1. anlamı i. şıpıdık, arkalıksız terlik. ,şıpıdık/çıkrık/katır.
2. anlamı katır.


Mule İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

Mule anlamları

  1. (noun) A hybrid animal; specifically, one generated between an ass and a mare, sometimes a horse and a she-ass. See Hinny.
  2. (noun) A plant or vegetable produced by impregnating the pistil of one species with the pollen or fecundating dust of another; -- called also hybrid.
  3. (noun) A machine, used in factories, for spinning cotton, wool, etc., into yarn or thread and winding it into cops; -- called also jenny and mule-jenny.
  4. (noun) A very stubborn person.

Mule tanım:

Kelime: mule
Söyleniş: 'myü(&)l
İşlev: noun
Kökeni: Middle English, from Old French mul, from Latin mulus
1 a : a hybrid between a horse and a donkey; especially : the offspring of a male donkey and a mare b : a self-sterile plant whether hybrid or not c : a usually sterile hybrid
2 : a very stubborn person
3 : a machine for simultaneously drawing and twisting fiber into yarn or thread and winding it into cops
4 slang : a person who smuggles or delivers illicit drugs

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