Individual İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

Individual anlamları

  1. (noun) The product of a single egg, whether it remains a single animal or becomes compound by budding or fission.
  2. (noun) An independent, or partially independent, zooid of a compound animal.
  3. (a.) Not divided, or not to be divided; existing as one entity, or distinct being or object; single; one; as, an individual man, animal, or city.
  4. (noun) A single person, animal, or thing of any kind; a thing or being incapable of separation or division, without losing its identity; especially, a human being; a person.
  5. (a.) Of or pertaining to one only; peculiar to, or characteristic of, a single person or thing; distinctive; as, individual traits of character; individual exertions; individual peculiarities.

Individual tanım:

Kelime: in·di·vid·u·al
Söyleniş: "in-d&-'vij-w&l, -'vi-j&-w&l, -'vi-j&l
İşlev: adjective
Kökeni: Medieval Latin individualis, from Latin individuus indivisible, from in- dividuus divided, from dividere to divide
1 obsolete : INSEPARABLE
2 a : of, relating to, or distinctively associated with an individual an individual effort b : being an individual or existing as an indivisible whole c : intended for one person an individual serving
3 : existing as a distinct entity : SEPARATE
4 : having marked individuality an individual style
- in·di·vid·u·al·ly adverb

Individual ile eşanlamlı (synonym) kelimeler

Human, Mortal, Person, Private, Separate, Single, Somebody, Soul,

Individual ile zıt (antonym) anlamlı kelimeler


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