SELF (inglizce) türkçe anlamı
1. i. kendi
2. öz
3. kişi
4. kişilik
5. karakter
6. çıkar
7. şahsi çıkar
8. bencillik
9. s. düz renkli (çiçek)
10. aynı
SELF (türkçe) anlamı
11. kendi
12. aynı
13. şahıs
14. öz
15. kişi
16. zat
17. şahsi menfaat
18. kendi
19. nefis
20. şahsi
21. zati
22. şahsiyet
23. özellik
24. hususiyet
25. 2. anlamı düz renkli (çiçek). aynı. kendi. öz. kişi. kişilik. karakter. çıkar. şahsi çıkar. bencillik. şahsi. kişisel. kendine. özel. şahıs. kişisel çıkar. kendisi. bizzat.
1. n. one's own person
2. one's own body
3. personality
4. character
5. identity
6. self-interest
7. personal interests of a particular individual
8. adj. uniform
9. homogeneous
10. pron. one's own individual person
11. one's own individual identity or personality (myself
12. yourself
13. etc.),

Self İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

Self anlamları
    (a.) Having its own or a single nature or character
14. as in color
15. composition
16. etc
17. without addition or change
18. unmixed
19. as
20. a self bow
21. one made from a single piece of wood
22. self flower or plant
23. one which is wholly of one color
24. self-colored.(noun) The individual as the object of his own reflective consciousness
25. the man viewed by his own cognition as the subject of all his mental phenomena
26. the agent in his own activities
27. the subject of his own feelings
28. and the possessor of capacities and character
29. a person as a distinct individual
30. a being regarded as having personality.(noun) Hence
31. personal interest
32. or love of private interest
33. selfishness
34. as
35. self is his whole aim.(noun) Personification
36. embodiment.(a.) Same
37. particular
38. very
39. identical.
Self tanım:
Kelime: self
40. Söyleniş: 'self
41. Southern also 'sef
42. İşlev: pronoun
43. Kökeni: Middle English (intensive pronoun)
44. from Old English
45. akin to Old High German selb
46. intensive pronoun
47. and probably to Latin suus one's own -- more at SUICIDE
48. : MYSELF
50. HERSELF check payable to self
Self ile eşanlamlı (synonym) kelimeler
Self (ingilizce) fransızcası
1. n. le moi
2. la personnalité
3. la personne
4. ego
5. égoïsme
6. intérêts personnels d'un individu en particulier
7. adj. d'individu
8. uniforme
9. pron. même (moi-même
10. lui-même
11. elle-même etc...)
Self (ingilizce) almancası
1. n. Selbst
2. meine Wenigkeit
3. eigene Person
4. Personalität
5. Charakter
6. Selbstinteresse
7. Individualität
8. adj. einheitlich
9. in einem Stück
10. pref. selbst
Self (ingilizce) italyancası
1. s. io
2. sé
3. se stesso
4. lato
5. aspetto
6. interesse personale
7. personificazione
8. (Comm
9. ant) Voi
10. Ella
11. agg. uniforme
12. uguale
13. della stessa specie
14. pron. (Comm
15. scherz) me
Self (ingilizce) ispanyolcası
1. s. ego
2. personalidad
3. individualidad
4. egoísmo
5. interés personal
6. adj. Unicolor
7. uniforme
8. pron. sí
9. sí mismo/a
Self (ingilizce) portekizcesi
1. s. ego
2. egoísmo
3. personalidade
4. independente
5. adj. homogêneo
6. uniforme
7. pron. o próprio
8. a própria
Self (ingilizce) flemenkcesi
1. zn. ik-zelf
2. iemands persoonlijkheid
3. iemands ego
4. persoonlijk egoïsme
5. bn. zelf-
6. vnw. zelf (mijzelf
7. zichzelf
8. haarzelf
9. etc.)

Şarkı Sözleri

Umbral Presence tarafından söylenen Self adlı şarkının sözleri.

agios o satanas

to you, prince of darkness and lord of the earth
i dedicate this temple:
let it become, like my body,
a vessel for your power
and an expression of your glory!

with this salt i seal the power of dark gods in!

with this earth i dedicate my temple

satanas - venire! satanas - venire!
agios o baphomet!
i am god imbued with your glory!

with my blood i dedicate the temple of my life!

i am here to begin my sinister quest.
prince of darkness, hear my oath!
baphomet, mistress of earth, hear me!
hear me, you dark gods waiting beyond the abyss!

may your power mingle with mine,
as my blood now mingles with fire!

with this drink i seal my oath.
i am yours and shall do works
to the glory of your name!

Fallacy tarafından söylenen Self adlı şarkının sözleri.

(j. hall/k. holz)
self-destruction enters the sky
all beings are going to die
pandemonium carries out
hurry up, scream and shout
self-destruction is on its way
don't interfere or you will pay
hold out for one more day
or you might end up far away
in the end it is black and grey
there's no one at the end of the day
all you must do is pray
for self-destruction that is far away

Paul Westerberg tarafından söylenen Self adlı şarkının sözleri.

cheekbones and hormones
your only self-defense
lying through dinner
and your rock and roll teeth again
you’ve harbored a coward
fed him full of broth
this nocturnal sadness
leave you pale as this tablecloth
careful don’t you spill your dinner
that would be a good defense
then you wouldn’t have to sit here
on the fence

cheekbones and hormones
he’s the accidental man
tell you in a stage whisper
about the boy who cried benefit
as the poet drags the darkness
within him to the light
it’s only in self-defense
that they drag you out into the night
careful don’t you spill your dinner
that would be your best defense
careful what you wish for

an idiot and a genius
standing up to dine
breaking manmade laws
cause i only follow those that are divine
and only when you’re chased
do you ever run fast
and it’s wrong to commit a suicide
it’s only in self-defense

American Head Charge tarafından söylenen Self adlı şarkının sözleri.

no sense of self
to balance it off
preconceived notions of something
everyones gone
will i show up
with all that i have to give
would you consider it a gift
but that
doesnt matter anyway
liar youre such a
on your hands and knees
picking up the broken pieces
liar youre such a
on your hands and knees
afraid to turn my head
for fear of whats behind me
only one resource left
so don't fret on my surprise
is this all you have
is that all you know
i swear i've seen you before
but that
doesnt matter anyway
liar youre such a
on your hands and knees
picking up the broken pieces
liar youre such a
on your hands and knees
falling apart
youve left with more of the same
i cant win
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