Büyük Ödül (Fransızcası 'Grand Prix', gran pri okunur), bir yarışmada verilen "en büyük ödül" olan anlamına ek olarak, genelde büyük ya da büyük izlenimi verilmek istenilen yarışmalar için kullanılır.
Sporda, genellikle motorlu sporlar ile bisiklet yarışları için kullanılsa da, en yaygın kullanımı Formula Bir yarışları için olanıdır.

Grand Prix

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Grand Prix

Almanca Grand Prix kelimelerinin Türkçe karşılığı.
i. büyük ödül (m)

Grand Prix

great prize (French); international horse race; international car race

Grand Prix

İngilizce Grand Prix kelimelerinin İspanyolca karşılığı.
Gran prix, Gran premio

Grand Prix

İngilizce Grand Prix kelimelerinin Fransızca karşılığı.
grand prix

Grand Prix

İngilizce Grand Prix kelimelerinin Almanca karşılığı.
der große Preis

Grand Prix

İngilizce Grand Prix kelimelerinin İtalyanca karşılığı.
gran premio

Grand Prix

İngilizce Grand Prix kelimelerinin Portekizce karşılığı.
grande prêmio

Grand Prix

İngilizce Grand Prix kelimelerinin Flemenkçe karşılığı.
grote prijs, hoge prijs

Grand Prix

Fransızca Grand Prix kelimelerinin Almanca karşılığı.
n. grand prix

Grand Prix

Almanca Grand Prix kelimelerinin Fransızca karşılığı.
n. prix: grand prix (m)

Grand Prix (Inspectah Deck) sözleri

Inspectah Deck tarafından albümünde söylenen Grand Prix adlı şarkının sözleri.

[inspectah deck]
Ladies and gentlemenwelcome to the lyrical grand prix
We have our drivers racin for a $3000000 purse
Winner takes allgentlemen start your engines...

Give me roomhit the tune
Feature presentation comin soonearly june
Killa bee platoonwell groomed
Spells doomraise the volume
You react like a werewolf in a full moon
With the force of a trojan horse
Pushinflowinhave your seatbelt fastened
We blastin into orbitwu restore the new chamber
Wu-banger number 9expert precision and design
Mastermind the plan took a matter of time
>from the confinds of the cold world I shine
It’s amazinthe gracechangin in the place
Blazin the brakesinvadin your space
Which remains in the raceclaimin first place
Raisin the stakesit’s a game to disgrace
I hold many jewelsdrop more than I wear
I come in peaceprepare for the warfare
The invincible foldwhen they’re caught in the square
And the talk mad shit when the coast is clear

Yesladies and gentlemen
We’ve just completed the first lap

[street life]
Blood kinknowledgeknowledgeI build with rap scholars
Guns and walletsprowessstaten island stylist
12 men rosterlive longprosper
Street philosopheryou end up like jimmy hoffa
Ain’t a damn thing changed but the aimbullet range
Strange universeI was nursed to blow your mainframe
Think firstconvertall verse live in concert
Pull a skirtburstwhile y’all niggaz star search
Mind your’swhy you eyein mines for
Posin like a matten dogI must got somethin you wanna die for
Touch minereach him uphis headlineboth grant
9 inch rusty splint push through your nose is vent
Got my eyes on the grand prizeplace your bet
Watch me win it by a landslidepull off an upset
Hold the burner close by my hands and my pocket
Hold the trophy high and keep my eyes on the prophet

[inspectah deck]
And a new driver has entered the contest
Ladies and gentlemendriver number 99
In the red car...

Fog lights beamcar 99 supreme
A high-powered machine spits sparks of baroline
The smell of gasolinemotor roarthe crowd roars
The rag tuck ripbox cut caught in my jaws
Enforcin my lawsrap mirage in my garage
The grease lightnindusty roseshake himbon voyage
Now duel of the ironflyin fued for you writers
The speed demonrebel talktriggersfreedom fighters
Was tracked in the cock pitI’m writin exact
I’m crushin cornerswho that kid ridin the track
With the wu helmet6th nigga5 cars track
The last but not leastI bliss through the scrimmage
No brakesI dartI’m racin for the finish
Understand my hunger for my land down under
It’s the thunderous rushafter the sounds get crush
The purse snatchin poundby all means snatch cream
Tear your ass out of town

[inspectah deck]
As we near the final lap
Team wu-tang seems to be buildin
A sizeable lead on the competition

YoI know how to fold ’em like kenny rogers
Popular demandoverstand these pirahnas
Movin on the track like a monaco gt
I stand out similar to 3d on your tv
Easily breezin watchin the speed dial climb
Style of rhymeleft the foes miles behind
Leavin skid marks on the charts
Aimed at the hearts of the fakesparked on the tapes
It’s starts from the gatedarts penetrate
Freestyle as the decoy to sharpen the bait
Holdin major weightmy supreme team dominates
Circulatintakin all bets you plates
In and out of statetwirlin l’s on the freeway
Ny to scnc to vaga to mdca to ky
Fl to iltx to mi

As we near the checkered flakeladies and gentlemen
Team wu-tang’s holdin down the 1st2nd and 3rd positions
And it looks like it’s goin to be another sure win for team wu-tang
As they take home another pot of gold with this $3000000 purse
Rebel insu-godstreet life

Get the lootget the loot
Cash money y’allcash money y’allcash money y’all

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