RESERVE (türkçe) anlamı
1. ilerisi için saklamak
2. ihtiyaten saklamak
3. ayır
4. hakkını muhafaza et
5. yedek/rezerv
6. 2. anlamı yedek. stok. ihtiyat. fon. korumaya alınmış arazi. ön koşul. şart. rezerv. kaynak. çekingenlik. ayırmak. tutmak. ayırtmak. rezerve ettirmek. hakkı saklı tutmak. ertelemek. sonraya bırakmak. saklamak. korumak. tahsis etmek. belirli bir amaç için ayrılmış a.

Reserve İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

Reserve anlamları
    (noun) In exhibitions
2. a distinction which indicates that the recipient will get a prize if another should be disqualified.(noun) That part of the assets of a bank or other financial institution specially kept in cash in a more or less liquid form as a reasonable provision for meeting all demands which may be made upon it
3. (noun) The amount of funds or assets necessary for a company to have at any given time to enable it
4. with interest and premiums paid as they shall accure
5. to meet all claims on the insurance then in force as they would mature according to the particular mortality table accepted. The reserve is always reckoned as a liability
6. and is calculated on net premiums. It is theoretically the difference between the present value of the total insurance and the present value of the future premiums on the insurance. The reserve
7. being an amount for which another company could
8. theoretically
9. afford to take over the insurance
10. is sometimes called the reinsurance fund or the self-insurance fund. For the first year upon any policy the net premium is called the initial reserve
11. and the balance left at the end of the year including interest is the terminal reserve. For subsequent years the initial reserve is the net premium
12. if any
13. plus the terminal reserve of the previous year. The portion of the reserve to be absorbed from the initial reserve in any year in payment of losses is sometimes called the insurance reserve
14. and the terminal reserve is then called the investment reserve.(noun) Usually
15. the uninvested cash kept on hand for this purpose
16. called the real reserve. In Great Britain the ultimate real reserve is the gold kept on hand in the Bank of England
17. largely represented by the notes in hand in its own banking department
18. and any balance which a bank has with the Bank of England is a part of its reserve. In the United States the reserve of a national bank consists of the amount of lawful money it holds on hand against deposits
19. which is required by law to be not less than 15 per cent (U. S. Rev. Stat. secs. 5191
20. 5192)
21. three fifths of which the banks not in a reserve city (which see) may keep deposited as balances in national banks that are in reserve cities (U. S. Rev. Stat. sec. 5192).(noun) A resist.(noun) See Army organization
22. above.(noun) A preparation used on an object being electroplated to fix the limits of the deposit.(noun) Funds kept on hand to meet liabilities.(noun) A body of troops in the rear of an army drawn up for battle
23. reserved to support the other lines as occasion may require
24. a force or body of troops kept for an exigency.(v. t.) Hence
25. to keep in store for future or special use
26. to withhold from present use for another purpose or time
27. to keep
28. to retain.(noun) That which is reserved
29. or kept back
30. as for future use.(v. t.) To make an exception of
31. to except.(noun) Restraint of freedom in words or actions
32. backwardness
33. caution in personal behavior.(noun) That which is excepted
34. exception.(v. t.) To keep back
35. to retain
36. not to deliver
37. make over
38. or disclose.(noun) A tract of land reserved
39. or set apart
40. for a particular purpose
41. as
42. the Connecticut Reserve in Ohio
43. originally set apart for the school fund of Connecticut
44. the Clergy Reserves in Canada
45. for the support of the clergy.(noun) The act of reserving
46. or keeping back
47. reservation.
Reserve tanım:
Kelime: re·serve
48. Söyleniş: ri-'z&
49. rv
50. İşlev: transitive verb
51. Türleri: re·served
52. re·serv·ing
53. Kökeni: Middle English
54. from Middle French reserver
55. from Latin reservare
56. literally
57. to keep back
58. from re- servare to keep -- more at CONSERVE
59. 1 a : to hold in reserve : keep back reserve grain for seed b : to set aside (part of the consecrated elements) at the Eucharist for future use c : to retain or hold over to a future time or place : DEFER reserve one's judgment on a plan d : to make legal reservation of
60. 2 : to set or have set aside or apart reserve a hotel room
61. synonym see KEEP
62. - re·serv·able /-'z&
63. r-v&
64. -b&
65. l/ adjective
Reserve ile eşanlamlı (synonym) kelimeler
67. Appropriate
68. Backlog
69. Book
70. Earmark
71. Hold
72. Inactive
73. Modesty
74. Reservation
75. Retain
76. Reticence
77. Spare
78. Substitute
79. Taciturnity

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