1. anlamı tefrik olunmak, ayrılmak; tefrik etmek, ayırmak; ayrılseparately ayrı ayr, ayrı, ayrılmış, müstabe separated ayrı yaşamak; arasında bulunmak; bölmek; ayrı bir cisim teşkil etmek; aradaki bağlantıyı kesmek.
2. anlamı ayrilmis.


Separated İngilizce anlamı ve tanımı

Separated anlamları

  1. (imp. & p. p.) of Separate

Separated tanım:

Kelime: sep·a·rate
Söyleniş: 'se-p(&-)"rAt
İşlev: verb
Türleri: -rat·ed; -rat·ing
Kökeni: Middle English, from Latin separatus, past participle of separare, from se- apart parare to prepare, procure -- more at SECEDE, PARE
transitive senses
1 a : to set or keep apart : DISCONNECT, SEVER b : to make a distinction between : DISCRIMINATE, DISTINGUISH separate religion from magic c : SORT separate mail d : to disperse in space or time : SCATTER widely separated homesteads
2 archaic : to set aside for a special purpose : CHOOSE, DEDICATE
3 : to part by a legal separation : a : to sever conjugal ties with b : to sever contractual relations with : DISCHARGE
4 : to block off : SEGREGATE
5 a : to isolate from a mixture : EXTRACT separate cream from milk b : to divide into constituent parts
6 : to dislocate (as a shoulder) especially in sports
intransitive senses
1 : to become divided or detached
2 a : to sever an association : WITHDRAW b : to cease to live together as a married couple
3 : to go in different directions
4 : to become isolated from a mixture
synonyms SEPARATE, PART, DIVIDE, SEVER, SUNDER, DIVORCE mean to become or cause to become disunited or disjointed. SEPARATE may imply any of several causes such as dispersion, removal of one from others, or presence of an intervening thing separated her personal life from her career . PART implies the separating of things or persons in close union or association vowed never to part . DIVIDE implies separating into pieces or sections by cutting or breaking civil war divided the nation . SEVER implies violence especially in the removal of a part or member a severed limb . SUNDER suggests violent rending or wrenching apart a city sundered by racial conflict . DIVORCE implies separating two things that commonly interact and belong together cannot divorce scientific research from moral responsibility .

Separated ile eşanlamlı (synonym) kelimeler

Apart, Detached, Disjointed, Dislocated, Isolated, Separate, Spaced,


İngilizce Separated kelimesinin İspanyolca karşılığı.
adj. separado, distanciado, divorciado


İngilizce Separated kelimesinin Fransızca karşılığı.
adj. séparé


İngilizce Separated kelimesinin Almanca karşılığı.
[separate] v. trennen; sondern; scheiden; entrahmen; absondern
adj. getrennt, gesondert; einzeln; separat


İngilizce Separated kelimesinin İtalyanca karşılığı.
agg. separato


İngilizce Separated kelimesinin Portekizce karşılığı.
adj. sepado, diferenciado


s. ayrık


İngilizce Separated kelimesinin Flemenkçe karşılığı.
bn. gescheiden


adj. set apart, segregated; split, divided, partitioned

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