1. anlamı durüst, doğru, gerçek, gerçeğe uygun; çok, pek; dik, doğrulu; hak; adalete uygun şekilde, sağ z doğru, adaletli olarak; dosdoğru; adalete uygunlu; âdil, haklı, insaflı; sağlam, iyi; münasip, uygun; doğruca; s, z, düz, doğru, i.
2. anlamı doğru. dürüst. haklı. gerçek. en uygun. sağlıklı. sağ. düzenli. düz. dik (açı). dik açılı. yasal (mirasçı). düzgün. yolunda. sağa. sağda. sağdan. dosdoğru. doğrudan doğruya. tam olarak. tam. gayet. cidden. doğruluk. hak. düzen. sa. gerçeğe uygun. elverişl.


Right İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

Right anlamları

  1. (a.) Of or pertaining to that side of the body in man on which the muscular action is usually stronger than on the other side; -- opposed to left when used in reference to a part of the body; as, the right side, hand, arm. Also applied to the corresponding side of the lower animals.
  2. (a.) In some legislative bodies of Europe (as in France), those members collectively who are conservatives or monarchists. See Center, 5.
  3. (a.) According with truth; passing a true judgment; conforming to fact or intent; not mistaken or wrong; not erroneous; correct; as, this is the right faith.
  4. (a.) The straight course; adherence to duty; obedience to lawful authority, divine or human; freedom from guilt, -- the opposite of moral wrong.
  5. (a.) That which is right or correct.
  6. (adv.) In a right or straight line; directly; hence; straightway; immediately; next; as, he stood right before me; it went right to the mark; he came right out; he followed right after the guide.
  7. (a.) Conformed to the constitution of man and the will of God, or to justice and equity; not deviating from the true and just; according with truth and duty; just; true.
  8. (v. i.) To recover the proper or natural condition or position; to become upright.
  9. (a.) A true statement; freedom from error of falsehood; adherence to truth or fact.
  10. (a.) Designed to be placed or worn outward; as, the right side of a piece of cloth.
  11. (a.) That which one has a natural claim to exact.
  12. (a.) The right side; the side opposite to the left.
  13. (adv.) According to any rule of art; correctly.
  14. (a.) The outward or most finished surface, as of a piece of cloth, a carpet, etc.
  15. (adv.) Exactly; just.
  16. (a.) That which justly belongs to one; that which one has a claim to possess or own; the interest or share which anyone has in a piece of property; title; claim; interest; ownership.
  17. (a.) Privilege or immunity granted by authority.
  18. (adv.) In a great degree; very; wholly; unqualifiedly; extremely; highly; as, right humble; right noble; right valiant.
  19. (a.) Upright; erect from a base; having an upright axis; not oblique; as, right ascension; a right pyramid or cone.
  20. (a.) Most favorable or convenient; fortunate.
  21. (a.) That which one has a legal or social claim to do or to exact; legal power; authority; as, a sheriff has a right to arrest a criminal.
  22. (adv.) In a right manner.
  23. (a.) A just judgment or action; that which is true or proper; justice; uprightness; integrity.
  24. (adv.) According to the law or will of God; conforming to the standard of truth and justice; righteously; as, to live right; to judge right.
  25. (adv.) According to fact or truth; actually; truly; really; correctly; exactly; as, to tell a story right.
  26. (a.) Characterized by reality or genuineness; real; actual; not spurious.
  27. (a.) That to which one has a just claim.
  28. (a.) Fit; suitable; proper; correct; becoming; as, the right man in the right place; the right way from London to Oxford.
  29. (a.) To do justice to; to relieve from wrong; to restore rights to; to assert or regain the rights of; as, to right the oppressed; to right one's self; also, to vindicate.
  30. (v. i.) Hence, to regain an upright position, as a ship or boat, after careening.
  31. (a.) To bring or restore to the proper or natural position; to set upright; to make right or straight (that which has been wrong or crooked); to correct.
  32. (a.) Straight; direct; not crooked; as, a right line.
  33. (a.) Well placed, disposed, or adjusted; orderly; well regulated; correctly done.

Right tanım:

Kelime: right
Söyleniş: 'rIt
İşlev: adjective
Kökeni: Middle English, from Old English riht; akin to Old High German reht right, Latin rectus straight, right, regere to lead straight, direct, rule, rogare to ask, Greek oregein to stretch out
2 : being in accordance with what is just, good, or proper right conduct
3 a : agreeable to a standard b : conforming to facts or truth : CORRECT the right answer
4 : SUITABLE, APPROPRIATE the right man for the job
5 : STRAIGHT a right line
7 a : of, relating to, situated on, or being the side of the body which is away from the heart and on which the hand is stronger in most people b : located nearer to the right hand than to the left c : located to the right of an observer facing the object specified or directed as the right arm would point when raised out to the side d (1) : located on the right of an observer facing in the same direction as the object specified stage right (2) : located on the right when facing downstream the right bank of a river
8 : having the axis perpendicular to the base right cone
9 : of, relating to, or constituting the principal or more prominent side of an object made sure the socks were right side out
10 : acting or judging in accordance with truth or fact time proved her right
11 a : being in good physical or mental health or order not in his right mind b : being in a correct or proper state put things right
12 : most favorable or desired : PREFERABLE; also : socially acceptable knew all the right people
13 often capitalized : of, adhering to, or constituted by the Right especially in politics
synonym see CORRECT
- right·ness noun

Right ile eşanlamlı (synonym) kelimeler

Aright, Compensate, Correct, Correctly, Decent, Flop, Good, Justly, Mighty, Powerful, Proper, Properly, Rectify, Redress, Rightfulness, Right-hand, Ripe, Starboard, Suitable,

Right ile zıt (antonym) anlamlı kelimeler

Center, Falsify, Incorrect, Larboard, Left, Port, Wrong,


İngilizce Right kelimesinin İspanyolca karşılığı.
s. derecho, razón; derecha; derechazo; justicia


İngilizce Right kelimesinin Fransızca karşılığı.
n. la Droite, partie politique dont les idées sont conservatrices, partie politique opposé au libéralisme


İngilizce Right kelimesinin Almanca karşılığı.
[right] n. Recht; Gerechtigkeit; rechte Hand
v. Recht haben
adj. richtig; genau; rechts


İngilizce Right kelimesinin İtalyanca karşılığı.
s. bene, giusto; giusti; esattezza, correttezza, precisione; diritto; destra, lato destro; mano destra; (Mil) ala destra; (Teat) destra del palcoscenico


İngilizce Right kelimesinin Portekizce karşılığı.
s. "Direita", partido político de direita, partido político conservativo


i. doğruluk, gerçek, hak, düzen, sağ, sağ taraf


İngilizce Right kelimesinin Flemenkçe karşılığı.
zn. rechts, de conservatieven (politiek); rechterhand, -kant; recht; recht op voorrang


n. conservative political party or parties, right wing, political party or parties generally opposed to liberalism

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