1.Queenie (Irving Berlin) sözleri

Irving Berlin tarafından albümünde söylenen Queenie adlı şarkının sözleri.

[1st verse:]
The moon above am shining, love, I'm out here waiting
Don't be so shy, I can't see why you're hesitating
Come out and meet me, lady
You are my dark-eyed baby
Come, love, don't be afraidy
My little honey, do
Here while the stars am peeping
And all the world am sleeping
My promise I'll be keeping, love, to you

Queenie, my own
I'll build a nice little home
Where we can live all alone
And from you I'll never roam
Say you'll be mine
Oh! honey, please don't decline
And all the stars will then shine for you and me

[2nd verse:]
Impatiently I wait for thee here in the moonlight
Don't be afraid, my dusky maid, this is a spoonlight
Now, don't be hesitating
The birds above are mating
My love, I'll be relating
To you my dusky queen
Think, dear, of what you're missing
Love and lots of kissing
Come out, my love, and listen to my plea

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