1. anlamı ekser, büyük çivi, enser, i; ince ve yüksek topuk; enserle tutturmak; çivi ile del; k, içki katmak, dili; uzun ve ucu sivri şey; yavru geyiğin boynuzu; uskumru yavrusu; kabara; topu körletmek için falya deliğine çivi vurmak; krampon çivisi, sivri uç,.


Spiking İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

Spiking anlamları

  1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Spike

Spiking tanım:

Kelime: 2spike
İşlev: transitive verb
Türleri: spiked; spik·ing
1 : to fasten or furnish with spikes
2 a : to disable (a muzzle-loading cannon) temporarily by driving a spike into the vent b : to suppress or block completely spiked the rumor
3 a : to pierce or impale with or on a spike b : to reject (as a story) for publication or broadcast for editorial reasons
4 a : to add an alcoholic beverage to (a drink) b : to add something highly reactive (as a radioactive tracer) to c : to add vitality, zest, or spice to : LIVEN spiked the speech with humor spike the broth with peppers
5 : to drive (as a volleyball) sharply downward with a hard blow; also : to throw down sharply spiked the ball in the end zone
6 : to undergo a sudden sharp increase in (temperature or fever) the patient spiked a fever of 103°
- spik·er noun

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