Love's Intolerable Pain (My Dying Bride) sözleri

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Denial of our shadow side
Will often cause it to rise up
Against us
That ho does not need to die
Allows his mind to soar
To fly
What if love's intolerable pain
never leaves?
What will your life's mark
leave upon this world?
What now, will my dark craft
do with your body now?
We walk as Gods together
through a fiery dawn.
What if you love someone you
know you shouldn't love?
What will your dying father's
last words to you be?
What now, the painting of
young lovers is complete?
What if love's intolerable pain
never leaves us?
Do we dash our bleeding
hearts on the rocks of
And cry unto the lords above
who turn away in haste?
From the heart
Heart of snow
Comes the ice
It's crushing blow
From the soul
Whose love is sound
Comes the cold