Omarion (Jhene) sözleri

Jhene tarafından albümünde söylenen Omarion adlı şarkının sözleri.

Jhene: Uhh You know what
Omarion: What
Jhene: I loved you
Omarion: Mmhm
Jhene:Even thought you treated me wrong
Omarion: Oh Come on
Jhene: And i know i'm supposed to be sad,
Omarion: Uh huh
Jhene: But i got a new man now and he treats me better than you.. You know what?
Omarion: What
Jhene: I'm happy for you

Verse 1 (Jhene):
Last night
I was thinking 'bout back in the day
When you and I
Were so happy together in every way
But now, reminiscing
I can see the signs was right in front of my face
So I guess you was right
To false mind
Say you love me (Say you love me)
Ohh (whatever, mm mm)
So completely...whatever (mm mm mm mm)
I see you was wrong
But guess what, baby