İrlanda (İrlandaca: Éire, İngilizce: Ireland) ya da resmî adıyla İrlanda Cumhuriyeti (İrlandaca: Poblacht na hÉireann, İngilizce: Republic of Ireland), kuzeybatı Avrupa'da bulunan ülke. Büyük Britanya Adası'nın batısındaki İrlanda Adası'nın yaklaşık altıda beşini kaplamaktadır.


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[Ireland] i. İrlanda


[Ireland] n. Republic of Ireland, independent republic occupying the island of Ireland; Northern Ireland, part of the United Kingdom; Emerald Isle, island located to the west of the island of Great Britain


İngilizce Ireland kelimesinin İspanyolca karşılığı.
[Ireland] s. Irlanda


İngilizce Ireland kelimesinin Fransızca karşılığı.
[Ireland] n. Irlande, république de l'Irlande, état indépendant composé essentiellement de l'île de l'Ireland, pays d'Europe; pays qui fait partie du Royaume-Uni


İngilizce Ireland kelimesinin Almanca karşılığı.
[Ireland] n. Irland, Republik Irland, unabhängige Republik auf der irischen Insel; Nordirland, Teil Irlands der zu Großbritannien gehört


İngilizce Ireland kelimesinin İtalyanca karşılığı.
[Ireland] s. Irlanda, Repubblica dell'Irlanda, repubblica indipendente che occupa l'isola dell'Irlanda; Irlanda del Nord, parte del Regno Unito; Isola Smeralda, situata a ovest della Gran Bretagna


İngilizce Ireland kelimesinin Portekizce karşılığı.
[Ireland] s. Irlanda, República da Irlanda; Irlanda do Norte, parte da Grã-Bretanha; Ilha Emerald localizada à leste da Grã-Bretanha


İngilizce Ireland kelimesinin Flemenkçe karşılığı.
[Ireland] zn. Ierland (staat in West-Europa)

Ireland (Tori Amos) sözleri

Tori Amos tarafından albümünde söylenen Ireland adlı şarkının sözleri.

Drivin' in my Saab
On my way to Ireland
It's been a long time
It's been a long time
Drivin' with my friends
On my way to Ireland
It's been a long time
It's been a long time

So when I was out
In the desert
And a cowboy
Tried to lasso me
He said your red
And made of clay
A virgin portrait
I let him wake me
But decided not to stay

Next in New York
I fell out with a dragon
Of the white collar kind
But just as ferocious
I remembered Macha
Running faster than the horses
Then an encounter with
A voice that caressed me

Wasn't it you who
Held off a surrender
To one spoiled nun
Who taught you the names
Of the mountains
On the moon
And then a Jesuit
Proceded to arrange your soul
While I prayed
On my knees

Ireland (Garth Brooks) sözleri

Garth Brooks tarafından albümünde söylenen Ireland adlı şarkının sözleri.

They say mother earth is breathing
With each wave that finds the shore
Her soul rises in the evening
For to open twilight's door

Her eyes are the stars in heaven
Watching o'er us all the while
And her heart it is in Ireland
Deep within the Emerald Isle

We are forty against hundreds
In someone elses bloody war
We know not why were fighting
Or what we're dying for

They will storm us in the morning
When the sunlight turns to sky
Death is waiting for its dance now
Fate has sentenced us to die

Ireland I am coming home
I can see your rolling fields of green
And fences made of stone
I am reaching out won't you take my hand
I'm coming home Ireland

Oh the captian he lay bleeding
I can hear him calling me
These men are yours now for the leading
Show them to their destiny

And as I look up all around me
I see the ragged tired and torn
I tell them to make ready
'Cause we're not waiting for the morn


Now the fog is deep and heavy
As we forge the dark and fear
We can hear their horses breathing
As in silence we draw near

There are no words to be spoken
Just a look to say good-bye
I draw a breath and night is broken
As I scream our battle cry


I am home Ireland

Ireland (Marianne Faithfull) sözleri

Marianne Faithfull tarafından albümünde söylenen Ireland adlı şarkının sözleri.

There is a land that I can go to
When I have time to rest.
All the people I love are there
And those who love me best.

Then I heard the wind
Calling from over the sea
Saying, "Ireland, Ireland,
When will you be free ?"
"Ireland, Ireland,
When will you be free ?"

This land I go to when I'm tired
And need to see and walk in green.
The people who can laugh and drink
And see things others have not seen.

Then I heard the wind
Calling from over the sea,
Saying, "Ireland, Ireland,

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