PURPLE (inglizce) türkçe anlamı
1. f. mora boyamak
2. sinirinden morarmak
3. i. mor
4. erguvan rengi
5. kardinal kaftanı
6. s. mor
7. morumsu
8. mora çalan
9. mora benzer
10. kraliyet soyundan
11. krala ait
12. ahlaksız
13. kötü
PURPLE (türkçe) anlamı
14. kardinallik
15. bilhassa Roma imparatorlarının bordo kaftanı
16. erguvani
17. erguvan renkli
18. kral gibi
19. krala ait
20. er
21. mora boyanmış bez
22. erguvan rengine boyamak
23. i
24. erguvani renk
25. eflatun renk
26. mor renk
27. s
28. imparatorun mevki ve yetki işareti.
29. 2. anlamı mor.
1. n. color purple
2. color made by combining red and blue
3. adj. having a purple coloring
4. bluish-red,

Purple İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

Purple anlamları
    (a.) Exhibiting or possessing the color called purple
5. much esteemed for its richness and beauty
6. of a deep red
7. or red and blue color
8. as
9. a purple robe.(noun) See Purpura.(a.) Imperial
10. regal
11. -- so called from the color having been an emblem of imperial authority.(noun) Any species of large butterflies
12. usually marked with purple or blue
13. of the genus Basilarchia (formerly Limenitis) as
14. the banded purple (B. arthemis). See Illust. under Ursula.(noun) Hence: Imperial sovereignty
15. royal rank
16. dignity
17. or favor
18. loosely and colloquially
19. any exalted station
20. great wealth.(noun) A color formed by
21. or resembling that formed by
22. a combination of the primary colors red and blue.(noun) A disease of wheat. Same as Earcockle.(v. t.) To make purple
23. to dye of purple or deep red color
24. as
25. hands purpled with blood.(a.) Blood-red
26. bloody.(noun) Any shell of the genus Purpura.(noun) Cloth dyed a purple color
27. or a garment of such color
28. especially
29. a purple robe
30. worn as an emblem of rank or authority
31. specifically
32. the purple rode or mantle worn by Roman emperors as the emblem of imperial dignity
33. as
34. to put on the imperial purple.(noun) A cardinalate. See Cardinal.
Purple tanım:
Kelime: pur·ple
35. Söyleniş: 'p&
36. r-p&
37. l
38. İşlev: adjective
39. Türleri: pur·pler /-p(&
40. -)l&
41. r/
42. pur·plest /-p(&
43. -)l&
44. st/
45. Kökeni: Middle English purpel
46. alteration of purper
47. from Old English purpuran of purple
48. genitive of purpure purple color
49. from Latin purpura
50. from Greek porphyra
51. 1 : REGAL
53. 2 : of the color purple
54. 3 a : highly rhetorical : ORNATE b : marked by profanity
Purple ile eşanlamlı (synonym) kelimeler
56. Empurple
57. Empurpled
58. Imperial
59. Majestic
60. Purplish
61. Purpurate
62. Regal
63. Royal
64. Violet
Purple (ingilizce) fransızcası
1. n. pourpre
2. violet
3. adj. pourpre
4. violet
Purple (ingilizce) almancası
1. n. violett
2. lila (Farbe) dunkelrot
3. hochrot
4. hochgestochen
5. hochtrabend
6. adj. violett
7. lila
Purple (ingilizce) italyancası
1. s. porpora
2. color porpora
3. viola
4. violaceo
5. agg. porporino
6. (fig) regale
7. imperiale
8. (fig) ornato
9. fiorito
10. colorito
Purple (ingilizce) ispanyolcası
1. s. púrpura
2. añublo
3. adj. de púrpura
4. amoratado
5. cárdeno
6. carmíneo
7. coccíneo
8. purpúreo
9. purpurino
Purple (ingilizce) portekizcesi
1. s. púrpura (cor)
2. a cor vermelho escuro
3. adj. violeta (cor)
4. de cor vermelho escuro
Purple (ingilizce) flemenkcesi
1. bn. purper
2. purperrood
3. violet
4. purperen
5. zn. purper
6. violet
7. purperen mantel
8. ww. purperen
9. purperkleur : purperkleurig verven
10. purper maken
11. rood maken

Şarkı Sözleri

Nas tarafından Lost Tapes albümünde söylenen Purple adlı şarkının sözleri.

light it, uhh
light it up, uhh

the whole, city is mine, prettiest don
i don't like the way p. diddy did shyne with different lawyers
why it's mentioned in my rhymes? fuck it, it's just an intro
hate it or love it, like it bump it or dump it
writing, across the stomach spell god son
life is like a jungle black it's like the habitat of tarzan
matter of fact, it's harder than most can imagine
most of my niggaz packed in correctional facilities
half of them passed on, mack strong, couple of shots
may the ghost leave a body, now they hauntin the block
where they used to stand at, somebody's takin they place
a younger man perhaps, hand slaps, can't understand that
same walk, same talk, i wonder can that be possible
a thug dies, another step inside his shoes
and they will hurt you, layin low with a bottle
i'm blowin circles, my state of mind purple

light it, light it, uhh
yeah.. light it up, light it up, uhh

y'all just wanna deal with drama
talk about niggaz who got things, y'all ready to kill his momma
everything you went to is underworld related
you sell your man out, not even your girl is sacred
you don't trust a soul, hold up, you moldin soldiers
to pull guns quick and always look behind the shoulder
think of how many dudes died tryin to be down with you
everybody's under six feet of ground but you
still standin, still roamin through the streets, that's real
you a survivor, knowin all the beef is ill
you got a bunch of thugs witchu even now that's ready
trustin your judgment, quick to put it down, they deadly
the hood love you but behind your back they pray for the day
a bullet hit your heart and ambulances take you away
that ain't love it's hate, think of all the mothers at wakes
whose sons you killed, and you ain't got a cut on your face?
unmarked police cars roam the streets hard, the heat is god
somebody tell these shorties reach for the stars
instead they tell 'em how to reach through the bars, holdin a mirror
lookin down a tear in jail, makin weapons to kill ya
we smoke three tokes nigga pour more henny
he sighs with eyes that seen a war too many
cold-blooded murderers, universal
hood to hood, blowin smoke, state of mind is purple

light it up, light it up light it up, uhh
light it up.. light it up, light it up, uhh
uhh.. uhh, uhh, light it, light it, uhh

these hot-headed youngsters, always get into trouble
reactin before thinkin, they easily irritated
and murder's premeditated, it's a fact that we sinkin
when we should be climbin, in a nutshell, it's just jail
drug sales, liquor and diamonds, niggaz rewindin
instead of movin forward, to blow up so what's the science?
people shoutin, police pushin the crowd
and on the ground's a young soldier, with meat hangin out him
am i hallucinatin off the hazin?
or did i just see a nigga shoot another nigga's face in
it's a ugly nation, cops circle the block with mug shots
photograph pictures of, suspect faces
it's usually, two or three niggaz who innocent
but if they lock the wrong ones up, then someone'll snitch
a divide and fall strategy, they aren't fair
i dig in my bag of weed that's covered with orange hair
this color purple'll make whoopi give me the pussy
(?) oprah and danny glover gots to feel me
this is how i escape the madness, too much of anything'll hurt you
so, my state of mind's all purple
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