Kısaca: Don erkek ya da kadın iç giyiminde olmak üzere bacağa giyilerek cinsel uzuvların olduğu bölgeyi örtme ve koruma amaçlı olarak kullanılan iç çamaşırlarının tümünün ortak ismidir. Don, belden aşağı bölmeyi kapatmak ve korumak amaçlı beyaz veya renkli pamuklu kumaştan yapılmış bir tür iç giyim giysisidir. ...devamı ☟


Slip ile ilgili bilgilerin yer aldığı sayfamız: Don


1. anlamı Kısa kesilmiş, kısa biçilmiş, küçük deniz donu. Paçasız, kasıklara oturacak biçimde dikilmiş kilot. Satış belgesi.
2. anlamı seramik yapımında kullanılan ince ve sulu, filiz/kızak/hata/kayma, slip ver/hata et/düş/kay; kayma, sıvışmak, eline tutuşturmak, yanlışlık, kombinezon, süzülmek, gemi kızağı, kaçmak, düşmek, kayış, kadın iç gömleği, çaktırmadan vermek, kötüye gitmek, yas.
3. anlamı kaymak. (gizlice) sıvışmak. kaçmak. süzülmek. (farkında olmadan) geçip gitmek. giymek. çıkarmak. düşmek. kötüye gitmek. çaktırmadan vermek. eline tutuşturmak. kayma. kayış. yanlışlık. hata. sürçme. kadın iç gömleği. kombinezon. yastık yüzü. gemi kızağı. k.
4. slip külot.


Slip İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

Slip anlamları

  1. (noun) A memorandum of the particulars of a risk for which a policy is to be executed. It usually bears the broker's name and is initiated by the underwrites.
  2. (noun) In a link motion, the undesirable sliding movement of the link relatively to the link block, due to swinging of the link.
  3. (noun) The retrograde movement on a pulley of a belt as it slips.
  4. (noun) The difference between the actual and synchronous speed of an induction motor.
  5. (noun) An inclined plane on which a vessel is built, or upon which it is hauled for repair.
  6. (noun) An unintentional error or fault; a false step.
  7. (noun) Any covering easily slipped on.
  8. (noun) The slip or sheath of a sword, and the like.
  9. (noun) A long seat or narrow pew in churches, often without a door.
  10. (noun) The motion of the center of resistance of the float of a paddle wheel, or the blade of an oar, through the water horozontally, or the difference between a vessel's actual speed and the speed which she would have if the propelling instrument acted upon a solid; also, the velocity, relatively to still water, of the backward current of water produced by the propeller.
  11. (v. t.) To let loose in pursuit of game, as a greyhound.
  12. (v. t.) To omit; to loose by negligence.
  13. (noun) A counterfeit piece of money, being brass covered with silver.
  14. (noun) Matter found in troughs of grindstones after the grinding of edge tools.
  15. (v. t.) To cause to move smoothly and quickly; to slide; to convey gently or secretly.
  16. (v. t.) To cause to slip or slide off, or out of place; as, a horse slips his bridle; a dog slips his collar.
  17. (noun) A twig separated from the main stock; a cutting; a scion; hence, a descendant; as, a slip from a vine.
  18. (noun) To move along the surface of a thing without bounding, rolling, or stepping; to slide; to glide.
  19. (noun) An outside covering or case; as, a pillow slip.
  20. (noun) To depart, withdraw, enter, appear, intrude, or escape as if by sliding; to go or come in a quiet, furtive manner; as, some errors slipped into the work.
  21. (noun) An opening or space for vessels to lie in, between wharves or in a dock; as, Peck slip.
  22. (noun) To err; to fall into error or fault.
  23. (noun) To slide; to lose one's footing or one's hold; not to tread firmly; as, it is necessary to walk carefully lest the foot should slip.
  24. (noun) A portion of the columns of a newspaper or other work struck off by itself; a proof from a column of type when set up and in the galley.
  25. (noun) A slender piece; a strip; as, a slip of paper.
  26. (noun) Potter's clay in a very liquid state, used for the decoration of ceramic ware, and also as a cement for handles and other applied parts.
  27. (noun) A loose garment worn by a woman.
  28. (v. t.) To bring forth (young) prematurely; to slink.
  29. (noun) An escape; a secret or unexpected desertion; as, to give one the slip.
  30. (noun) A narrow passage between buildings.
  31. (noun) A leash or string by which a dog is held; -- so called from its being made in such a manner as to slip, or become loose, by relaxation of the hand.
  32. (noun) A particular quantity of yarn.
  33. (noun) A fish, the sole.
  34. (noun) To move or fly (out of place); to shoot; -- often with out, off, etc.; as, a bone may slip out of its place.
  35. (v. t.) To cut slips from; to cut; to take off; to make a slip or slips of; as, to slip a piece of cloth or paper.
  36. (noun) The act of slipping; as, a slip on the ice.
  37. (noun) A child's pinafore.
  38. (noun) A dislocation of a lead, destroying continuity.
  39. (noun) A fielder stationed on the off side and to the rear of the batsman. There are usually two of them, called respectively short slip, and long slip.

Slip tanım:

Kelime: slip
Söyleniş: 'slip
İşlev: verb
Türleri: slipped; slip·ping
Kökeni: Middle English slippen, from Middle Dutch or Middle Low German; akin to Middle High German slipfen to slide, Old High German slIfan to smooth, and perhaps to Greek olibros slippery
intransitive senses
1 a : to move with a smooth sliding motion b : to move quietly and cautiously : STEAL c : ELAPSE, PASS
2 a (1) : to escape from memory or consciousness (2) : to become uttered through inadvertence b : to pass quickly or easily away : become lost let an opportunity slip
3 : to fall into error or fault : LAPSE
4 a : to slide out of place or away from a support or one's grasp b : to slide on or down a slippery surface slip on the stairs c : to flow smoothly
5 : to get speedily into or out of clothing slipped into his coat
6 : to fall off from a standard or accustomed level by degrees : DECLINE
transitive senses
1 : to cause to move easily and smoothly : SLIDE
2 a : to get away from : ELUDE, EVADE slipped his pursuers b : to free oneself from the dog slipped its collar c : to escape from (one's memory or notice) their names slip my mind
3 : SHED, CAST the snake slipped its skin
4 : to put on (a garment) quickly -- usually used with on slip on a coat
5 a : to let loose from a restraining leash or grasp b : to cause to slip open : RELEASE, UNDO slip a lock c : to let go of d : to disengage from (an anchor) instead of hauling
6 a : to insert, place, or pass quietly or secretly b : to give or pay on the sly
8 : DISLOCATE slipped his shoulder
9 : to transfer (a stitch) from one needle to another without working a stitch
10 : to avoid (a punch) by moving the body or head quickly to one side

Slip ile eşanlamlı (synonym) kelimeler

Berth, Case, Chemise, Cutting, Dislocate, Eluding, Elusion, Err, faux pas, Gaucherie, Luxate, Miscue, Mistake, Moorage, Mooring, Pillowcase, Shift, Shimmy, Skid, Slew, Slick, Slickness, Slide, Slipperiness, Slue, Sneak, Solecism, Splay, Steal, Strip, Trip,


İngilizce Slip kelimesinin İspanyolca karşılığı.
s. desliz, deslizamiento, penseque, resbalada, resbalamiento, resbalón, traspié; boleto, tiquete; formulario, listado; zafón
v. darse un resbalón, deslizar, perder el pie, resbalar, resbalarse; echar una falta, cometer un desliz, cometer un error
s. protocolo SLIP, protocolo de conexión serial del Internet por intermedio de una línea telefónica


İngilizce Slip kelimesinin Fransızca karşılığı.
n. glissade; glissement; faux pas; erreur, faute; lapsus; combinaison; message; revêtement; taie d'oreiller; vêtement léger
v. déraper, glisser, faire un faux pas, échapper; s'échapper, se tromper; faire une gaffe; se faufiler; faufiler
n. protocole SLIP; protocole de branchement sériel sur Internet; protocole permettant de simuler un branchement total sur Internet par le biais d'une ligne téléphonique


İngilizce Slip kelimesinin Almanca karşılığı.
n. Ausrutscher; Straucheln; Herauswerfen; Mißgeschick; Slip; Papierstück; Sprößling, Ableger; Belag; Bettbezug; leichtes Bekleidungsstück
v. ausrutschen; schieben; gleiten; zuschmuggeln; sich losreißen; fallenlassen; schlüpfen
n. SLIP Protokoll, Protokoll für den seriellen Anschluß an das Internet mit Hilfe der Telefonleitung


İngilizce Slip kelimesinin İtalyanca karşılığı.
s. scivolata, scivolone, sdrucciolone; errore, sbaglio; svista; passo falso; (Vest) sottoveste, sottabito; federa; (Mar) scalo; (Aer) scivolone d'ala; (Mecc) slittamento, scorrimento; (Veter) aborto
v. scivolare, fare uno scivolone, sdrucciolare, slittare; sfuggire; (fig) venir meno, abbandonare; sbagliarsi, sbagliare, commettere un errore; scappare; chinarsi improvvisamente per schivare un colpo
s. protocollo SLIP, protocollo di collegamento seriale in Internet, protocollo che consente collegamento in Internet tramite cavo telefonico


İngilizce Slip kelimesinin Portekizce karşılığı.
s. escorregão; tropeço; falha, lapso, deslize, falta; tira de papel, cupom; rebento, descendente; fronha; roupa leve, biquíni, combinação
v. escorregar; deslizar; livrar-se de; errar; falhar; decair; passar escondido
s. protocolo SLIP, protocolo de conexão serial para internet, protocolo que permite a simulação de uma ligação para a Internet com ajuda da linha telefônica


f. kaymak, sürçmek, kaçmak, atlatmak, çözülmek, hata yapmak, yanılmak, kaydırmak, kaçırmak, geçirmek, serbest bırakmak, salıvermek, kaybetmek, gerilemek, gizlice vermek, sıyırmak, erken doğmak [zool.]
i. ayağı kaymak, kayma, sürçme, yanlışlık, hata, gaf, aksilik, külot, yastık kılıfı, tasma kayışı, kayış, toprak kayması, gemi kızağı, aşı kalemi [bot.], evlat, çıta, koçan


Fransızca Slip kelimesinin İngilizce karşılığı.
(m) n. panties, knickers, underpants


Almanca Slip kelimesinin İngilizce karşılığı.
n. slide, skid; trip, stumble; mistake, blunder, error; type of woman's undergarment; small piece of material (esp. paper); twig that is cut and used to grow a new plant; mixture of clay and water (used to decorate pottery); fabric covering


İtalyanca Slip kelimesinin İngilizce karşılığı.
(mpl) ] n. briefs

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