1. anlamı telif etreconcile the accounts hesapları mutabık kılreconcilement uzlaşma, reconci uzlaştır/barıştır, uzlaştırmak; aralarını bulmak, barıştırmak; razı etmek.


Reconciled İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

Reconciled anlamları

  1. (imp. & p. p.) of Reconcile

Reconciled tanım:

Kelime: rec·on·cile
Söyleniş: 're-k&n-"sIl
İşlev: verb
Türleri: -ciled; -cil·ing
Kökeni: Middle English, from Middle French or Latin; Middle French reconcilier, from Latin reconciliare, from re- conciliare to conciliate
transitive senses
1 a : to restore to friendship or harmony reconciled the factions b : SETTLE, RESOLVE reconcile differences
2 : to make consistent or congruous reconcile an ideal with reality
3 : to cause to submit to or accept something unpleasant was reconciled to hardship
4 a : to check (a financial account) against another for accuracy b : to account for
intransitive senses : to become reconciled
synonym see ADAPT
- rec·on·cil·abil·i·ty /"re-k&n-"sI-l&-'bi-l&-tE/ noun
- rec·on·cil·able /"re-k&n-'sI-l&-b&l, 're-k&n-"/ adjective
- rec·on·cile·ment /'re-k&n-"sIl-m&nt/ noun
- rec·on·cil·er noun

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