1.Fenris (Oakenshield) sözleri

Oakenshield tarafından albümünde söylenen Fenris adlı şarkının sözleri.

Evil, the blood that flows in thy veins
Mischief deep within
Dark is thy future, you will come to see
Great destruction then

Cast in the deep is your serpent blood,
Hel is sent far below
You shall remain in the heavens above, Fenriswolf

"Here he is a danger
Evil fate will be."
"Let us then test his strength
Against this mighty fetter."

"Nay, your bound is weak, by my legs 'twas shattered
Bring to me what you may, you cannot so easily quell me
Laeding was weak and Dromi is strong yet still it is torn asunder
Is there no cast in all the world which may keep me at bay?"

Truly you are a beast of strength great and fell
But see here is a new bound to try
Our hands cannot break the craft of Dwarves
Now shall you face your third challenge, great wolf

"If you were to bind me in such a way that I was unable to free myself, then you would betray and abandon me, and it would be a long time before I received any help from you. I am unwilling to allow that band to be put on me. Rather than questioning my courage, why not let one of you place his hand in my mouth as a pledge that there is no treachery in this offer?"

As you wish, one brave of us will show to you our truth
His hand he will place in your mouth as you are bound
Now struggle, wolf, and see how indeed you were deceived
Although Tyr lost his hand, we have prevented ill fate

This is your fate, bane of All-Father,
Driven into the great barren earth
This sword marks the silence of death
Thy terror is ended

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