TUMBLER (inglizce) türkçe anlamı
1. i. perendeci
2. taklacı
3. hacıyatmaz
4. büyük bardak
5. su bardağı (büyük)
6. tetik düzeni
7. taklacı güvercin
TUMBLER (türkçe) anlamı
8. su bardağı
9. tabancada tetik ile hareket ettirilen bir kısım
10. dil/akrobat/bardak
11. hacıyatmaz
12. uçarken takla atan güvercin
13. taklakçı güvercin
14. emniyet kilidinde hareketli kısım.
15. 2. anlamı su bardağı. sapsız bardak.
1. n. drinking glass without a stem or handle
2. acrobat
3. part of a lock which releases the bolt to move
4. gear-moving part of a transmission
5. cog for transmitting power from a rotating shaft (Machines)
6. species of dog that resembles a small greyhound,

Tumbler İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

Tumbler anlamları
    (noun) A kind of cart
7. a tumbrel.(noun) A piece attached to
8. or forming part of
9. the hammer of a gunlock
10. upon which the mainspring acts and in which are the notches for sear point to enter.(noun) A drinking glass
11. without a foot or stem
12. -- so called because originally it had a pointed or convex base
13. and could not be set down with any liquor in it
14. thus compelling the drinker to finish his measure.(noun) A movable obstruction in a lock
15. consisting of a lever
16. latch
17. wheel
18. slide
19. or the like
20. which must be adjusted to a particular position by a key or other means before the bolt can be thrown in locking or unlocking.(noun) One who tumbles
21. one who plays tricks by various motions of the body
22. an acrobat.(noun) A breed of dogs that tumble when pursuing game. They were formerly used in hunting rabbits.(noun) A variety of the domestic pigeon remarkable for its habit of tumbling
23. or turning somersaults
24. during its flight.
Tumbler tanım:
Kelime: tum·bler
25. Söyleniş: 't&
26. m-bl&
27. r
28. İşlev: noun
29. 1 : one that tumbles : as a : one that performs tumbling feats : ACROBAT b : any of various domestic pigeons that tumble or somersault backward in flight or on the ground
30. 2 : a drinking glass without foot or stem and orig. with pointed or convex base
31. 3 a : a movable obstruction in a lock (as a lever
32. latch
33. wheel
34. slide
35. or pin) that must be adjusted to a particular position (as by a key) before the bolt can be thrown b : a piece on which the mainspring acts in a gun's lock
36. 4 : a device or mechanism for tumbling (as a revolving cage in which clothes are dried)
37. 5 : a worker that operates a tumbler
38. - tum·bler·ful /-ful/ noun
Tumbler ile eşanlamlı (synonym) kelimeler
Tumbler (almanca) fransızcası
1. n. sèche-linge (m)
Tumbler (ingilizce) almancası
1. n. Whiskyglas
2. Wasserglas
3. Bodenakrobat
4. Tümmler (Taube)
Tumbler (ingilizce) italyancası
1. s. chi esegue esercizi acrobatici
2. acrobata
3. bicchiere
4. meccanismo di ritenuta
5. (Artigl) blocco
6. (Mecc) chiavetta mobile
7. canna
Tumbler (ingilizce) ispanyolcası
1. s. volatinero
2. acróbata
3. equilibrista
4. saltarín
5. saltimbanqui
6. vaso sin asa
7. tentempié
8. tentetieso
9. porfiado
Tumbler (ingilizce) portekizcesi
1. s. copo
2. acrobata
Tumbler (ingilizce) flemenkcesi
1. zn. buitelaar
2. duikelaartje
3. acrobaat
4. tumbler (glas zonder voet)
5. tuimelaar (soort duif
6. onderdeel v.e. slot)