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Tell the boys in the back, that Dan he's crashed his Cadillac
he ain't hurt nobody, least he wasn't drinking
He was just outside Detroit, you know those roads
they are all broke, you can't get any place
there ain't no point in drivin
he's flying in today, all around the USA
he's seen every state at least twice

Who's gonna break the news that his lady's run loose
yeah it's getting around
I gotta tell him the truth but I don't wanna do it
don't wanna bring him down
Cuz being down with some Jersey Clowns can almost drive you insane

What a shame he's been away
he's worked so hard to pay those bills
he's got two kids from his marriage before
and I wonder what makes him stay
you know it ain't the first time she's played him like this
a thousand times, it won't be the last