Valentinian tanım:

Kelime: Val·en·tin·ian
Söyleniş: "va-l&n-'ti-nE-&n, -'tin-y&n
Variant(s): L Val·en·tin·i·a·nus /'va-l&n-"ti-nE-'A-n&s/
İşlev: biographical name
name of 3 Roman emperors in the West: I 321-375 (reigned 364-375); forced to contend with barbarian invasions in Gaul, Illyricum, Africa; II 371-392 (reigned 375-392); driven out of Italy by Magnus Maximus (387) and murdered at Vienna; III 419-455 (reigned 425-455); controlled first by mother as regent, then by Aetius; much of Europe overrun by Vandals, Visigoths, etc.