Kısaca: Hard, R&B şarkıcısı Rihanna'nın dördüncü stüdyo albümün Rated R'dan çıkan ikinci teklisidir. Şarkının sözlerini kendisi ile beraber The-Dream, Christopher Stewart ve Jay Jenkins yazmıştır. ...devamı ☟

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1. anlamı (s.) katı, sert, pek; güç, müşkül, zor, çetin; zalim, merhametsiz, kalpsiz, şefkatsiz; şiddetli, kötü, acı; anlaşılmaz, zor; ağır; çalışkan, faal; inatçı, ters; çirkin, kötü; acı (su); gram. kalın sesli (harf); cimri, pinti, hasis; eksi, ekşimiş, a.
2. anlamı sert. katı. güç. zor. kuvvet isteyen. kuvvetli. zorlu. güçlük dolu. tatsız. (on ile) katı. hoşgörüsüz. merhametsiz. zalim. (su) sert. kireçli. bağımlı kılan. alışkanlık yaratan. büyük gayretle. sıkı. çok. çok miktarda. yoğun. ağır.


Hard İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

Hard anlamları

  1. (superl.) Having disagreeable and abrupt contrasts in the coloring or light and shade.
  2. (superl.) Rigid in the drawing or distribution of the figures; formal; lacking grace of composition.
  3. (superl.) Difficult, mentally or judicially; not easily apprehended, decided, or resolved; as a hard problem.
  4. (superl.) Wanting softness or smoothness of utterance; harsh; as, a hard tone.
  5. (superl.) Difficult to bear or endure; not easy to put up with or consent to; hence, severe; rigorous; oppressive; distressing; unjust; grasping; as, a hard lot; hard times; hard fare; a hard winter; hard conditions or terms.
  6. (superl.) Difficult to please or influence; stern; unyielding; obdurate; unsympathetic; unfeeling; cruel; as, a hard master; a hard heart; hard words; a hard character.
  7. (superl.) Difficult to resist or control; powerful.
  8. (adv.) Close or near.
  9. (superl.) Abrupt or explosive in utterance; not aspirated, sibilated, or pronounced with a gradual change of the organs from one position to another; -- said of certain consonants, as c in came, and g in go, as distinguished from the same letters in center, general, etc.
  10. (superl.) Not easy or agreeable to the taste; stiff; rigid; ungraceful; repelling; as, a hard style.
  11. (adv.) With difficulty; as, the vehicle moves hard.
  12. (superl.) Difficult to accomplish; full of obstacles; laborious; fatiguing; arduous; as, a hard task; a disease hard to cure.
  13. (noun) A ford or passage across a river or swamp.
  14. (superl.) Rough; acid; sour, as liquors; as, hard cider.
  15. (adv.) So as to raise difficulties.
  16. (adv.) With tension or strain of the powers; violently; with force; tempestuously; vehemently; vigorously; energetically; as, to press, to blow, to rain hard; hence, rapidly; as, to run hard.
  17. (adv.) Uneasily; vexatiously; slowly.
  18. (superl.) Not easily penetrated, cut, or separated into parts; not yielding to pressure; firm; solid; compact; -- applied to material bodies, and opposed to soft; as, hard wood; hard flesh; a hard apple.
  19. (v. t.) To harden; to make hard.
  20. (adv.) With pressure; with urgency; hence, diligently; earnestly.

Hard tanım:

Kelime: hard
Söyleniş: 'härd
İşlev: adjective
Kökeni: Middle English, from Old English heard; akin to Old High German hart hard, Greek kratos strength
1 a : not easily penetrated : not easily yielding to pressure b of cheese : not capable of being spread : very firm
2 a of liquor (1) : having a harsh or acid taste (2) : strongly alcoholic b : characterized by the presence of salts (as of calcium or magnesium) that prevent lathering with soap hard water
3 a : of or relating to radiation of relatively high penetrating power hard X rays b : having or producing relatively great photographic contrast a hard negative
4 a : metallic as distinct from paper hard money b of currency : convertible into gold : stable in value c : usable as currency paid in hard cash d of currency : readily acceptable in international trade e : being high and firm hard prices
5 a : firmly and closely twisted hard yarns b : having a smooth close napless finish a hard worsted
6 a : physically fit in good hard condition b : resistant to stress (as disease) c : free of weakness or defects
7 a (1) : FIRM, DEFINITE reached a hard agreement (2) : not speculative or conjectural : FACTUAL hard evidence (3) : important or informative rather than sensational or entertaining hard news b : CLOSE, SEARCHING gave a hard look c : free from sentimentality or illusion : REALISTIC good hard sense d : lacking in responsiveness : OBDURATE, UNFEELING a hard heart
8 a (1) : difficult to bear or endure hard luck hard times (2) : OPPRESSIVE, INEQUITABLE sales taxes are hard on the poor a hard restriction b (1) : lacking consideration, compassion, or gentleness : CALLOUS a hard greedy landlord (2) : INCORRIGIBLE, TOUGH a hard gang c (1) : harsh, severe, or offensive in tendency or effect said some hard things (2) : RESENTFUL hard feelings (3) : STRICT, UNRELENTING drives a hard bargain d : INCLEMENT hard winter e (1) : intense in force, manner, or degree hard blows (2) : demanding the exertion of energy : calling for stamina and endurance hard work (3) : performing or carrying on with great energy, intensity, or persistence a hard worker f : EXTREME 4a the hard political right
9 a : characterized by sharp or harsh outline, rigid execution, and stiff drawing b : sharply defined : STARK hard shadows c : lacking in shading, delicacy, or resonance hard singing tones d : sounding as in arcing and geese respectively -- used of c and g e : suggestive of toughness or insensitivity hard eyes
10 a (1) : difficult to accomplish or resolve : TROUBLESOME hard problems the true story was hard to come by (2) : difficult to comprehend or explain a hard concept b : having difficulty in doing something hard of hearing c : difficult to magnetize or demagnetize
11 : being at once addictive and gravely detrimental to health such hard drugs as heroin
12 : resistant to biodegradation hard detergents hard pesticides like DDT
13 : being, schooled in, or using the methods of the natural sciences and especially of the physical sciences a hard scientist
14 of money : contributed (as by individuals or political action committees) directly to a political candidate or campaign
synonyms HARD, DIFFICULT, ARDUOUS mean demanding great exertion or effort. HARD implies the opposite of all that is easy farming is hard work . DIFFICULT implies the presence of obstacles to be surmounted or puzzles to be resolved and suggests the need of skill, patience, or courage the difficult ascent of the main face of the mountain . ARDUOUS stresses the need of laborious and persevering exertion the arduous task of rebuilding .

Hard ile eşanlamlı (synonym) kelimeler

Arduous, Difficult, Fermented, Firmly, Heavily, Heavy, Intemperately, Laborious, Punishing, Severe, Strong, Toilsome, Tough,

Hard ile zıt (antonym) anlamlı kelimeler

Easy, Soft,


İngilizce Hard kelimesinin İspanyolca karşılığı.
adj. duro, resistente; severo, rígido; difícil, afanoso, arduo, costoso, dificultoso, laborioso
adv. duro, con fuerza; duramente


İngilizce Hard kelimesinin Fransızca karşılığı.
adj. dur, difficile, rigide
adv. difficilement, péniblement; avec beaucoup d'efforts


İngilizce Hard kelimesinin Almanca karşılığı.
adj. hart, schwer; steif, verhärtet
adv. hart, schwe; aufwandreich; bis zur äußeren Grenze


İngilizce Hard kelimesinin İtalyanca karşılığı.
agg. duro; stretto; difficile, arduo; faticoso, gravoso; accanito, ostinato, tenace; energico, vigoroso, forte; violento; severo, rigido; inclemente; brusco, aspro, sgarbato; privo di grazia; vivace
avv. accanitamente, con tenacia; forte, con energia, violentemente; con attenzione, attentamente; duramente, gravemente; con severità; con difficoltà, a fatica; vicino, prossimo, imminente; smodatamente


İngilizce Hard kelimesinin Portekizce karşılığı.
adj. duro, rude, severo
adv. duramente; esforçadamente


s. nasırlı, sert, katı, ağır, çetin, zor, sağlam, dayanıklı, güç, şiddetli, ekşi, ekşimiş, sıkı
i. sert penis
zf. zorla, sıkı, sert, aşırı, yakın, yanında


Fransızca Hard kelimesinin İngilizce karşılığı.
adj. hard, rigid, stiff; difficult


İspanyolca Hard kelimesinin İngilizce karşılığı.
n. hardware, tools and other small objects made of metal; mechanical equipment; mechanical and electronic elements of a computer


Flemenkçe Hard kelimesinin İngilizce karşılığı.
adv. stiffly, rigidly; loudly, with a great noise; harshly, severely


İngilizce Hard kelimesinin Flemenkçe karşılığı.
bn. hard
bw. met inspanning; naast-


adj. rigid, stiff; difficult
adv. strenuously, with great effort; to the full extent; intently; to the extreme limit
adj. hard, rigid, stiff; difficult


Flemenkçe Hard kelimesinin Fransızca karşılığı.
1. (levensomstandigheden) rude; dur; difficile2. (waterdicht) à toute épreuve; rigide; inflexible3. (omstandigheden) dur
4. (blik) sévère5. (inspanning) ardu; pénible; lourd; épuisant; dur; laborieux6. (kritiek) amer; caustique; acariâtre; acerbe
7. (water) dur; calcaire8. (karakter) austère; sévère; rigide

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