PIPE (fransızca) türkçe anlamı
1. [la] çubuk
2. pipo
PIPE (inglizce) türkçe anlamı
3. f. boru ile taşımak
4. boru hattından sevketmek
5. boru çalmak
6. kaval çalmak
7. düdük çalmak
8. ıslık çalmak
9. hopârlörle duyurmak
10. ince sesle söylemek
11. şeritle süslemek
12. sutaşı geçirmek
13. i. boru
14. pipo
15. kaval
16. düdük
17. baca
18. cıvıltı
19. kuş sesi
20. şarkı söyleyen ses
21. nefes borusu
22. dev şarap fıçısı (yakl. 400 lt.)
PIPE (türkçe) anlamı
23. i. boru
24. kaval
25. düdük
26. org borusu
27. pipo
28. çubuk
29. bir çubukluk tütün
30. den. silistre
31. silistre ile verilen kumanda
32. nefes borusu
33. 550 litrelik şarap fıçısı
34. çoğ
35. müz. gayda pipe clay lüleci çamuru
36. kil. pipe dream boş emel
37. hülya pipe organ boru.
38. 2. anlamı boru. pipo. kaval. düdük. baca. cıvıltı. kuş sesi. şarkı söyleyen ses. nefes borusu. dev şarap fıçısı (yakl. 400 lt.). boru ile taşımak. boru hattından sevketmek. boru çalmak. kaval çalmak. düdük çalmak. ıslık çalmak. hopârlörle duyurmak. ince sesle. çubu.
1. n. tube
2. tube used for smoking tobacco
3. windpipe
4. trachea
5. flute
6. whistle
7. whistling sound
8. toot
9. character which instructs an operating system to direct output of one program to the input of another program (Computers)
10. v. convey a fluid through pipes
11. transport a liquid through pipes
12. make a high-pitched sound
13. make a shrill sound
n. pipe,
Pipe (fransızca) ingilizcesi
14. (f) n. pipe,

Pipe İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

Pipe anlamları
    (v. t.) To call or direct
15. as a crew
16. by the boatswain's whistle.(noun) The key or sound of the voice.(noun) A wind instrument of music
17. consisting of a tube or tubes of straw
18. reed
19. wood
20. or metal
21. any tube which produces musical sounds
22. as
23. a shepherd's pipe
24. the pipe of an organ.(noun) The bagpipe
25. as
26. the pipes of Lucknow.(v. i.) To emit or have a shrill sound like that of a pipe
27. to whistle.(noun) The peeping whistle
28. call
29. or note of a bird.(noun) A roll formerly used in the English exchequer
30. otherwise called the Great Roll
31. on which were taken down the accounts of debts to the king
32. -- so called because put together like a pipe.(v. i.) To become hollow in the process of solodifying
33. -- said of an ingot
34. as of steel.(v. t.) To furnish or equip with pipes
35. as
36. to pipe an engine
37. or a building.(noun) A small bowl with a hollow steam
38. -- used in smoking tobacco
39. and
40. sometimes
41. other substances.(v. t.) To perform
42. as a tune
43. by playing on a pipe
44. flute
45. fife
46. etc
47. to utter in the shrill tone of a pipe.(noun) Any long tube or hollow body of wood
48. metal
49. earthenware
50. or the like: especially
51. one used as a conductor of water
52. steam
53. gas
54. etc.(noun) A passageway for the air in speaking and breathing
55. the windpipe
56. or one of its divisions.(noun) A cask usually containing two hogsheads
57. or 126 wine gallons
58. also
59. the quantity which it contains.(noun) A boatswain's whistle
60. used to call the crew to their duties
61. also
62. the sound of it.(v. i.) To play on a pipe
63. fife
64. flute
65. or other tubular wind instrument of music.(noun) An elongated body or vein of ore.(v. i.) To call
66. convey orders
67. etc
68. by means of signals on a pipe or whistle carried by a boatswain.
Pipe tanım:
Kelime: pipe
69. Söyleniş: 'pIp
70. İşlev: noun
71. Kökeni: Middle English
72. from Old English pIpa (akin to Old High German pfIfa pipe)
73. from (assumed) Vulgar Latin pipa pipe
74. from Latin pipare to peep
75. of imitative origin
76. 1 a : a tubular wind instrument
77. specifically : a small fipple flute held in and played by the left hand b : one of the tubes of a pipe organ: (1) : FLUE PIPE (2) : REED PIPE c : BAGPIPE -- usually used in plural d (1) : VOICE
78. VOCAL CORD -- usually used in plural (2) : PIPING 1
79. 2 : a long tube or hollow body for conducting a liquid
80. gas
81. or finely divided solid or for structural purposes
82. 3 a : a tubular or cylindrical object
83. part
84. or passage b : a roughly cylindrical and vertical geological formation c : the eruptive channel opening into the crater of a volcano
85. 4 a : a large cask of varying capacity used especially for wine and oil b : any of various units of liquid capacity based on the size of a pipe
86. especially : a unit equal to 2 hogsheads
87. 5 : a device for smoking usually consisting of a tube having a bowl at one end and a mouthpiece at the other
88. 6 : SNAP 2c
90. - pipe·ful /-ful/ noun
91. - pipe·less /'pI-pl&
92. s/ adjective
93. - pipe·like /'pIp-lIk/ adjective
Pipe ile eşanlamlı (synonym) kelimeler
95. Piping
96. Screech
97. Shriek
98. Shrill
99. Tube
Pipe (ingilizce) fransızcası
1. n. tuyau
2. pipe
3. pipeau
4. sifflet
5. sifflement
6. canal de transmission (informatique)
7. v. siffler
8. faire couler
9. amener un liquide
Pipe (fransızca) almancası
1. n. pfeife
Pipe (fransızca) italyancası
1. (action de fumer) pipa (f)
Pipe (fransızca) ispanyolcası
1. (action de fumer) pipa (f)
Pipe (fransızca) portekizcesi
1. (action de fumer) cachimbo (m)
Pipe (fransızca) flemenkcesi
1. (action de fumer) pijp (m/f)
2. tabakspijp (m/f)
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