spiegel
1956 Sekesen Günde Devr-i Alem / Around the World in Eighty Days Michael Anderson<br />John Farrow Kevin McClory<br />William Cameron Menzies<br />Michael Todd
1955 Marty Delbert Mann Harold Hecht
1954 Rıhtımlar Üzerinde / On the Waterfront Elia Kazan Sam Spiegel
1953 İnsanlar Yaşadıkça / From Here to Eternity (film) Fred Zinnemann Buddy Adler
1952 Harikalar Sirki / The Greatest Show on Earth Cecil B. DeMille Cecil B. DeMille
1951 Paris`te Bir Amerikalı / An American in Paris Vincente Minnelli Arthur Freed
1950 Perde Açılıyor / All About Eve Joseph L. Mankiewicz Darryl F. Zanuck
1949 Kralın Bütün Adamları / All the King`s Men Robert Rossen Robert Rossen
1948 Hamlet Laurence Olivier Laurence Olivier
1947 Centilmenler Anlaşması / Gentleman`s Agreement Elia Kazan Darryl F. Zanuck
1946 Hayatımızın En Güzel Yılları / The Best Years of Our Lives William Wyler Samuel Goldwyn
1945 Yaralıtan Adam / The Lost Week-end Billy Wilder Charles Brackett
1944 Yolumda Giderken / Going My Way Leo McCarey Leo McCarey
1943 Kazablanka / Casablanca Michael Curtiz Hal B. Wallis
1942 Bayan Miniver / Mrs. Miniver William Wyler Sidney Franklin
1941 Vadim O Kadar Yeşildi Ki / How Green Was My Valley John Ford Darryl F. Zanuck
1940 Rebecca Alfred Hitchcock David O. Selznick
1939 Rüzgar Gibi Geçti / Gone with the Wind Victor Fleming David O. Selznick
1938 Para Beraber Gitmez / You Can`t Take It with You Frank Capra Frank Capra
1937 Emile Zola`nın Hayatı / The Life of Emile Zola William Dieterle Henry Blanke
1936 Büyük Ziegfeld / The Great Ziegfeld Robert Z. Leonard Hunt Stromberg
1935 Gemide İsyan / Mutiny on the Bounty Frank Lloyd Irving Thalberg
1934 Bir Gecede Oldu / It Happened One Night Frank Capra Frank Capra<br />Harry Cohn
1932-1933 Cavalcade Frank Lloyd Frank Lloyd<br />Winfield R. Sheehan
1931-32 Büyük Otel / Grand Hotel Edmund Goulding Paul BernIrving Thalberg
1930-31 Cimarron Wesley Ruggles William LeBaron
1929-30 Batı Cephesinde Yeni Bir Şey Yok / All Quiet on the Western Front Lewis Milestone Carl Laemmle Jr.
1928-29 Broadway Melodi / The Broadway Melody Harry Beaumont Irving Thalberg<br/>Lawrence Weingarten
1927-28 Sunrise F.W. Murnau William Fox
Kanatlar / Wings William A. Wellman Lucien Hubbard



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