Nocturne, 1995 Eurovision Şarkı Yarışması'nda birinci olan şarkıdır. Rolf Løvland tarafından bestelenip , Norveçli grup Secret Garden tarafından seslendirilmiştir.


EŞY 1. şarkısı | Şarkı adı = Nocturne | Türkçesi = | Resim = | Resim açıklama = | Yıl = 1995 | Ülke = Norveç | Sanatçı = Secret Garden | Yüksek Puanlar = Polonya, Rusya, İzlanda, Türkiye, Portekiz, Yunanistan (12) | Puan Almadıkları = Avusturya, Hırvatistan, İsveç (0) | Eşlik eden = | Besteci = Rolf Lí¸vland | Söz yazarı = Petter Skavland | Yöneten = | Dil = Norveççe (yarışma dışında İngilizce) | Süre = 3.14 (İngilizce versiyonu) | Sıra = 1 | Puan = 148 | Yarı final sırası = | Yarı final puanı = | Albüm =

Nocturne.1995 Eurovision Şarkı Yarışması`nda birinci olan şarkı. Norveçli grup Secret Garden (Gizli Bahçe) bu şarkıyı yorumlamıştır. Sözleri az olmasına karşın şarkının ortalarında fon müziğine benzer bir bölüm bulunur. Genellikle dram bir melodisi vardır.





1. anlamı (i.), (müz.) tatlı ve duygulu müzik parçası, geceye mahsus parça; resimde gece manzarası. ,geceyle ilgili sanat eser.
2. anlamı geceleri yapılan. gece olan.


Nocturne İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

Nocturne anlamları

  1. (noun) A night piece, or serenade. The name is now used for a certain graceful and expressive form of instrumental composition, as the nocturne for orchestra in Mendelsohn's "Midsummer-Night's Dream" music.
  2. (noun) A night piece, or serenade. The name is now used for a certain graceful and expressive form of instrumental composition, as the nocturne for orchestra in Mendelsohn's "Midsummer-Night's Dream" music.

Nocturne tanım:

Kelime: noc·turne
Söyleniş: 'näk-"t&rn
İşlev: noun
Kökeni: French, adjective, nocturnal, from Latin nocturnus
: a work of art dealing with evening or night; especially : a dreamy pensive composition for the piano -- compare AUBADE 3

Nocturne (Benighted) sözleri

Benighted tarafından albümünde söylenen Nocturne adlı şarkının sözleri.

Dans l'obscurité nocturne
Et la brume épaisse du lieu où la mort se cultive
Les âmes rÃ'dent, impérissables.
En ce lieu où je demeure, dégagé d'enveloppe charnelle
Pour un repos éternel,
Je suis mon corps et ce qui l'entoure.

Les yeux ont disparu des orbites de mon crâne
Le sang ne coule plus dans ce corps raide et pâle
Lentement les vers se nourissent de mes chairs

Déjà apparaît la lune
Des ombres se dessinent.
Dans cette atmosphère lugubre
Je devine leur regard m'observant dans le noir

Le bruit sourd du déplacement du socle du cercueil me fait frémir
Le froid enlace mon corps livide
Ils me tirent de ma sépulture
Les articulations s'étirent et cèdent, les os se brisent comme du bois mort
Mon cadavre démembré retombe dans les poussière et les cendres,
Remuant les odeurs de chairs putréfiées.
La peau s'effrite et se déchire tandis qu'ils parviennent à extirper mon cadavre de son antre
Et le place sur la pierre.

Un douloureux requiem se fait entendre,
Orchestrant l'autopsie finale.
Une lame plonge dans ma gorge et m'éventre sur toute la longueur
La vermine s'en échappe, me ronge de l'intérieur,
S'enfuit des os qui craquent.

Mes complaintes se meurent, s'égarent parmi les tombes.
Mes angoisses demeurent, déchirant la nuit sombre.
Impuissant devantles acyes de l'Innomable
Ma décomposition reprend son cours
Le temps m'engloutit, minute par minute.
Tandis que se meure mon âme déchirée,
Le soleil se lève sur ma dépouille mutilée.

Nocturne (Elend) sözleri

Elend tarafından albümünde söylenen Nocturne adlı şarkının sözleri.

"Lost in a dream...
Drowning in the eyes
Of a statue who dreamt a little dream of me...
Incipiunt hic tenebrarum lectiones secundae,
Cum Lucifer receptaculum noctis evasus,
Demergitur in undis somniorum suorum...
...Quem statua observat.

But here there is no light."

[English Translation:]

Here begin the second lectures of darkness,
As Lucifer becomes the chalice of the night.
He drowns in the sea of his dreams...
... Him, whom the statue beholds.

Nocturne (Secret Garden) sözleri

Secret Garden tarafından Songs From A Secret Garden albümünde söylenen Nocturne adlı şarkının sözleri.

La dagen få
Sin hvile nå
Og natten vil våke for den

Selv mørket må
En gang forgå
Så natten kan føde en dag

La dagen få
Sin hvile nå
Og natten vil våke for den

Selv mørket må
En gang forgåa
Så natten kan føde en dag

Nocturne (Hexen) sözleri

Hexen tarafından albümünde söylenen Nocturne adlı şarkının sözleri.


Pain reawakens uncertainty,
Into firestorms that burn your mental volatility,
And when the tides of change forces one to open eyes,
What do you make of truth and what do you make of lies?
So much aspiration, no room for defeat,
Out of reach from all the things that could make life complete,
Exuding this façade to divert the void inside,
Weakness and strength, right and wrong undefined.

Everything I've ever known, soon have to unlearn,
While we might've come full circle, its a zero degree turn,
You can never go home again, and yet alas,
Of course we know that nothing, nothing forever lasts.
What was the sum of all suffering worth?
Inventing our own meanings on this meaningless earth,
If we have but one life to live, might as well have not lived at all,
Illusory to think one can climb over this wall.


Adversity is the same all over,
It rains on the just and unjust alike,
Consumed by "what should have been",
Foolish to ask the question why.

This realization of the haphazard laws,
That govern me and you,
A collapse in hope stems all across,
World-weary; the resulting view.


I was acquainted with the Absurd not too long ago,
I've seen its true face and the power it holds,
There's no other maxim by which to operate,
We dangle by the careless whim of this phantom fate.

What was left but "good"? But then different gods would decree,
And the only universal thing we had left fell to inconsistency,
So shall we follow into infinite obscurity,
A paradox of a paradox: the unbearable lightness of being.


If it is in fact nothingness that awaits us after death,
Then let us make an injustice of it until the last breath,
Let us fight against destiny even without hope of victory,
It was never for the destination, but for the journey.

Most live for postmortem reward, for them it is a game to exist,
I await no childish contingencies, without salvation I persist.


For I am the night, more truthful than the day,
Would never give the false hope of light only to take it away,
Now that I know that nothingness surely will remain,
I have come to accept it, move on, and not complain.

Oh, world of contradiction and incompatibility,
Soon to be face to face with negation embodied,
When I arrive one day, you'll recall me from this song,
I am the Absurd, speaking to you from the beyond.

And the pity of it all is, it ends in perplexity.

Nocturne (The Human Abstract) sözleri

The Human Abstract tarafından albümünde söylenen Nocturne adlı şarkının sözleri.

Hollow self indulgence leading the way
In the wake of intent that day
At the fault line, at the fault line we were
Searching for answers
Filthy crimes, power play
Grasping for our lessons overthrown
What you've gone and done now,
It's hard to get over
Events of the past have carried
A lasting grudge toward a pure heart
I'm calling out a false hero
Lay your plans,
I'll play Rome, false martyr, take a stand
Lay your plans.
With broken heart, I've finally become a man
Past the sights and the sound
Cloak and dagger are found
No wonder here, just an echo resounding
Hardship owns all that remains
Red queen, a fallen Knight on the way that day
Caught in the act, right in our midst,
A snake in the grass. No honor,
As night fell on my soul

Nocturne (Sophie B Hawkins) sözleri

Sophie B Hawkins tarafından Timbre albümünde söylenen Nocturne adlı şarkının sözleri.

Nightmare bring me to the dawn
I must ride your body on
Deep inside me I know you cant hide me from harm
Im the secret that you bear
Born of anger and despair
Who will strangle me
Who will untangle my hair

Come to me I can see
Through the holes in your eyes
When I scream out in terror
Youre the one by my side
Run to me strong and pure
As the monsters child
Weve been captured for a lifetime
But were free when were wild

Sleep my little darling
Cry for mama
Shes all gone
Nightmare came and took her in his arms
Find your dark horse
And ride your course
Through the storm

Lay me down you can see
Through the rain in my eyes
That Ive no more to lose
And Ive nothing to hide
Playing in midnight fields
Of dreams exiled
We are strangers in the city
But were free when were wild

Nocturne (Billy Joel) sözleri

Billy Joel tarafından Cold Spring Harbor albümünde söylenen Nocturne adlı şarkının sözleri.

When it rains
I watch the window
Golden dreams
Wash down the willow
Where are my Mardi Gras memories?
Under silver seas

Long cold nights
Change my reflection
Unsung songs
Show my direction
Where are my make believe victories?
Under silver seas

Ships pass over my head
Purple and blue, yellow and red
White sails catching the breeze
Sailing on silver seas

Once I lived
You might remember
Born in May
Died in September
Where are my carousel fantasies?
Under silver seas

Nocturne (Radigost) sözleri

Radigost tarafından albümünde söylenen Nocturne adlı şarkının sözleri.

Daylight leaves this world again, the burning ball called Sun
now again must go down, behind the inaccessible line.
Wings of the night are low above me, night wrapped deserted fields,
mist is trembling above the lake, above the trees and weeds.

Meadow under nightly sky
In the calling light of stars
Wind whispering from shady fields
Indescribable beauty of the night.

Far and lonely silent shadows are flitting in the starlit fields,
wrapped in the dismal fog, gloomy hills are lying.
White light of the moon is reflecting in the cold mirror of the lake,
in the smooth of the water I can see night sky.
I am standing among the vast of the night,
I see forgotten faces. In whisper of the lonely wind
I hear forgotten voices... so far away... and so near.
The night is penetrating in my mind, its beauty is penetrating in my heart.
I don't need the reality of this world any more,
I'm raising on the wings of the night into black and cold sky.
I'm raising far away from this dirt, my suffering is ending now.
I don't need the light of this world any more.
My spirit will be free at last now.
The Moon takes me.

Nocturne (Yankee Grey) sözleri

Yankee Grey tarafından albümünde söylenen Nocturne adlı şarkının sözleri.

We float among the dismal parade of night bewildered
Between spleen and ideal, tremendous chasms that lie in here
Apollonian harmony, Dionysian demonic grasp
And the night goes on...
Between infinities we wonder alone,
searching for home until the struggle will once cease to be

Nocturne (becoming the archetype) sözleri

becoming the archetype tarafından albümünde söylenen Nocturne adlı şarkının sözleri.


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