Killer Elite

Kısaca: ''Killer Elite'', Jason Statham, Clive Owen, Robert De Niro, Yvonne Strahovski ve Dominic Purcell'ın oyunculuklarını yaptığı 2011 yapımı aksiyon filmi. Film 1991 yılında Sir Ranulph Fiennes tarafından yazılmış olan ''The Feather Men'' kitabından yola çıkarak çekilmiştir ve yönetmenliğini de Gary McKendry yapmıştır. ...devamı ☟

Killer Elite, Jason Statham, Clive Owen, Robert De Niro, Yvonne Strahovski ve Dominic Purcell'ın oyunculuklarını yaptığı 2011 yapımı aksiyon filmi. Film 1991 yılında Sir Ranulph Fiennes tarafından yazılmış olan The Feather Men kitabından yola çıkarak çekilmiştir ve yönetmenliğini de Gary McKendry yapmıştır. Konusu Yıl 1980'de, paralı asker olan Danny Bryce (Jason Statham), Hunter (Robert De Niro), Davies (Dominic Purcell), ve Meier (Aden Young) Meksika'da bir adama suikast düzenlerler. Danny farkında olmadan adamı oğlunun önünde öldürür, sonra bu şaşkınlıkla ordan kaçarken yaralanır. Bu olaydan çok etkilenen Danny memleketi olan Avusturalya'ya döner. Bir yıl sonra, Danny Hunter'ın esir tutulduğu Umman'a çağırılır. Orada paralı askerler için görevler bulan bir ajanla(Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) tanışır. Hunter'ın 6 milyon $ için bir işi kabul ettiğini ama bitiremediğini öğrenir. Danny Hunter için yarım kalan işi tamamlamayı kabul eder. Eğer başarısız olursa Hunter öldürülecektir. Danny is introduced to Sheikh Amr, a deposed king of a small region of Oman who wants Danny to kill three former SAS agents—Steven Harris (Lachy Hulme), Steven Craig, and Simon McCann—for killing his three eldest sons during the Dhofar Rebellion. Danny must videotape their confessions and make their deaths look like accidents, and he must do it before the terminally ill Sheikh dies. This will allow the Sheikh's fourth son, Bakhait (Firass Dirani), to regain control of the desert region his father had ruled. If Danny fails, Hunter will be killed. Danny reunites with Davies and Meier. They agree to help him in exchange for a share of the money. As Danny and Meier sneak into the house of their first target, Steven Harris, in Oman, Davies questions local bar patrons about former SAS members. This is reported to the Feathermen, a secret society of former operatives protecting their own. Their head enforcer, Spike Logan (Clive Owen), is sent to investigate. After Harris has confessed on videotape, Danny and Meier take him to the bathroom. Their plan is to break his neck using a hammer with tiles similar to those of the bathroom floor to make it appear that Harris slipped and broke his neck. Danny is distracted by the arrival of Harris's girlfriend and when he returns to the bathroom he finds that Meier was forced to kill Harris hastily in a struggle. Back in London, Davies discovers the second target, Steven Craig, preparing for a long nighttime march in wintry weather at a local SAS base. Davies pretends to be a civilian having car problems outside the base's fence, allowing Danny to infiltrate the base. There he drugs Craig's coffee to induce shock and cause Craig to die of hypothermia during the march. Danny, in uniform, follows Craig on the march, and a delirious Craig confesses on videotape to Danny before he dies. Going to their last target, Simon McCann, currently a mercenary, they rig a truck to respond to remote control with the help of a new and inexperienced team member, Jake (Michael Dorman). As McCann is on his way to a fake job interview, Meier and Jake take control of the truck from another car and cause it to move in front of McCann's car, killing him. However, Logan and his men were watching over McCann. A gun fight in the docks ensues, and Meier is accidentally killed by Jake due to his lack of experience. Danny returns to Oman and gives the Sheikh the last taped confession, which he has faked. Hunter is released and returns to his family, while Danny heads back to Australia and reunites with his girlfriend, Anne (Yvonne Strahovski), a childhood acquantance. Soon, he is informed by the Agent that there is one last man who participated in the Sheikh's sons' murders and that this man, Ranulph Fiennes, is about to release a book about his experiences as a member of the SAS. Danny tells Anne to go to France with Hunter to protect her while he carries out the last job. The Sheikh’s son confirms that Harris was an innocent man. Logan, meanwhile, traces Danny through the Agent and sends a team to protect the author, but Jake distracts them, allowing Danny to infiltrate the building and shoot the author. He chooses to only wound the author, however, but takes pictures that appear to show him dead. Logan chases and captures Danny, taking him to an abandoned warehouse, but he is interrupted when an agent from the British government arrives and reveals that the British government is behind the events because of the Sheikh's valuable oil reserves. A three-way battle ensues, with Danny escaping and Logan shooting the government agent. Danny and Hunter head to Oman to give the Sheikh the pictures. However, Logan arrives first and confronts the Sheikh, telling him that the pictures are fake and then stabbing him to death. The Sheikh's son does not care and gives the money, which was intended for Danny and Hunter to Logan. Hunter spots Logan leaving, and they chase after him, along with the Sheikh's men. After stopping the Sheikh's men, Danny and Hunter confront Logan on a desert road. Danny says that Logan can keep the money (though Hunter takes some of the money for his expenses and his family). They give Logan the remainder, telling him that he'll need it to start a new life away from the government after killing the Sheikh and acting against the wishes of the Feather Men and the British government. Danny says that it's over for him and that Logan must make up his own mind. They leave him there, saying they'll send a cab for him from the airport. Danny meets with Anne in France to start anew. Oyuncular Yapım Film'in çekimlerine Docklands Studios Melbourne'de Mayıs 2010'da başlandı. Temmuz 2010'da, Galler'deki Brecon Beacons'da Jason Statham'ın sahneleri çekildi. Bazı Londra sahneleri Cardiff'te çekildi—Temmuzda, De Niro ve Statham filmde Windsor Place'deki The Promised Land Bar'da görüldüler. Reception The film has received negative reviews from critics. Rotten Tomatoes maintains Killer Elite with a 24% rating with the consensus stating: "A rote, utterly disposable Jason Statham vehicle that just happens to have Clive Owen and Robert De Niro in it." Roger Ebert, conversely, has given it 3 stars out of 4, calling it director Gary McKendry's "impressive debut", noting he "understands that action is better when it's structured around character and plot, and doesn't rely on simple sensation." Ayrıca bakınız *Marbat Savaşı


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