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Düzenle|Mayıs 2007 Kirsten Dunst bu filmde büyük bir başarı elde etmiştir. Bu filmde Terent Ford ile beraber rol almıştır. Filmin ana içeriği Silly (Kirsten) ile James (Rent) birbirlerine aşık olmuşlardır ama hiç umulmadık bir şekilde James denizde boğulur...



1. anlamı [adv] derinlere doğru, derin derin.
2. anlamı derinden. içten.


Deeply İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

Deeply anlamları

  1. (adv.) At or to a great depth; far below the surface; as, to sink deeply.
  2. (adv.) With profound skill; with art or intricacy; as, a deeply laid plot or intrigue.
  3. (adv.) Gravely; with low or deep tone; as, a deeply toned instrument.
  4. (adv.) Very; with a tendency to darkness of color.
  5. (adv.) Profoundly; thoroughly; not superficially; in a high degree; intensely; as, deeply skilled in ethics.

Deeply tanım:

Kelime: deep
Söyleniş: 'dEp
İşlev: adjective
Kökeni: Middle English dep, from Old English dEop; akin to Old High German tiof deep, Old English dyppan to dip -- more at DIP
1 : extending far from some surface or area: as a : extending far downward a deep well b (1) : extending well inward from an outer surface a deep gash a deep-chested animal (2) : not located superficially within the body deep pressure receptors in muscles c : extending well back from a surface accepted as front a deep closet d : extending far laterally from the center deep borders of lace e : occurring or located near the outer limits of the playing area hit to deep right field f : thrown deep a deep pass
2 : having a specified extension in an implied direction usually downward or backward a shelf 20 inches deep cars parked three-deep
3 a : difficult to penetrate or comprehend : RECONDITE deep mathematical problems b : MYSTERIOUS, OBSCURE a deep dark secret c : grave in nature or effect in deepest disgrace d : of penetrating intellect : WISE a deep thinker e : INVOLVED, ENGROSSED deep in debt f : characterized by profundity of feeling or quality a deep sleep ; also : DEEP-SEATED deep religious beliefs
4 a of color : high in saturation and low in lightness b : having a low musical pitch or pitch range a deep voice
5 a : situated well within the boundaries a house deep in the woods b : remote in time or space c : being below the level of the conscious deep neuroses d : covered, enclosed, or filled to a specified degree -- usually used in combination ankle-deep in mud
6 : LARGE deep discounts
7 : having many good players a deep bull pen
synonym see BROAD
- deep·ly adverb
- deep·ness noun
- in deep water : in difficulty or distress

Deeply ile eşanlamlı (synonym) kelimeler

Deep, Profoundly,


İngilizce Deeply kelimesinin İspanyolca karşılığı.
adv. profundamente, a fondo, entrañablemente, hondamente; a pleno pulmón


İngilizce Deeply kelimesinin Fransızca karşılığı.
adv. profondément; très


İngilizce Deeply kelimesinin Almanca karşılığı.
adv. tief; sehr


İngilizce Deeply kelimesinin İtalyanca karşılığı.
avv. profondamente, in profondità, a fondo; intensamente; molto


İngilizce Deeply kelimesinin Portekizce karşılığı.
adv. profundamente; muito, intensamente


zf. derinden; içten; çok, son derece


İngilizce Deeply kelimesinin Flemenkçe karşılığı.
bw. diep, zeer, heel


adv. profoundly; intensely, extremely

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