HOLD (almanca) türkçe anlamı
1. s. sevimli
2. nazik
3. hoş
4. nurlu
5. çekici
HOLD (inglizce) türkçe anlamı
6. f. tutmak
7. kavramak
8. tıkamak
9. kaldırmak
10. el koymak
11. alıkoymak
12. gözaltına almak
13. devam etmek
14. almak
15. barındırmak
16. muhafaza etmek
17. karara bağlamak
18. çekmek
19. dayanmak
20. sadık kalmak
21. geçerli olmak
22. durmak
23. i. tutma
24. tutunma
25. gemi ambarı
26. tutunacak yer
27. etki
28. nüfuz
29. durdurma
30. ambar
31. bagaj bölümü (uçak)
32. ünl. dur
HOLD (türkçe) anlamı
33. (f). (held) (i). tutmak
34. bırakmamak
35. zapt etmek
36. içine almak
37. istiap etmek
38. alıkoymak
39. salıvermemek
40. durdurmak
41. sahip olmak
42. malik olmak
43. elinde tutmak
44. devam ettirmek
45. inanmak
46. kabul ve tasdik etmek
47. devam etmek
48. iltizam etmek
49. mecbur etmek
50. yap
51. 2. anlamı tutmak. tutturmak. geride tutmak. kontrol altına almak. içine almak. almak. sahip olmak. elinde tutmak. (bir şeyi) oluşturmak. yapmak. belli bir durumda tutmak. saymak. farzetmek. inanmak. sürmek. devam etmek. tutma. tutuş. tutamak. tutunacak yer. gemi am.
1. n. grasp
2. grip
3. handle
4. something to grip
5. influence
6. effect
7. order to delay or postpone something
8. stronghold
9. secure fortified place
10. storage space in the hull of a ship
11. v. have in one's hand
12. include
13. contain
14. keep
15. save
16. restrain
17. maintain
18. support
19. believe
20. direct
21. arrange
22. possess
23. adj. sweet
24. fair
25. dear
26. beloved
Hold (almanca) ingilizcesi
27. v. have in one's hand
28. include
29. contain
30. keep
31. save
32. restrain
33. maintain
34. support
35. believe
36. direct
37. arrange
38. possess,

Hold İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

Hold anlamları
    (noun) A place of confinement
39. a prison
40. confinement
41. custody
42. guard.(n. i.) To derive right or title
43. -- generally with of.(v. t.) To prosecute
44. have
45. take
46. or join in
47. as something which is the result of united action
48. as to
49. hold a meeting
50. a festival
51. a session
52. etc
53. hence
54. to direct and bring about officially
55. to conduct or preside at
56. as
57. the general held a council of war
58. a judge holds a court
59. a clergyman holds a service.(v. t.) To have
60. to possess
61. to be in possession of
62. to occupy
63. to derive title to
64. as
65. to hold office.(n. i.) Not to more
66. to halt
67. to stop
68. -mostly in the imperative.(v. t.) To cause to remain in a given situation
69. position
70. or relation
71. within certain limits
72. or the like
73. to prevent from falling or escaping
74. to sustain
75. to restrain
76. to keep in the grasp
77. to retain.(n. i.) In general
78. to keep one's self in a given position or condition
79. to remain fixed. Hence:(noun) The authority or ground to take or keep
80. claim.(v. t.) To bear
81. carry
82. or manage
83. as he holds himself erect
84. he holds his head high.(noun) A place of security
85. a fortified place
86. a fort
87. a castle
88. -- often called a stronghold.(noun) Something that may be grasped
89. means of support.(noun) The whole interior portion of a vessel below the lower deck
90. in which the cargo is stowed.(v. t.) To maintain in being or action
91. to carry on
92. to prosecute
93. as a course of conduct or an argument
94. to continue
95. to sustain.(n. i.) Not to give way
96. not to part or become separated
97. to remain unbroken or unsubdued.(v. t.) To receive and retain
98. to contain as a vessel
99. as
100. this pail holds milk
101. hence
102. to be able to receive and retain
103. to have capacity or containing power for.(n. i.) Not to fall away
104. desert
105. or prove recreant
106. to remain attached
107. to cleave
108. -often with with
109. to
110. or for.(noun) Binding power and influence.(noun) A character [thus /] placed over or under a note or rest
111. and indicating that it is to be prolonged
112. -- called also pause
113. and corona.(v. t.) To retain in one's keeping
114. to maintain possession of
115. or authority over
116. not to give up or relinquish
117. to keep
118. to defend.(n. i.) Not to fail or be found wanting
119. to continue
120. to last
121. to endure a test or trial
122. to abide
123. to persist.(v. t.) To accept
124. as an opinion
125. to be the adherent of
126. openly or privately
127. to persist in
128. as a purpose
129. to maintain
130. to sustain.(v. t.) To consider
131. to regard
132. to esteem
133. to account
134. to think
135. to judge.(noun) The act of holding
136. as in or with the hands or arms
137. the manner of holding
138. whether firm or loose
139. seizure
140. grasp
141. clasp
142. gripe
143. possession
144. -- often used with the verbs take and lay.(v. t.) To impose restraint upon
145. to limit in motion or action
146. to bind legally or morally
147. to confine
148. to restrain.(n. i.) To restrain one's self
149. to refrain.
Hold tanım:
Kelime: hold
150. Söyleniş: 'hOld
151. İşlev: verb
152. Türleri: held /'held/
153. hold·ing
154. Kökeni: Middle English
155. from Old English healdan
156. akin to Old High German haltan to hold
157. and perhaps to Latin celer rapid
158. Greek klonos agitation
159. transitive senses
160. 1 a : to have possession or ownership of or have at one's disposal holds property worth millions the bank holds the title to the car b : to have as a privilege or position of responsibility hold a professorship c : to have as a mark of distinction holds the record for the 100-yard dash holds a PhD
161. 2 : to keep under restraint hold price increases to a minimum : as a : to prevent free expression of hold your temper b : to prevent from some action ordered the troops to hold fire the only restraining motive which may hold the hand of a tyrant -- Thomas Jefferson c : to keep back from use ask them to hold a room for us I'll have a hot dog
162. and hold the mustard d : to delay temporarily the handling of please hold all my calls
163. 3 : to make liable or accountable or bound to an obligation I'll hold you to your promise
164. 4 a : to have or maintain in the grasp hold my hand this is how you hold the racket
165. also : AIM
166. POINT held a gun on them b : to support in a particular position or keep from falling or moving hold me up so I can see hold the ladder steady a clamp holds the whole thing together hold your head up c : to bear the pressure of : SUPPORT can the roof hold all of that weight
167. 5 : to prevent from leaving or getting away hold the train : as a : to avoid emitting or letting out how long can you hold your breath b : to restrain as or as if a captive the suspect was held without bail held them at gunpoint
168. also : to have strong appeal to the book held my interest throughout
169. 6 a : to enclose and keep in a container or within bounds : CONTAIN the jug holds one gallon this corral will not hold all of the horses b : to be able to consume easily or without undue effect can't hold any more pie
170. especially : to be able to drink (alcoholic beverages) without becoming noticeably drunk can't hold your liquor c : ACCOMMODATE the restaurant holds 400 diners d : to have as a principal or essential feature or attribute the book holds a number of surprises
171. also : to have in store no one knows what the future holds
172. 7 a : to have in the mind or express as a judgment
173. opinion
174. or belief I hold the view that this is wrong hold a grudge holding that it is nobody's business but his -- Jack Olsen -- often used with against in America they hold everything you say against you -- Paul McCartney b : to think of in a particular way : REGARD were held in high esteem
175. 8 a : to assemble for and carry on the activity of held a convention b : to cause to be carried on : CONDUCT will hold a seminar c : to produce or sponsor especially as a public exhibition will hold an art show
176. 9 a : to maintain occupation
177. control
178. or defense of the troops held the ridge
179. also : to resist the offensive efforts or advance of held the opposing team to just two points b : to maintain (a certain condition
180. situation
181. or course of action) without change hold a course due east
182. 10 : to cover (a part of the body) especially for protection had to hold their ears because of the cold
183. intransitive senses
184. 1 a : to maintain position : refuse to give ground the defensive line is holding b : to continue in the same way or to the same degree : LAST hopes the weather will hold -- often used with up
185. 2 : to derive right or title -- often used with of or from
186. 3 : to be or remain valid : APPLY the rule holds in most cases -- often used in the phrase hold true
187. 4 : to maintain a grasp on something : remain fastened to something the anchor held in the rough sea
188. 5 : to go ahead as one has been going held south for several miles
189. 6 : to bear or carry oneself asked him to hold still
190. 7 : to forbear an intended or threatened action : HALT
191. PAUSE -- often used as a command
192. 8 : to stop counting during a countdown
193. 9 slang : to have illicit drug material in one's possession
194. synonym see CONTAIN
195. - hold a candle to : to qualify for comparison with
196. - hold court : to be the center of attention among friends or admirers
197. - hold forth : to speak at length : EXPATIATE
198. - hold hands : to engage one's hand with another's especially as an expression of affection
199. - hold one's horses : to slow down or stop for a moment -- usually used in the imperative
200. - hold one's own : to do well in the face of difficulty or opposition
201. - hold one's tongue : to keep silent
202. - hold sway : to have a dominant influence : RULE
203. - hold the bag 1 : to be left empty-handed 2 : to bear alone a responsibility that should have been shared by others
204. - hold the fort 1 : to maintain a firm position 2 : to take care of usual affairs is holding the fort until the manager returns
205. - hold the line : to maintain the current position or situation hold the line on prices
206. - hold to : to give firm assent to : adhere to strongly holds to his promise
207. - hold to account : to hold responsible
208. - hold water : to stand up under criticism or analysis
209. - hold with : to agree with or approve of
Hold ile eşanlamlı (synonym) kelimeler
211. Adjudge
212. Admit
213. Agree
214. Apply
215. Appreciation
216. Arrest
217. Bear
218. Bind
219. Book
220. Carry
221. Check
222. Clasp
223. Clench
224. Clutch
225. Concord
226. Concur
227. Confine
228. Contain
229. Control
230. Curb
231. Custody
232. Declare
233. Deem
234. Defend
235. Defy
236. Delay
237. Detention
238. Entertain
239. Give
240. Grasp
241. Grip
242. Guard
243. Halt
244. Handle
245. Harbor
246. Have
247. Keep
248. Maintain
249. Make
250. Moderate
251. Nurse
252. Obligate
253. Oblige
254. Obtain
255. Postponement
256. Prevail
257. Reserve
258. Restrain
259. Retain
260. Support
261. Sustain
262. Take
263. Throw
264. Wait
265. Withstand
Hold ile zıt (antonym) anlamlı kelimeler
267. Disagree
268. Dissent
269. Release
270. Relinquish
Hold (ingilizce) fransızcası
1. n. prise
2. cale
3. influence
4. v. se tenir
5. tenir
6. se retenir
7. se maintenir
8. détenir
9. conserver
10. garder
11. posséder
12. penser
13. croire
14. tenir
15. diriger
16. organiser
17. être actionnaire de
Hold (ingilizce) almancası
1. n. Haltung
2. Einfluß
3. Griff
4. Gewalt
5. Festung
6. Lagerraum in einem Schiff
7. Anhalten oder Verschieben von etwas auf einen späteren Zeitpunkt
8. v. halten
9. festhalten
10. beinhalten
11. enthalten
12. behalten
13. besitzen
14. tragen
15. stützen
16. unterstützen
17. bergen
Hold (ingilizce) italyancası
1. s. presa
2. stretta
3. appoggio
4. sostegno
5. appiglio
6. (fig) influenza
7. ascendente
8. autorità
9. (fig) comprensione
10. detenzione
11. prigionia
12. prigione
13. cella
14. guardina
15. (Mus) corona
16. (Mil) fortezza
17. roccaforte
18. v. avere in mano
19. impugnare
20. tenere
21. reggere
22. sorreggere
23. sostenere
24. trattenere
25. fermare
26. mantenere
27. possedere
28. detenere
29. contenere
30. ritenere
31. considerare
32. reputare
33. tenere avvinto
Hold (ingilizce) ispanyolcası
1. s. agarre
2. apoyo
3. asimiento
4. cogedura
5. agarradera
6. v. sujetar
7. agarrar
8. mantener
9. mantener a la fuerza
10. contener
11. guardar
12. poseer
13. creer que
14. aseverar
15. mantener la opinión que
16. sostener
17. creer en
18. cumplir
19. soportar
20. aguantar
Hold (ingilizce) portekizcesi
1. s. posse
2. custódia
3. influência
4. v. segurar
5. conter
6. incluir
7. guardar
8. reter
9. manter
10. apoiar
11. crer
12. acreditar
13. organizar
14. ordenar
15. arrumar
16. possuir
17. ter a posse de
18. controlar
Hold (ingilizce) flemenkcesi
1. zn. houvast
2. invloed
3. ww. vasthouden
4. inhouden
5. bewaren
6. geloven
7. schatten
8. houden
9. eigenaar zijn van

Şarkı Sözleri

Saves The Day tarafından söylenen Hold adlı şarkının sözleri.

oh wellyou’ve got me under your spell and i don’t think that i’m kidding around.
i don’t think i can forget you now. i once sat up on my roof and examined the planning of my town.
i saw the structured grid and pavement cutting through grass and i remembered the cold of winter running up the legs of my pants.
i picked the nicest lawn and imagined the two of us rolling around down along the ground.
i saw myself touch your face and i noticed jets begin to race above our heads.
but i pinched my arm and remembered how much you hate me.
i remembered the fact that i can’t see what you need and i’m too stupid to be aware of the beauty that you give this place and how shitty this town would seem without you in it.
when you aren’t around i let the shades fall down to shut out all the sun’s light and make myself feel all right.
what am i doing with my life?
remember that the only things we need sometimes are chilly nights and warmer thighs’cause there’s nothing like being held.

Beastie Boys Lyrics tarafından söylenen Hold adlı şarkının sözleri.

now i chill real ill when i start to chill
when i fill my pockets with a knot of dollar bills
sipping pints of ale out the window sill
when i get my fill i'm chilly chill
now i just got home because i'm out on bail
what's the time? it's time to buy ale
peter eater parking meter all of the time
if i run out of ale it's thunderbird wine
miller drinking chicken eating dress so fly
i got friends in high places that are keeping me high
down with mike d. and it ain't no hassle
got the ladies of the eighties from here to white castle

hold it now - hit it!

m.c. adam yauch in the place to be
and all the girls are on me cause i'm down with mike d.
i'm down with mike d. and it ain't no baloney
for real, not phony o.e. and rice-a-roni
i come out at night 'cause i sleep all day
and i'm the king adrock and he's m.c.a.
well i'm cruising, i'm bruising i'm never ever losing
i'm in my car i'm going far and dust is what i'm using
around the way is where i'm from
and i'm from manhattan and i'm not a bum
because you're pud-slapping, ball-flapping - got that juice
my name's mike d. and i can do that jerry lewis

[repeat chorus]

hip-hop, body rockin' doing the do
beer drinking, breath stinking, sniffing glue
belly flipping, always illing, busting caps
my name's mike d. and i write my own snaps
i'm a peep-show seeking on the forty-deuce
i'm a killer at large and i'm on the loose
pistol packing, monkey drinking, no money bum
i come from brooklyn 'cause that's where i'm from
cheap-skate, perpetrating - money hungry jerk
everyday i drink a o.e. and i don't go to work
you drippy nose knuckle-head - you're we behind the ears
you like men - and we like beer.

[repeat chorus]

king of the ave. with the def female
you're rhyming and stealin' with the freshest ale
cooling at the crib watching my tv
ed norton - ted knight - and mr. ed
pump it up homeboy just don't stop
chef boy-ar-dee cooling on the pot
i take no slack cause i got the knack
and i'm never dusting out cause i torch that crack
the king adrock that is my name
and you're drinking moet we got the champagne
a quarter dropping going shopping buying wigs
surgeon general cut professor d.j. thigs

[repeat chorus]
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