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She puts her jacket on
Walks through the door once more
To her surprise it seems
This time, she's lost for words
He's on her mind again

She walks five blocks to work
It's cold this time of year
But she don't mind the cold
'Cause she is thinkin' of him, baby, baby
He's on her mind again

And all the way from talkin' on the phone
To the way I always carry on
When I'm with you

Baby what I feel for you (Baby)
It's obvious (It's obvious)
And baby, everytime I'm lookin' at you (Lookin' at you, baby)
It's obvious ('Bout the way I feel for you)

He opened up to love, in spite of everything
First thought of every 'morn, it's always been the same
She's on his mind again
And from the little cafe outside her work
He sits and with a smile, he know's he's hurt