PERSONAL (almanca) türkçe anlamı
1. i. personel (n)
PERSONAL (inglizce) türkçe anlamı
2. i. kişisel ilanlar sayfasıs. kişisel
3. şahsi
4. özel
5. kişiye özel
6. kişiye yönelik
7. vücut
PERSONAL (türkçe) anlamı
8. s.
9. i. şahsa ait
10. şahsi
11. zati
12. özel
13. hususi
14. zata mahsus
15. huk. şahsi eşyaya ait
16. menkul eşya ile ilgili
17. gram. uç şahıstan birine ait
18. i. gazetede belirli bir sahıs hakkında çıkmış olan yazı
19. huk şahsi eşya. personal appearance bir filim artistin.
20. 2. anlamı kişisel. özel. bedensel. menkul.
21. 3. anlamı personel.
1. n. local notices
2. local announcements
3. newspaper notice or news item about a particular personadj. individual
4. of or for a particular person
5. privaten. personnel
6. staff
7. work force
8. team
Personal (almanca) ingilizcesi
9. n. local notices
10. local announcements
11. newspaper notice or news item about a particular person,

Personal İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

Personal anlamları
    (a.) Pertaining to human beings as distinct from things.(a.) Of or pertaining to a particular person
12. relating to
13. or affecting
14. an individual
15. or each of many individuals
16. peculiar or proper to private concerns
17. not public or general
18. as
19. personal comfort
20. personal desire.(a.) Done in person
21. without the intervention of another.(a.) Pertaining to the external or bodily appearance
22. corporeal
23. as
24. personal charms.(a.) Denoting person
25. as
26. a personal pronoun.(noun) A movable
27. a chattel.(a.) Relating to an individual
28. his character
29. conduct
30. motives
31. or private affairs
32. in an invidious and offensive manner
33. as
34. personal reflections or remarks.
Personal tanım:
Kelime: per·son·al
35. Söyleniş: 'p&
36. rs-n&
37. l
38. 'p&
39. r-s&
40. n-&
41. l
42. İşlev: adjective
43. Kökeni: Middle English
44. from Middle French
45. from Late Latin personalis
46. from Latin persona
47. 1 : of
48. relating to
49. or affecting a person : PRIVATE
50. INDIVIDUAL personal ambition personal financial gain
51. 2 a : done in person without the intervention of another
52. also : proceeding from a single person b : carried on between individuals directly a personal interview
53. 3 : relating to the person or body
54. 4 : relating to an individual or an individual's character
55. conduct
56. motives
57. or private affairs often in an offensive manner a personal insult
58. 5 a : being rational and self-conscious personal
59. responsive government is still possible -- John Fischer b : having the qualities of a person rather than a thing or abstraction a personal devil
60. 6 : of
61. relating to
62. or constituting personal property a personal estate
63. 7 : denoting grammatical person
Personal (almanca) fransızcası
1. n. personnel (m)
Personal (ingilizce) almancası
1. n. örtliche Nachrichten
2. Familienanzeigenadj. persönlich
3. privat
Personal (ingilizce) italyancası
1. s. annuncio locale
2. annuncio personale su un giornaleagg. personale
3. individuale
4. privato
Personal (ingilizce) ispanyolcası
1. s. noticia local
2. noticia acerca de una persona en el periódicoadj. personal
3. privado
4. de uso propio
5. corpóreo
Personal (ingilizce) portekizcesi
1. s. notícias locais
2. notícia sobre uma pessoa no jornaladj. pessoal
3. particular
Personal (ingilizce) flemenkcesi
1. zn. locale informatie
2. persoonlijke informatie (in de krant)bn. persoonlijk
3. prive

Şarkı Sözleri

Ice T tarafından söylenen Personal adlı şarkının sözleri.

emcee's no time out,it's time to rhyme out
you've dug your own grave,now you must climb out
dig out,crawl out,hide from the fallout
'cause when i get mad i go all out
ice cooler than the coldest cube,dude
and when i'm micin',boy,i'm know to get rude
criminal background,it's time to get down
i use a silencer,don't like the loud sound
off my mic blast,you better run fast
the last punk that popped junk passed
spit on his grave,laughed,jumped in my stretch
signed his bitch an autograph
syndicate boy,i don't fool out
you're full grown,school's out
you try to diss?..i think you better cool out
'cause your butt is smoke,if we ever duel out
this jam is directed,to all of those who expected
for me to cold be rejected,but now i'm highly respected
and now their ears are infected
with dollar signs i've collected
jealous punks,i said it!
take a personal
take it personal,punk,i'm talkin' to you
and if they agree with you,then your crew too
i never diss an emcee,i wish'em all good luck
but if you diss me to my face,duck
my style don't ramble,you shouldn't gamble
with your grill,i got a fist like an anvil
i write a record,lock it on the topic
evil and iz dog the track,then we drop it
record stores rock it,stock it,fans buy it
people that never heard of ice-t try it
then you try to diss? you got gall
i got gold on my neck and gold on my wall
gold in my fingers,gold in my ear
when this jam's spinnin',gold's what you hear
toy,this ain't christimas,no time to play
i ain't no child,punk,you'll get sprayed
illin' on a mega-villan
you must want a pine box to go chill in
buried deep,creep,no one will weep
'cause the next night with your bitch i'll sleep
take it personal
i ain't east coast,west coast,new style,or old style
you wanna know about me? check police files
get out my face or you might have a bruised one
brass knuckle prints? yes,i used some
i ain't here to boast,i don't do that
when i talk it's straight dope,pure facts
i rock hard but still called a new jack
but talk shit,you're sure to get heard cracked
i don't drink or smoke or do dumb drugs
but my posse's still labeled street thugs
l.a.p.d's got all my boy's mugs
can't use my phone for the damn bugs
i live in privacy,don't like suckers hawking me
news reporters,some think they can talk for me
lies,misquotes,changin' all my words around
but if i catch'em on the street they'll get beat down
they get money for hype-type publicity
they don't think twice,about dissin' me
but that's a mistake,with tha syndicate you shoudn't mess
i hope those punk reporters wear vests!
take that personal
now the words i speak to some may sound radical
but i'll explain,it's simply mathematical
you diss,i diss,this is creates an equal
you reply to my diss,this is called a sequel
i reply to your diss,this is called a battle
not intelligent,not very adult
so i don't battle,i just put heads out
a straight line is always the direct route
i write lyrics clear,to leave no doubt
don't even have to say who i'm speakin' about
you know who you are,you just jealous
'cause you hear my records are million sellers
try to say i'm wack,out on the streets
while your whole crew is jockin' my beats
see me on t.v. and in the papers
see me at a jam,and catch vapors!

Craig David tarafından Slicker Than Your Average albümünde söylenen Personal adlı şarkının sözleri.

anything you want from me
i'll do
but first

let's get personal
let's get personal
personal with you

we're sittin' havin' dinner at your parent's home
some of the finest food i've ever known
but i need some sweetness on my tongue
and it ain't a type of sugar oh no

so maybe we can go somewhere
neighbour room girl i don't care
where's the bedroom
(it's upstairs)
i'll meet you there in a minute
girl so we can get

let's get personal (ooh yeah)
personal (tight baby)
personal (maybe we can get)
personal (just a little, just a little bit)
let's get personal (ooh yay)
personal (i wanna get personal)
personal (come on baby, just trust me)
personal (i wanna get)
personal with you

i'm behind you in your bedroom with your hands against the wall
but keeping one eye on the door
got your t-shirt and your panties on
ooh i feel so right, can't be wrong, no
i know you like it when i touch you there
girl just keep it quiet or they'll hear
feel the tremblin' all down your leg
i'd love to head to your bed
so that we can get


should i take off my clothes (no)
put the lock on the door
let go of your deepest inhibitions
let me fulfil your fantasies girl
like me touching you there (yeah)
the way that i play with your hair
emotions running wild until we stop

let's get personal (ooh baby)
personal (i wanna get personal with you)
personal (we can do anything you wanna do)
personal (whoah)
let's get personal (when you rub and you're close to me)
personal (feel the fire just like ecstasy)
personal (and the way that you're touching me i want it baby all the time)
personal with you

oh i want to
make love to you
so let's
get personal
let me be
your fantasy
you're all
i need oh girl

let's get personal
personal (with every little thing you do)
personal (it's like ecstasy baby)
personal (when i'm right when i'm back next to you)
personal (girl i don't give a damn about)
personal (who's that saw, go downstairs)
personal (i just wanna get personal baby)
personal (so bad makes me wanna say)
oh whoa whoa whoa
it makes me wanna say
oh whoa whoa whoa
all of my people say
oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh

E 40 tarafından söylenen Personal adlı şarkının sözleri.

dude did you receive my card" - "when did you send it?"
"yesterday, should've been there by now"
9-4-5-9-1 vallejo, california mail box ect. 9-4-5-9-1"
damn, shit what the fuck is goin' on around here

dude 'nem got some paper work out on you
they talkin' about makin' your ass disappear
not like that, not my sa-hid-nab
they way to sharp
guess again, you know your so-called homie
your best friend

what i do, believe me you wouldn't wanna know
for what i did i opened up a drugstore
by all means, the scratch was the common goal
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