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Frank Darabont (d. 28 Ocak, 1959), üç kez Oskar ödülüne aday olmuş Amerikalı yönetmen, senaryo yazarı ve film yapımcısıdır.<ref></ref>American Oskara aday gösterilmiş olan, ``The Shawshank Redemption`` ve ``The Green Mile`` filmlerinin yönetmenidir. <ref></ref> <ref></ref>


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Darabont Montbeliard, Fransa`da bir mülteci kampında doğdu. Ailesi Macaristanı 1956 Macar Devrimi sonrası terk etmişti. O henüz bebekken ailesi Birleşik Devletlere taşındı. <!--


By the age of 20, Darabont became involved in filmmaking. One of his first films was a short adaptation of Stephen King`s ``The Woman in the Room``, which made the semi-finalist list for Academy Award consideration in 1983.Fact|date=April 2007 This short "Dollar Baby" led to a close association with King, who granted him the "handshake deal" rights to another one of his shorter works, ``Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption`` from the collection ``Different Seasons``.

Prior to his directing career, Darabont was a successful and sought after screenwriter with work on genre films that included: `` Dream Warriors``, ``The Blob``, ``The Fly II`` and an unproduced sequel to ``Commando``<ref></ref>. Darabont made his feature length directorial debut with ``Buried Alive``, a TV movie with a $2,000,000 budget that aired on the USA Network in 1990. Darabont followed with an extended run as writer for George Lucas` short-lived television series ``The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles``. He became famous, however, after making good on the deal with Stephen King by writing and directing 1994 ``The Shawshank Redemption`` for which he was nominated for a Best Adapted Screenplay at the 1995 Academy Awards. The film was also nominated for six other Academy Awards including Best Picture.

After a five-year hiatus, Darabont returned to the screen with the extremely well-received ``The Green Mile``, a film he directed, scripted and produced. Like ``The Shawshank Redemption``, this film is also based on a Stephen King work. The film was nominated for the Oscar for Best Picture and Darabont was nominated for his second Academy Award for Writing Adapted Screenplay. He followed this with ``The Majestic`` two years later in 2001 to considerably less fanfare. Following lukewarm reviews from critics, the film failed at the box-office, recouping only half of its $72 million budget internationally.

Known well for his scriptwriting ability, Darabont is known to have doctored the scripts of the Steven Spielberg films ``Saving Private Ryan`` and ``Minority Report``. In 2002, he penned an early draft of ``Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull``, and while Spielberg reportedly loved it, George Lucas rejected the script for reasons unknown.

In 2005, Cemetery Dance Publications published Darabont`s novella ``Walpuski`s Typewriter`` in a limited edition. The story, originally written in his early twenties, first appeared in Jessie Horsting`s magazine ``Midnight Graffiti``. In the 2007 film, The Mist, he returned to Stephen King for his fourth adaptation of his work.

Reciently director Guillermo Del Toro commented that he had read a draft of Frankenstein written by Darabont that he would "kill to direct." However, in recent months Del Toro has been attached to many other projects and it looks as if his involvement in the project is unlikely. No official word has been given on the films development. Darabont has also explained that he will be adapting King`s ``The Long Walk`` into a film. No plans have been made for it yet, but Darabont explained that he would "get there eventually."<ref></ref> -->

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