1.Strangeland (Green Day) sözleri

Green Day tarafından albümünde söylenen Strangeland adlı şarkının sözleri.

Looking at the clouds in the sky
floating image in my mind
Now I wonder where this place is from

Evidence is everywhere
I start to run, now I'm scared
Strange beings all around.
Everyone come to this place I've found

I'm feeling phyced
walking? wonder why
All my joys are open
No more crimes

My eyes are clear and now I'm cured
I only wanna be for sure

Get in my mind and you will find
Mother love from all mankind

2.Strangeland (Q Strange) sözleri

Q Strange tarafından albümünde söylenen Strangeland adlı şarkının sözleri.

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Welcome to Strangeland come on down
Once you in my world man you can't get out
Murderous s... with an iLLified sound
Emerging out of the underground

[Verse 1]
Come into my world kid, welcome to Strangeland
Welcome to the mainland yeah this is the same man
That told the kids to kill somebody back a year ago
Here we go, thought I was going to quit that be a miracle
Serial Kill wit a bitta illa attitude
Show some gratitude, you don't want me gettin' mad at you
Had a few people say my music was a joke
The industry was clownin' me and I ain't losin' hope yo
They say the kind of rap I'm spittin' is a waste of talent
Quit the wicked s... and try to have more of a balance
Man F... you I wont change it's my land it's quite strange
I won't conform the victim and hope I do the right thing
It's my world, I ain't in this for the profit
If I succeed it'll be on my own or my s...
On my terms, wit my styles, wit my rhymes, it's my way
F... Fred Durst I'll throw his .... on the highway
In heavy traffic sociopathic ......
Leavin people battered in caskets yeah that's it fantastic
That's how we be doin' things down in Strangeland
Where whack emcee's gettin' more props than a stagehand


[Verse 2]
I be gettin' slept on like a futon
Whack cats makin bread and I ain't even makin' croutons
You couldn't save yourself even if you had a coupon
Now relish when I catch your best
Name me the great pupon
Through the Bentley window to the window of a hearse
What could be worse than strange place and a curse?
I'm the first at burst the way you horror kids disperse
To hop onto the latest trend I'll still rip a verse
Of these abstract, abstruse, abnormal rhymes
I'm simpleising your mind, and I will rein sublime
It's subliminal you can't replicate the original
I replenish return and my reply is reprehensible
It's unquestionable that my intellect's intact
You wanna integrate with my crew, too bad you whack
You profess to be proficient the prognosis of horrific
You pretend to make a profit off of insufficient lyrics
I wont hear it, you can copy me and try to make a mockery
Of sloppy D none a yall cats are stoppin' me
The Strange is one step in the emcee cipher
This is Strangeland my name ain't D. Sneider
The strange the lyricist emerging out the abyss
No radio hits, just sick s... like this
F... ya platinum only plaque I got is on my teeth
Lyrics so strange they confuse Kool Keith
Strange, like unexplained, unsolved mysteries
Graphic, violent, oozing with misery
(Is it me or is this emcee sound strange)
I'm on stage, covered in stains, wearin timberlands and Hanes
Fucked up deranged mad tapped in the brain
Take ya name, add the lame infesting with shame
Bring it to the battle when its time to throw down
You couldn't make the band even if your name was O town
Lets go now, there's no hope for you to even tryin' this
I wouldn't know defeat even if I'm a podiatrist
Mad scientist in the lab hopin' that you die and s...
But not before you all stop buyin' this

[Chorus] - 1.5X

Your in my world now
Welcome to Strangeland
Once you come in you never come out

This is my world
This is my house
This is my land
Think this is gonna stop? Hell No
Comin' back with that new s...
Infesting your f.... brain like a f.... maggot
Welcome to Strangeland...

3.Strangeland (A Canorous Quintet) sözleri

A Canorous Quintet tarafından albümünde söylenen Strangeland adlı şarkının sözleri.

And as i reach my hand out for the smiling moon, which reflects our sanity, our journey begins to the other world.
We see the image of someone we know.
Our thoughts projects visions of insanity that lies in our subconcious.
We're in the dreamland as we know, or is it the journey of our souls.
Despair and happiness, joy and sorrow, we discover in the strangeland we all have inside of us.
A window to another world opens as we close our eyes and fly away.
But as the window close, our visions seems gone with the wind.
Maybe never to be seen again.
I open my eyes and say goodbye.
As my memories pass away with the light of day.

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